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The 22nd of April

Where do you want to go?
Presentation of the new words and enable them to speak English using the new words.

Result of the lesson:
pupils know all new words;
they can use them in the sentences and speech.

I.Warm up

How’s the weather? Do you know?
Don’t ask me! I don’t know!
Is it rainy? Is it snowy?
I can’t see. C’mon let’s go
II. Checking up homework

1. Vocabulary
2. What’s the weather like today in Astana?
What’s the weather like today in Almaty?

I want to …
What do you want to do?
Describe the pictures.

ІІІ. Presentation of the new lesson.

The theme of the lesson is Where do you want to go?

car [ka:] - машина
plane [plein]
- ұшақ
boat [bǝut]
- қайық
helicopter [helikǝptǝ]
- тікұшақ
bus [bʌs]
- автобус
train [trein]
– поезд
by train -
поездбен 2.Grammar .Types of transport .The usage of the preposition

By ,on

By bus,by ship, by train, by car,by taxi,by plane

On foot

a)Open the brackets and complete the sentence

1.I go to school _____()

2.My father likes going ___()

3.My grandparents go to London ____()

4.We travel _____()

5.They want to go to India ______()

b) The song “Transport”

IV.Read and talk to your classmate
Use the pictures and words

I want to go to Spain by boat.
I want to go to… by…

Listen and read

- Do you want to go to Japan?
- Yes\No
- Do you want to go to Japan by train?
- Yes\No


c) Make up true sentences.

Example: Arman wants to go to London by car and plane but he doesn’t want to go by ship.

d) Answer my questions.Pair work.

1.Where do you want to go?

2.How do you want to go?

3.What do you want to do?


Text. Asel’s dream.


1.Where does she want to go?

2.How does she want to go?

3.What does she want to do?

b) I-st row –negative sentence

II-nd row –paraphrase the text in the 3-rd form.

III-rd row- write about your dream

VII.Comprehension check

What have you learnt today?
We have learnt …

VIII.Evaluating the groups
if you like the group’s work raise the blue color and you don’t like raise the red color
IX. Reflection
Complete the chart
Mark yourself and today’s lesson

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