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Essay "If We Forget the Past, We Are Doomed to Repeat It"

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People are fated to repeat the past if they forget it. Is that so?

In my view, I should answer yes. We remember the past because we do not want some earlier period events to repeat. I am a young Russian man who is not indifferent to what happens in this country and abroad. In my spare time I write songs and play rock music. Some people think that rockers are aggressive and violent. But they are mistaken. We are for stability in our society. My friends and I are strongly against civil wars. There are a lot of examples of such events in the history of mankind. We have no right to forget the results of those horrible conflicts between the people belonging to the same nation. Countrymen fight against each other. Fathers are against their children, brothers are against brothers. There is much blood, much sorrow… More than that, we must not only remember the lessons of the past we should take an active part in social and political life to prevent the repetition of all that.

But, some people even rather famous ones try to gain their goals without thinking much about the needs of the whole nation. They forget the past and the country is doomed to repeat the gloomy events and tragedies from its history.

In conclusion, I would like to say that in two years I will take part in the elections. I am sure it depends on me a lot! I will always remember the past and do my best to make my Motherland happier.



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