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Эссе на тему "Благосостоятельные государства"

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The welfare systems of France & Japan

I decided to compare the welfare systems of France & Japan. This is interesting because both states are highly developed.

The welfare system in France is based upon a system of social insurance, family allowances & pensions. A social security program is maintained where workers & employers pay into a fund that the worker can draw from when they become unable to continue working. Contributions are earnings based & both groups, workers & employers, are involved in maintaining the situation. The budget of the program is not actually part of the official state budget of France but French government is crucial in that it regulates the program.

The welfare system of Japan is based upon a system of social insurance , pensions, benefits. In 1986 several former plans unified into the single Employee Pension Insurance Plan. Also the reform attempted to reduce benefits to hold down increases in worker contribution rates. Everyone aged between twenty and sixty is a compulsory member of this Employee Pension Insurance Plan. Some people are also eligible for corporate retirement allowances. Japan also has public assistance programs benefiting about 2 per cent of the population. About 33 % of recipients are elderly people , 45 % were households with sick or disabled members , 14 % are fatherless families and 8 % are in other categories .

Thus welfare system in Japan is perfected than welfare system in France , because there more benefits in Japan than in France and the Japanese system of social insurance is more perfect than the French one.

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