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Эссе на тему "I wish I were in London now"


Эссе на тему «Почему я хочу в Лондон»

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Why I want to go to London.

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Many people dream of traveling to different countries. Great Britain is one of the best places where people can go to. Going to London, think what will you do there and where to go, what attractions to visit. London is rich with its historical places and any visitor will find something of interest.

I wish I were in London now. If I were there I would organize an excursion and would give you a good idea about this very old and beautiful city. If I had a chance to go to London I'd like to see not only the places of interest but many other interesting things there.

What is London? There are more than one answer to this question. We can say that it is one of the largest cities in the world. We can say that it is a one of the world’s largest ports. We can point out that it is the capital of the United Kingdom. But all these answers do not give the whole idea of what London is.

Certainly everyone knows that the most famous sights of the capital of the Great Britain is Tower Bridge over the river Themes, The Tower of London is the most famous of all the historical buildings in London. It stands today almost unchanged since it was built in the 11th century. In the past the Tower of London served both as a palace and as a state prison, but it is a museum today. In one of its towers there is famous Big Ben, the largest clock of England. It strikes every quarter of an hour. The Houses of Parliament, It is the seat of the British government and it is one of the most beautiful buildings in London. London has many fine squares. Some of them are quiet; others are busy like Trafalgar Square. Trafalgar Square is the central square of the city. St Paul’s Cathedral is the biggest English church. Another famous church is Westminster Abbey. It is the historical building in London. It was founded in the 11th century. Many of Great Britain’s famous men are buried there. There is the National Gallery which has a fine collection of European paintings. London is also famous for its beautiful parks. Hyde Park is the most democratic park in the world, as anyone can say anything he likes there. It seems I know all these sights well because we have been getting acquainted with them since the 5th form up to now. I think it will be not enough one-day excursion to see all these sights with my own eyes. A great number of places of interest attract attention of tourists from all over the world.

I would better visit the one of the theatres in London. Theater is one of the best means of art and entertainment, which brings cultural enrichment. It uses live performers on stage to express different plays. A new Globe Theatre stands in the same place by the river. You can enjoy a Shakespeare play there or just learn about life in the 17th century.

Its western part is the richest part of the town with its cosy mansions, beautiful avenues, shops, restaurants and hotels. I believe my impression on London won't be full if I do not visit English shops. I think there is a great variety of things to buy helps you to find anything you want. But the most impressive place to my mind is Madam Tussauds museum of wax figures where you can find perfectly made figures of the most famous people of the world. In some halls figures are shown in interesting scenes in some they are just sitting or standing. There are also figures of great historic people who lived long time ago. I think that London is worth visiting because of its great places of interest.

If I were lucky I would visit Cambridge or Oxford University. I want to know its atmosphere, methods of teaching and research activities. Competition in Cambridge is extremely high. Here you can get a specialty in almost all areas of knowledge: from Sanskrit and experimental psychology to genetics. I would like to walk among the students of their campus and to imagine that I am one of them. One of my evenings in London I would like to spend in a disco club to watch the way English teenagers and young people spare their time, to listen to their popular groups, to make friends. Nightclubs in London are stylish, fashionable and glamorous. Glamorous and stylish young people from different countries are seeking in the evenings in nightclubs to break hearts, taste cocktails, display outfits and stomp dance floor with high heels.

I have read that one of the interesting place The London Eye. The London Eye is a big wheel on the banks of the Thames, which became one of the symbols of the city and one of the favorite attractions in London. The wheel was built in March 2000, becoming a metaphor that reflects changing centuries.

I heard that over fifteen million foreign tourists visit Britain every year and almost every tourist comes to London. Visitors to London often prefer to travel by bus because they can see so much of the city from the top of a double-decker. I wish I were on of them. And I think that English people are friendly and easy to talk to.

That the London is the capital of the United Kingdom, every schoolchild knows that ever learn English. But, how many interesting things in this city, which is also the financial, tourist and cultural capital of one of the most successful in all aspects of the world, not everyone knows.

This city is the heart of conservative England, not standing still. It grows and develops. Here are reconstructed and modernized traditional buildings and structures, as well as, new monuments and art. Thus, the history of London is developing, and the traditions are multiplying. Londoners honor their traditions, preserve and pass on to those with such love, try to recreate their new traditions to make his mark in history.

Each of us has his own city, which most want to visit. For some he is not alone, because of interesting and unique cities in the world very much. However, the facts that London is included in most of these lists are not in serious doubt.

The best way to know London is to visit it.

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