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Эссе на тему "The national film industry – is progressing or falling?

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The national film industry – is progressing or falling?

The national film industry – is progressing or falling?”

  In today's world the question if the national film industry is moving forward or the interest is fading in it worries us.

Many people believe that the national film industry is progressing but others claim that it is failing. Let us consider who is right?

In my opinion, the national film industry is making progress as the statistics shows the share of Russian films at the box office exceeded 17 percent, which is the best indicator for the last four years. To begin with, the quality of film products is growing, thanks to a new scheme of state industry. Moreover, the industry is booming, there are a lot of new directors and a lot of new good movies. In addition, to the end of 2015 there were about 100 films of domestic production in the Russian distribution which earned about 7.48 billion rubles

However, there are people who think that we have a tendency of constant reduction of Russian viewers' interest to the national cinema because the majority of Russian films are poor today. If the film is not a success, why the audience should watch it? Another important issue why the viewer does not want to watch Russian films is he thinks that Russian film makers copy American films.

But I cannot agree with them. Firstly, I believe the national Russian film industry has everything to be of full value. It is full of different technologies, graphic arts, animation and special effects. Secondly, cinema is an art you can not simply copy others, but you look for and do something new. Finally, every year paintings budget significantly increases as well as their fees

In conclusion, I should say: so many people so many opinions, and it is up to you to decide if the Russian film industry is progressing or falling.

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