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Эссе по английскому языку "On Showing-off"


On Showing-off

In childhood showing off takes simple direct forms. A child asking you to look at him as he stands on his head expects (and usually gets) immediate praise. As we grow older we seem to get more cunning in our efforts to draw the attention of others to ourselves. Only a professional acrobat has to go to the length of standing on his head to win applause. Adults are capable of the subtlest forms of self-dispraise when they want to boast about their achievements.

Most of us don’t like showy people because we assume that they are arrogant and because they sometimes remind us of our low achievements. From the outside showy people appear to be happy, possessing many things that others really want and sometimes superior. But what most people don’t know is that the inside is very much different.

If you met a member of a large well known corporation he is very less likely to tell you that he earns a lot of money or that he lives in a large house simply because the man knows that you have already guessed it. If the man became unsure of the impression you formed of him he might then start to show off to improve his image if he cares about your opinion.

Showy people believe that they didn’t get the attention they deserve and so they show off to send one clear message, "I am here, please, notice me". So actually a showy person is begging you to notice him while you might be begging him to accept you.

To some people the opinion of others doesn’t matter much and doesn’t have a significant impact on their happiness. To showy people it’s the opposite. The opinion of others is the most important thing and if they failed to let others like them they might feel really bad. Some of them believe that people are underestimating them. Because of that showy people do their best to show off their best traits to prove that they are worthy.

Humans are social beings by nature. The support that a person gets out of his friends and family can help him get over many mental health issues and physical health problems. Because intimacy is very important to everyone strives for acceptance and for love of others in his own way. If it happened that a human being felt that he needs more effort in order to be liked or to be accepted by others he might start to show off. So showing off is an act that people do when they feel that others don't think highly of them or when they believe that others are not aware of their real worth. So contrary to common beliefs people who show off are not arrogant but they are just in need of love and acceptance.

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