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Эссе "The upbringing of children in non-traditional couples"

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The upbringing of children in non-traditional couples.

Family is not an important thing. It is everything.

Michael J. Fox

Most people suppose that bringing up children is a key to a happy family life. The raising of the children is a primary function of any family. In order to become a productive members of the society children should get proper education within the family, social institutions and the whole society.

If we provide an in-depth look at a family life we will manage to find out that there are many views on this subject. Nine-in-ten Catholics say that traditional families are ideal while other family arrangements are also acceptable. But there are less supporters of this idea among the Orthodox Christians.

When it comes to the matters of sexuality there is a strong fight of views. Some people say that it is acceptable for same-sex couples to raise children while the others say that gay or lesbian couples with children are the worst family configurations. Overall, people are split on whether homosexual behavior is a sin.

The main point is that what matters for children is not so much the structure of the family — the gender or sexual orientation of their parents, what seems to be more important is the quality of the relationships within the family. The sexual orientation of parents has no bearing on child-rearing abilities or the well-being of children.

In any modern family parents should take responsibility for raising and teaching their children such basic things as language and correct behaviour, encouraging them to get along with each other. They also should develop independence, motivation, cooperation etc. These values may differ in different societies, but the upbringing should take place in the sphere of love and security for the child no matter what family form it is provided by.

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