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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Эссе ученика 9 А класса МБОУ "Школа № 53" города Рязани Марушина Андрея "IDEALS AND VALUES OF OLYMPIC PHILOSOPHY" /Конкурс юных философов/

Эссе ученика 9 А класса МБОУ "Школа № 53" города Рязани Марушина Андрея "IDEALS AND VALUES OF OLYMPIC PHILOSOPHY" /Конкурс юных философов/

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Средняя общеобразовательная школа № 53” г. Рязани




ученик 9 класса А

Марушин Андрей



Ирина Степановна

г. Рязань, 2014 год


Today, in the year of the XXII Winter Olympic Games, we again have to answer a very sharp question – what makes the Olympic movement so strong and unique?

To my mind, the answer is quite evident. It is Olympic philosophy that elevates and combines efforts, intellect and body’s merits into a well-balanced whole.

I think that uniting sport, culture and education, the Olympic movement tends to the creation of a new way of life that is based on such everlasting things as satisfaction and gratification from work, educative value of good example and respect for common general moral principles. These principles are the following: perfection, friendship and esteem.

What does perfection mean? In my opinion, it is total devotion both on the sports arena and in life. If we speak about Olympism, we can’t help mentioning a stubborn fight for high achievements, for daily leap of faith. For me, perfection is just yearning for an ideal. Various doctrines interpret ideals and eagerness for them differently. For instance, E. Kant believed that perfection could be found and seen in art only. But at the end of the XIXth century, there appeared another theory – perfection can be achieved with the help of strenuous or physical activity. Perfection in sport was worshiped by French Baron Pierre de Coubertin. He was the very man who brought the Olympic Games back to life. Nowadays, we are aware of the fact that desire for perfection begins with mass sports and with the lapse of time it can result in Olympic medals.

It goes without saying that friendship is one of the main human values on Earth. The ancient philosopher Plato set friendship above all other man’s affections. He said, “Friends are often much closer to each other than parents to their children.” The Olympic interpretation of the concept treats friendship in the broad sense. According to it, friendship is not just a common attachment of one person to another but a real bridge to cooperation and mutual understanding among peoples and their cultures. I think sport is a perfect instrument with the help of which people can find peace, faithful and reliable friends all over the world. Besides, friendship, support and team work encourage sportsmen to get results even better than they could have by just summing their personal records together.

It is no coincidence, that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) considers the Olympic Games one of the major assistants in the resolution of international conflicts.

Unfortunately, some people think that sport is not a necessary thing today. I am sure they are not right at all. To my mind, sport is just the very thing that can help bring up respectfulness and tolerance in young people. We should learn how to protect the environment, to treat other people with respect, to be thankful to our own body and health. Sport can help a lot. Sports events and the Olympic Games particularly imply fair play, strict discipline and self - control. Trust and confidence are the main principles to be observed. Using stimulants and drugs, disobeying the rules, humiliating competitors are illegal and intolerable. Respect for colleagues and rivals should be the highest law of sport.

In conclusion, I want to say that Olympic philosophy by means of sport helps people develop harmoniously, keep fortitude, self-respect and dignity.

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