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Extra curricular work "We love English"

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An extra curricular work “We love English”


- to develop pupils’ creative activity

- to increase pupils’ interest to the English language

-to bring up in them respect to the culture of a learning language

Accessories: a tape, CDs, audio cassettes, balloons, a banner

The procedure of a work:
Peppy: -Hello everybody! How are you? I hope you are fine.


Mary Poppins: -Glad to see you at our big English party, concert “We love English”!

Peppy: -And now some information about English. English is a world language. It is spoken by more than 350 million people.

 Mary Poppins: -It is the official language in 44 countries. English is the official language of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, of the United States of America, of Australia and New Zealand.

Peppy: -Nowadays English is the most fashionable language in the world. English is absolute necessary for every educated person, for every good specialist.

 Mary: -Today you will listen to the English songs, rhymes and tales.  So let’s learn English, speak English, sing songs in English!

Peppy:-From my point of view you are very talented children. And you can prove it.
Mary: -Well, we’ll begin. Let’s go! Peppy, do you have any pets?

Peppy: Yes, I do. I have got a cat, a dog, hens, ducks. I like them very much. As far as I know the children from the 2nd form can show us a scene “The little red hen”


Mary: -Oh, Really? What is it about? I don’t know it.

Peppy: -Don’t you know? Listen and you’ll understand.

(выступление учащихся 2 класса: исполнение инценировки «The little red hen»)

Mary: -Thank you very much. It was great!

Peppy: -Yes, it was really great. Now I know that the pupils from the 5.6th form want to show us a tale “Mother Goat and seven Goat


Mary: -Really? Lets see!

(выступление учащихся 5 класса: инсценировка сказки о козлятах)

Peppy: -OK. Let`s listen to a funny song “Rolling in Deep”. Meet the girl of the 7th form.


Mary: -Oh. It’s high time to announce the results of contests.

Peppy:-So, the results of a poem contest are following:

3rd prize- Zhalgas Miras

3rd prize-Adilgereeva Amira

2nd prize- Akhtankyzy Gauhar

1st prize- Sindarova Aruzhan


Mary: -And these are the winners of an essay contest:

3rd prize- Kozhabaev Dauren

3rd prize- Zhanabergenova Aidana

2nd prize- Sadykov Talgat

1st prize- Naurizbaev Samat

Peppy:-Our Congratulations dear friends!!!

Mary:- Now meet the talented pupils of the 7th form. They’ll show you our favourite tale “ Cinderella”C:\Users\Администратор\Desktop\SAM_3590.JPG

Peppy: -You are welcome.

(выступление учащихся 7 класса: инсценировка сказки о Золушке)

Mary: - Music makes me dance,
Music makes me sing,
Music gives my life
That extra bit of zing!

- Now, Peppy I want to invite my friend Naurizali from the 9th form, he is going to sing us the popular song of “The Beatles” –Yesterday.

Peppy: - Oh, Really? It’s my favourite song. You are welcome to our scene.

Mary: Thanks, Naurizali. Now dear guests meet our little friends from the 2nd form. They’ll show us a tale “ The Little House”C:\Users\Администратор\Desktop\SAM_3623.JPG C:\Users\Администратор\Desktop\SAM_3608.JPG

Peppy: It was great! Mary, do you like the film “Titanic”?
Mary: Yes, it’s one of my favourite films.

Peppy: Then let me invite Koptleuova Aruzhan with the song from our favourite film “My heart will go on”

Mary: Thanks.

Peppy: How about dancing? Let’s dance with the girls from the 8th form.

Mary: Great! Invite them to our scene.

Peppy: Thanks. Dear our friends, guests , talented pupils of our school.We hope that you’ve liked our today’s party. Our concert is over. Thank you for your coming. Good bye!

Mary: - Keep Calm and Learn English. See you soon!

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