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Extra curricular work "Welcome to rhe Kingdom of the English Language"


Welcome to the Kingdom of the English Language

(the scene of the party in English for the pupils of 5-8 forms)

The objectives:1.to increase the pupils’ knowledge about the UK

and other countries.

2.to practice speaking

3.to teach pupils to take part in different parties

The parts; 1)meeting the guests

2)pupils’activity (singing songs, reciting poems,

acting out the scenes from fairy tales)

3)accepting the pupils into kingdom by the Queen

1The leader: You are welcome dear our teachers and guests! We are glad to see you here today. Now we are going to begin our party “Welcome to the Kingdom of the English Language”

{The music plays, and the Queen appears on the scene in beautiful dress with her Maids.}

The Queen: I’m the Queen of the Kingdom of the English Language. I’m glad to see you. Our Kingdom is very rich and beautiful. English is spoken in many countries of the world.

{The Queen sits down on her chair, on the left. Guests from different countries, wearing their national costumes visit this party.}

The Englishman: Hello! I’m from England, the main part of Great Britain. Great Britain is one of the most beautiful and richest countries of the world.I’m a policeman from London, capital of England and Great Britain.I work in Scotland Yard.

The Scottish: I’m from Scotland, another part of Great Britain. Scotland is famous for its wonderful mountains and lakes. They say that the Loch Ness monster lives in one of the lakes. The national Scottish costume is a kilt. The Scottish like to sing and dance very much.

The American:Hi! I’m from America. America is one of the greatest and richest countries in the world. Americans speak English. I’m an American farmer. I’m wearing blue jeans. Jeans first appeared in America. The American cowboys liked to wear jeans which are now popular all over the world.

The Canadian:I’m from Canada. Some people in Canada speak English and some people speak French. My country is large and beautiful. Canada is rich in forest, that’s why a maple leaf is on our national flag. Canadians are fond of playing hockey. Our hockey team is one of the best in the world.

The Indian:Hello! I’m from India. English is spoken in India, too. My country is rich in precious stones and many other beautiful things. We have a lot of big elephants. Indian tea is drunk all over the world.

A little girl from Australia: Hi! I’m from Australia .People in Australia speak English. I have a kangaroo.It only lives in Australia.

The leader: Oh, dear our friends, you are welcome. Don’t go anywhere. Be our dear guests in our party and enjoy it.

2. The Queen:Do you want to visit these countries and speak English as well as they do? If you learn English you can read English books and fairy tales. Now you will watch a fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood”

{The pupils of the 3d form take part in this activity.}

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood: “Mum, can I visit my granny? I missed her very much.

Mother:“That’s a good idea. Remember,go straight toGrandma’shouse.Don’t dawdle along the way and please don’t talk to strangers! The woods are dangerous.

Red Riding Hood:“ Don’t worry, mummy. I’ll be careful.”

Wolf: “What are you doing out here, little girl?”

Red Riding Hood; “I’m on my way to see my Grandma who lives in the forest, near the brook.”

[ A few minutes later, Red Riding Hood knocked on the door.The wolf jumped into the bed and pulled the covers over his nose.}

Wolf: “Who is it?”

Red Riding Hood: “It’s me, little Red Riding Hood.”

Wolf: “Oh, how lovely! Do come in, my dear.”

Red Riding Hood:”Grandmother! Your voice sounds so odd. Is something the matter?

Wolf: “Oh, I just have touch of a cold,”

Red Riding Hood: “But Grandmother! What big ears you have.”

Wolf: “The better to hear you my dear”

Red Riding Hood:”But Grandmother! What big eyes you have.”

Wolf:”The better to see you, my dear.”

Red Riding Hood:”But Grandmother! What big teeth you have”

Wolf:” The better to eat you, my dear.”

{The wolf leapt out of the bed and began to chase the little girl. Little Red Riding Hood realized that the person in the bed was not her grandmother, but a hungry wolf. She ran across the room and shouted “Help! Help!Wolf!” A woodsman who was chopping logs nearby heard her cry and ran towards the house as fast as he could.And he grabbed the wolf.}

Red Riding Hood:”Oh, grandma, I was so scared! I’ll never speak to strangers or dawdle in the forest again.”

The Leader: Thanks, my little friends. It was very exciting.-Your Majesty, Queen. Did you like it?

The Queen: Oh, yes. Fantastic! Exciting! So I have come with my Maids,the maids of poems, the maids of music. Oh, this is the maid of mistakes. I’m afraid she will try to spoil our party.

The Maids of Mistakes: Hi! I’m sure these children can’t be accepted into the Kingdom of the English Language. They always make lots of mistakes. How I love them when they make mistakes!

The Queen: We don’t agree with you. These children enjoy learning English and they will prove it with the help of my other maids.

The Maid of poems: Hello! I’m the maid of poems. I like English poetry very much. What about you children? Can you recite some poems to us? What poems about the English Language do you know?

Pupil-1: -I love learning English.

I can read, I can write,

I can speak English too,

I love learning English

And what about you?

Pupil 2: -I love to do homework,

It makes me feel so good.

I love to do exactly

As my teacher says I should.

Pupil 3: -Books are full of boys and girls

That I would like to know,

Books are full of happenings

To folks of long ago

Books are full of animals

That I would like to pet,

Books are full of weather too,

Both sunny days and wet.

Pupil 4: - We all live together in the world,

Men and women, boys and girls.

The people in my land,

And the people in your land,

Sing together hand in hand,

We all live together in the world.

The Leader: -Thanks.

Do your best, you are very best,

And do it every day-

Little boys and little girls,

This is the wisest way.

The Maid of Music: -I’m the maid of music. I like to sing very much. Can you sing songs in English?Who wants to sing with me? –O.K. Let’s start then...

{ the maid of music sings a song with children.}

The Leader: Well done, children! Thank you.

-Do all the good you can,

In every way you can,

As long as ever you can.

The Queen : -What else can you show us?

{ the pupils of the 9 th form tell about their work with volunteers from the USA. The pupils use the interactive board to show their photos, project works,etc}

The Queen: I think, children you can be accepted into the Kingdom of the English Language.

The Maids of Mistakes: No, No! Don’t accept them.

The Maids of Music: We are tired of you! Why don’t you like these nice children? You go away yourself!

All the Maids: Go away! Go away!

The Maids of Mistakes: Forgive me, please, children! Please!

The Queen: Let’s forgive her! But don’t spoil our party again!

Listen to my order! I, the Queen of the Kingdom of the English Language, accept these pupils into my Kingdom!

The Leader: Dear boys and girls, we congratulate you and wish to study well!

We all live together in the world,

Men and women, boys and girls,

The people in my land,

The people in your land.

Sing together hand in hand,

We all live together in the world!

[ the of the 9th form sing the song with the children }

The Leader: Our party is over! We wish you success, healthy life, happiness, and the cleverest pupils. Thank you for your attention. See you soon! Good bye!

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