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Lesson theme: Extra reading

School: №1Terekty’s Secondary school


The 5th of October

Teacher: Kozhankulova Assem Maukenovna

Class: 11 “B”

Present: /absent

Subject Language Integrated reading level:

Пәндік тілдік кіріктірілген оқу деңгейі:

The average: (40-75%)

High: (75-100%)

The purpose of the subject within the framework of the program of teaching:

Пән бойынша оқу бағдарламасы аясындағы сабақ оқытудың мақсаттары:

Ағылшын тілінде ілтипатты сұрақ қоюға дағдыландыру.

Learning Objectives:

Оқыту мақсаттары:

Ағылшын тілін қатесіз оқыту

The purpose of language:

Тілдік мақсаттары:

Ағылшын тіліне деген қызығушылықтарын ояту



The beginning of the lesson:

Сабақтың басы:

Organization momenent:

-Good morning children.

-Good morning my teacher.

-Who is on duty today?

-I am on duty today.

-Who ia apsent?


-What is your homework?


Checking up the homework:

(Смайлик арқылы бағалау)

In the middle of the lesson:

Extra reading

Freerunners in Kazakhstan

There is a new sport in cities across Kazakhstan. It’s called ‘freerunning’. May be you have seen young people running, jumping over walls, doing hand stands and back flips, through streets and parks. If not search for freerunning in Kazakhstan on the internet to see videos from Astana, Almaty, Aktau, and other cities.

Freerunning is similar to parkour but more artistic. Parkour became popular in the 1990s. Freerunning started in France in 2003. Now both forms have spread across the world.

Dauren Ertayev and Madi Sarlybaev are two 16 years old from Astana who love the sport. In fact, they say it’s not just a sport-for them it is a way of life. In 2009,they saw freerunning on the internet and tv and started learning some basic moves.


What are the people in the picture doing?

Look quickly at the text.

Is it about the sport or the people or both?


These statements are all incorrect. Write the correct sentences

  1. You can only see freerunning on TV.

  2. Ertyev and Sarlybaev have a very good teacher.

  3. They are good at freerunning because they are lucky.

  4. What is important to them is being better than other people.

  5. Sarleybaev doesn’t enjoy learning

  6. They will give freerunning when they leave school


Сергіту сәті

Pupils dancing and sing a song

Write a story

Text 1

He opened the door. The room was dark and untidy. He turned on the light. There were books everywhere. Bookshelves were on the walls and there were books on the table and on the chair. Books covered the floor. John panicked. He would never find the book he was looking for.


Writing a story

  1. Don’t start writing immediately, but first spend a few minutes noting down your ideas.

  2. List the characters and make notes on their appearance and personality

  3. Decide where they live, the important events in their lives and choose adjectives to describe them


Сабақты бекіту

Children reading text 2 and they say themselves thought


Оқушылар стикерге өз пікірлерін жазып қалдырады


Бағалау: бағдаршам, смайлик үш шапалақ, өзін-өзі бағалау

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