Инфоурок Английский язык КонспектыFame. My favourite Russian sportsman.

Fame. My favourite Russian sportsman.

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                               Fame usually comes to those who are thinking about something else.


1.     Think of this proverb and say what people should do to be famous.

Use the following phrases: train a lot, not be afraid to overcome obstacles, be dedicated to the deal, be creative, be patient, work from day till night, ignore the teasing, be talented.                       Model:  I think people should … to be famous.

2.     Look at the picture and say if you know this person. Answer my questions. Use the information in the frame p. 4 (Spotlight on Russia)

Ø What is his name?

Ø When was he born?

Ø What is his native town?

Ø Does he have pets at home?

Ø Where does he live now?

3.     Do you know how Evgeni Plushenko decided to be famous? Read his words and translate them.

4.     Listen to my words and find them in the text. Read and translate the sentences.

Sickly, double pneumonia, used to, obviously, the quad toe loop and the Biellmann spin, a serious injury, a true champion

Watch an episode to relax and have a rest! (Евгений Плющенко показательные выступления)

5.     Listen to the utterances and say if they are true or false. Correct only necessary word in the sentence.  

Ø Young Evgeni began life next to the local ice rink in a house his father built.

Ø When Evgeni joined his first skating group, his health didn’t improve.

Ø Evgeni won his first competition when he was seventeen at the Crystal Skate Tournament in Samara.

Ø Evgeni was determined to persue his dream even if it meant living alone in St. Petersburg.

Ø At the age of twenty-five he won the World Junior Championship and finished the third in the Senior World Championships

6.     What have you known about Evgeni Plushenko? Tell your classmates about him.

H/W: Напишите и подготовьте выступление о своем любимом спортсмене.


·     What is his/her name? When was he/she born? Where was he/she born? What do you know about his/her family? When did he/she start training and where? When did he get his/her first prize and where? Did he/she have a serious injury? What is he/she doing now (preparing for the Olympic Games or work as a coach)? Why do you like this sportsman?


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