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Final test к учебнику Opportunities pre-intermidiate

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Final test. Opportunities Pre-Intermidiate. 2013-2014 years

Write your name________________________________________

Exercise 1. Find the mistakes in the following sentences and rewrite the sentences correctly.

0 What does she do at the moment?

What is she doing at the moment?________________________________________________________

1 We have gone to Mexico three times.


2 My sister is a journalist and she is interviewing many people.


3 I usually have some sandwiches and the glass of orange juice for breakfast.


4 When I was a child I was playing football every Sunday.


5 The animals are hungry because I haven't already fed them.


6 That's OK. I don't mind to open the window.


7 Stop it, boys! I am tired with you making so much noise!


8 I don't have breakfast in the morning. I just have shower and go quickly to work.


9 Where have you bought this cotton wonderful black shirt?


10 I'm sorry, but Mr Smith mustn't see you right now. He's talking to another client.



Exercise 2. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense.

0 My grandmother gave (give) me this ring 10 years ago.

1 Isn't she hungry? She___________( not eat) anything all day.

2 I'm not sure yet but I think I ____________(study) medicine in the future.

3 Please, stop talking! Can't you see? I___________ (revise) for my English exam.

4 Our teacher ___________(not hear) the terrible news yet.

5 I don't understand why my children always____________(make) the same mistakes.

6 Were you sleeping when I _____________(call) you?

7 Look at the roof of that building! The man____________ (jump) in a second.


8 In 1994 she__________(leave) Spain and went to live in England.

Exercise 3. Circle the correct alternative in each sentence.

0 I'm not really interesting/interested in politics.

1 When you go to church you must/have to switch off your mobile phone.

2 There are two kinds of meat I never eat: one is beef and the second/the other lamb.

3 If you are tired in the morning, you should avoid to watch/watching TV late at night.

4 Mum, let me help you with a/the suitcase. It's too heavy for you.

5 John is in a very difficult situation but my situation is worse/the worst.

6 We could organise a party for four people with some drinks and a little/a few food.


7 My two best friends love jogging, but both/neither of them likes aerobics.

8 Is/Are there anything you would like to change in your school?

Exercise 4. Complete these conditional sentences with the verbs in the correct tense.

0 If they ate (eat) less, they wouldn't be so fat.

1 If she wanted to be my friend, she___________ (visit) me more often.

2 If she___________(have) a free evening tomorrow, she will take both of you to the cinema.

3 If it were cheaper, I_________(go) on holiday to Turkey.

4 If you heat water to 100 degrees centigrade, it_________________(boil).

5 I would phone her if I _______________ (know) her telephone number.

6 She can help you if you_______________ (ask) her.

7 My mum would be very sad if you _________________(not come) to visit us.


8 If you___________(not water) plants regularly, they die.

Exercise 5. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

0 start/often/work/at/I/9 a.m.

1 I often start work, at 9 a.m._________________________________

1 grandma/slowly/my/normally/walks/very


2 is/our/Fiona/definitely/singer/best


3 hard/listen/I/understand/tried/to/but/could/I/ anything/hardly



4 is/well/Tom/player/and/a/usually/very/good/plays/he


Exercise 6. Complete the text with one word in each gap.


I just hate listening (0) to______other people's conversations on the phone. I simply can't understand why so many people answer their mobile phone when someone rings them (l)_____________on the bus or at the bank. They should (2)_____________it off in the first place or if they have forgotten to do that, they should at least hang (3)_____________very quickly. I don't mind if they (4)_____________on to the Net and use their multimedia mobiles to play games. This really doesn't bother me - of course if they do that with the sound off!

Exercise 7. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple, the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.

0 I worked (work) very hard when I was in Paris.

1 Chopin____________(compose) a lot of wonderful music.

2 Tom is my best friend. I ____________(know) him for two years now.

3 He______________(do) some sightseeing in Chile for two weeks, then he flew to Peru.

4 My teacher__________________(not understand) why we are so often late for school.

5 My mother is really happy because she ________________(pass) her driving test.


6 We_______________(move) to Warsaw when I was a small child.

Exercise 8. Complete the sentences with question tags.

0 They are studying history, aren't they ?

1 He has already finished his project, ________ ?

2 It isn't very expensive,____________?

3 You will be able to come,____________ ?


4 They told us the truth,____________?

5 You don't really believe it,____________?

Exercise 9. Read the article about the hackers. Then match the paragraph titles (A-G) with the paragraphs (1-6). There is one extra title.


1 ___With the development of technology in the twenty-first century, it would be really difficult to imagine life without computers. They are a source of information/ education and entertainment. But today's world of computers can also be quite frightening and dangerous. This is because of people who use computers' for illegal purposes. They are called hackers.

2 ___Hackers spend their time playing with computer data in all parts of cyberspace. Much of what they do is not dangerous, but sometimes their activities break the law, for example, when they break into websites, take control of computers or create viruses. They are especially interested in breaking through the security

of military websites.

3 ___Hackers know how to trick people just using their programs. They use a Trojan Horse', a program that looks perfectly safe, but actually contains something destructive. The only way of not getting into trouble is not to open it.

4 ___Although they can be seriously punished if they are caught, most hackers still think that what they do is a game. They often meet at festivals to take part in discussions, share their experiences, meet other hackers and generally to have a good time.

5 ___These meetings are organised in well-known places like Las Vegas or Berlin. However, what the hackers do at such festivals is a secret and often many of their activities take place at night.

6 ___Recently, hacking has started to increase. Hackers are getting into computer systems and stealing or destroying information. It is certain that there will be a lot more of this high-tech crime in the twenty-first century.









Exercise 10. Listen to the text "Meeting friends". Put these events in the correct order.

1. Johnny greets Sarah.

2. Harry and Magda arrive.

3. Johnny asks if he can sit at Olivia’s table.

4. Olivia suggests ordering some tea.

5. Sarah arrives.

6. Olivia is surprised to learn that Harry and Magda are coming to the café.


7. Olivia tells Johnny that it’s a self-service café.

8. Johnny mentions his friend Harry.

Listen the text once more and decide whether these statements are true or false.

1. The café is a popular place. true

2. Sarah is a friend of Olivia’s. _______

3. Sarah is waiting for Harry. _______

4. Johnny is from Shanghai. _______

5. Olivia knows Harry and Magda. _______


6. Olivia introduces herself. _______

Exercise 11. Choose one option from the list of seaside attractions and write a report (about 100-150 words) describing its good and bad points. Decide who is going to read your report.

A a seaside hotel

B a cruise around the island

C a local underwater seaiife observatory

Divide your text into four paragraphs. Write:

who you are;

who the report is to;

general description of the activity;

  • good points;

  • bad points;

  • your recommendations.


Useful linking words:

on the one hand, on the other hand, however, but, not only ... but also, either, in addition, too, etc.




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