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Form: 5 Carol`s kitchen

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Form: 5 a,b       date:

The theme of the lesson:  Form: 5  Carol`s kitchen

The objectives of the lesson:  a) To teach the new words. b) Pupils will be able to play the psychological training , to collect the puzzle closing the eyes, to see the cartoon of the Cat Leopold, to use the new words from the video, to read and translate the text,  to answer the questions, to complete the sentences ,to make up the dialogue with the Cat Leopold, to ask question using  the video , to work with the  active studio, to say the table manners, to say the message of N.A .Nazarbaev the pupils can improve their skills in writing, reading, speaking, listening. c) To educate pupils to respect our Motherland, to live in peace and friendship

The type of the lesson: mixed

The variety of the lesson: new words

The method of the lesson: answer the questions


                                        The procedure of the lesson

I. Organizationmoment of the lesson.

T: Good afternoon children!

P: Good afternoon teacher!

T: How are you?

P: I am very well! And you?

T: I am OK! Who is on duty today?

P: I am on duty today.

T: Who is absent today?

P:  All are present.

Now, we shall play the psychological training which  is called ‘Only together’. 4 pupils come up to the blackboard. You together must collect this puzzle closing your eyes. Work in pairs.

II. To check the h/t:

M: I`ll check your home task.

To make up the sentences using the structures There is and There are. To learn by heart the new words (slide)

bedroom [` bedrum ]

sofa [ `sәufә

carpet [ `ka:pit]

bathroom [ `ba:θrum ]

lamp [ lǽmp ]

living room [ `liviŋ ru:m ]

III. The presentation of the lesson:

The second task is …

         M: “Answer to my questions, please !” said the Cat Leopold.

Have you got a house?

How many rooms have you got ?

Is there a cup  in the living room?

Is there a picture in the bathroom?

IV. The new theme:  “ Carol`s kitchen”

The third  task is …

Let’s repeat after me!” said the Cat Leopold (видеоролик ) – “In the kitchen” Менөзімвидеодажаңасөздердіайтыптұрдымзаттардыкөрсетіптұрып.

modern [ `mdәn] -қазіргіуақыттағы

kitchen [`kitςin ] –асхана

nice [` nais ] – жақсы

clean [ `kli:n ] –таза

fridge [ fridз ] –тоңазытқыш

cooker [ кикә] — газплита

dishwasher [ `di ςw  ςә] — ыдысжуатынмашина

 cupboard  [ k bәd] — сөре

plate  [ pleit ] – тәрелке

sink  [ siŋ k] — жуғыш

washing machine [‘w ςiη mә` ςi:n] – кіржуатын  машина

The fourth  task is …

Exercise 6 on page 131 . To read and translate into kazakh language.

“Carol`s kitchen”

Its modern kitchen. Its nice and clean. Theres a washing machine, fridge and a cooker, but there isnt a dishwasher.

  There are a lot of cupboards in the kitchen. There isnt a carpet on the floor. Theres a radio. There isnt a clock in the kitchen. There arent plates and cups in the kitchen.

V. Practice

The fifth  task is …

Exercise 9 on page 132 . Find and count. Talk to your friend about Carol`s kitchen. (in writing) Cards

How many cookers are there?

How many fridges are there?

How many dishwashers are there?

How many plates are there?

How many ….?

The sixth  task is …

To speak over the telephone with the Cat Leopold. (КотЛеопольдтің  маскасынкиіптелефонменрольдікойынойнау).

Cat: Hello!


Cat: ……..!

Pupil:Fine, thanks and you?

Cat: I`m Ok. Have you got a kitchen ?

Pupil:… .  I have got 1 …  .

Cat: Is there a cooker in the kitchen?

Pupil:……..  .

Cat: Is there a fridge in the kitchen?

Pupil:……  .

Cat:Are there plates and cups on the table?


Cat: MMM! Your kitchen modern and clean, isn`t it?

Pupil: Yes, it…..

Cat: Good bye!


The seventh  task is …

“Let`s complete the sentences” said the Cat Leopold. (видеоролик) «In the kitchen»Менөзімвидеодасурақтарқойдым To translate

There is a fridge in the kitchen.

Is there….?

There are plates on the table.

Are there…?

There is not washing machine .

Is there…?

VI. Production

The  eighth  task is …

Let’s work with the active studio! said the Cat Leopold (активстудио)

Let`s think! If you complete the sentences you will see a good table manners.

1.There is a…

There is a…and

There isn`t  a…

Bogenbai and Olzhas are sitting at the table in the house of the cat Leopold

If you read a good table manners you will see the secret word .

1.              You should sit up straight.

2.There are a lot of …     in the     

1.              You shouldn`t put your elbows on the table. 

3There are a lot of … in the   

There aren`t  … ,  in the

3. You should say “Thank you” after the meal.

VII Explaining the home task:

 I`ll give your h/t : Exercise 1 on page 130- to learn the new words by heart, Exercise 15 on page 132- to write a composition “My kitchen”



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