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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Видеоуроки / Фрагмент к видеоуроку по английскому языку День Благодарения для 8 - 10 классов

Фрагмент к видеоуроку по английскому языку День Благодарения для 8 - 10 классов

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Фрагмент к видеоуроку THANKSGIVING HISTORY

https://yandex.ru/video/search?filmId=VmeTUP-WUXI&text=учебное видео

1. Pre Watching:

1. Read the list of the words. Do you know any English words or expressions with the same or similar meaning?

a fall a colonist to land

a cargo ship a separatist

a portion harsh

2. Try to explain the meaning of the words written with the capital letters

the Pilgrims the Wampanoag people

the Church of England Plymouth

the Mayflower the Congress

3. Read, translate, copy and learn the new words

much farther north to survive

these unfortunate circumstances to collect harvest

a particularly harsh winter geese

to approach fowl

to grow crops on sandy lands squash

to make for feast

a mighty chief to donate

a deer – deer to use fish as fertilizer

2. While watching:

Episode 1 : Who were the passengers of the ship?

Why did they leave their native country?

Episode 2 What happened to the Pilgrims during the first winter in the New World? Why?

Episode 3 Why did the luck of Plymouth colony begin to change?

Episode 4 How did the colonists survive? Who helped them?

Episodе 5 What happened in the years 1920? 1924? 1941?

3. After Watching:

Use the verbs in the right form:

1. Some of these people were separatists, people who (separate) themselves

from the Church of England.

2. The Mayflower arrived in the New World in December 1620, weeks later than they originally (hope).

3. They landed much farther north than they (plan).

4. It was a common festival like they (have) in England.

4.Answer the questions:

1. What new things have your learnt from the film?

2. What other things about the history and traditions of the USA would you like to learn?

How can you learn them?

5. State one of the problems touched in the film. Develop it. Draw the fish bone. Find the reasons for some events in the text and their consequences.

- One of the problems is how the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving Day was brought to America.

6. Write a cinquain for the holiday of Thanksgiving

1. Thanksgiving

2. entertaining, tasty

3. get together, pray, eat

4. American people like it

5. tradition

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