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Фрагмент урока с использованием интерактивного видео (12 времён английского глагола)


Повторение грамматического материала

(видовременные формы глагола)

Цель: повторить и систематизировать знания учащихся по грамматике (видовременные формы глагола), развивать навыки употребления времён английского глагола в речи учащихся, проверить уровень владения материалом, воспитывать уважение к стране изучаемого языка

Оборудование: интерактивное видео, тесты

Ход урока

I. Приветствие

Teacher. Good morning, dear pupils! I’m very glad to see you today! How are you? I do hope that you are fine and ready for our lesson. The topic of our today’s lesson is “Good Parents”.

ІІ. Введение в иноязычную атмосферу

T. To begin with I want you to remember some proverbs and sayings about family. Which of them do you know?

Sooner or later we all quote our mothers. (Bern Williams)

By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong. (Charles Wadsworth)

My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it. (Mark Twain)

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are endless. (Mother Teresa)

The rotten apple injures its neighbours. (Proverb)

Children are born to be happy. (Jose Marti)

Ход урока

  1. Актуализация материала. Работа с интерактивным видео


  1. Выполнение тестовых заданий на времена английского глагола

Grammar practice

Use either Present Perfect or Past Simple of the verb in brackets to complete the sentences. Give reasons for your choice.

1 variant

1.  “Look, I (to bring) you some needles”, he said, as he undid the parcel. (S. M.)

2.  “Good morning”, she said. “Aren’t my flower beautiful? Cristine (to bring) them yesterday. (A. Cr.)

3.  “I (to see) her sister out shopping yesterday”. (G. Gr.)

4.  “Well, Robert?” said Favell, “I (not to see) you for a long time”. (D. M.)

5.  “Dinny”, said Adrian, “I (not to see) you for nearly a year”. (J. G.)

6.  “I only just (to come) back. The only person I have seen is Rose Warterford”. (S. M.)

7.  “When she (to come) from London?” I asked. (Ch. D.)

8.  “But where is he? I don’t see him”.

     “He (not to come) jet”. (E. V.)

9.  “Hello”, he exclaimed, half to himself, “Carrie (to go)”

     “Your wife? Yes, she (to go) out just a few minutes ago”. (Th. D.)

10. “You (to go) to see her yesterday yourself, I understand”.

     “I (to do ), said Soames. (J. G.)

2 variant

11. “When she (to go)?”

     “She (to go) two days ago with the other Lady English”. (E .H.)

12. “Where you (to be) last night”. she answered. The words were hot as they came. (Th. Dr.)

13. “You (to have) a quarrel with Michael?” “No” (J. G.)

14. “You (to have) dinner?” “No” (J. G.)

15. “You (to buy) any pictures lately, Soames?” (J. G.)

16. “Wait a bit, can’t you?” he said.

     “I (not to finish) yet”. (D. M.)

17. Lord Goring; My father (to tell) me to go to bed an hour ago. (O. W.)

18. “I (to get) up and (to have) my bath and (to dress), and (to go) down to breakfast at 9 o’clock as usual”. (D. M.)

19. “You (to leave) me too suddenly last night”. (Ch. B.)

20. A few weeks ago he (to become) engaged to a woman old enough to be his mother. (S. M.)

3 variant

21. Mrs. Carey (to make) an excuse to leave Philip alone, but in a moment (to come) back and (to knock) at the door. (S. M.)

22. “The sun (to dry) up all the rain-drops, sir. The breeze is still; it is quite hot”. (Ch. B.)

23. The judge said nothing. He (to take) a cigar from the box, (to examine) it carefully and then (to light) it with deliberation. (S. M.)

24. “She’s working now for Joe. I (to see) her just now. (G. Gr.)

25. “I (to give) Joe a lift home last night. (J. Br.)

26. After his bath he (to do) his exercises, (to dress), (to talk), and (to go ) down to breakfast. He had a grand appetite. (S. M.)

27. “Where are the dogs?” he cried.

     “I (to let) them out”, said Hardy. (S. M.)

28. “When Joe (to say) that?” Eddie asked.

     “A week ago”. (A. S.)

29. “She (to feel) bad last night. But she is all right today”. (A. S.)

30. “Mr. Vigot (to be) to see you?” Phuong asked

     “Yes. He (to leave) a quarter of an hour ago”. (G. Gr.)


1.  have brought;

2.  brought;

3.  saw;

4.  have not seen;

5.  have not seen;

6.  have only just come back;

7.  when did she come;

8.  has not come jet;

9.  has Carrie gone, went;

10. went, did;

11. when did she go, went;

12. where were you;

13. have you had a quarrel;

14. have you had dinner;

15. have you bought;

16. haven’t finished;

17. told;

18. got up, had my bath, dressed, went;

19. left;

20. became;

21. made, came, knocked;

22. has dried;

23. took, examined, lit;

24. saw;

25. gave;

26. did, dressed, talked, went;

27. have let;

28. when did Joe say;

29. felt bad;

30. Has Mr. Vigot been to see you;


S. M. — S. Maugham

J. Pr — J. B. Priestly

E. H. — Ernest Hemingway

Th. D. — Theodore Dreiser

O. W. — Oscar Wilde

St. L. — Stephen Leacock

K. M. — K. Mansfield

G. Gr. — Graham Greene

J. R. — John Crowe Ransom

J. A. — J. Aldridge

E. V. — E. L. Voynich

J. G. — J. Galsworthy

Ch. D. — Charles Dickens

F. F. — F. Scott Fitzgerald

A. S. — Anne Sexton

F. M. — Frederick Marryat

A. Cr. — Archibald J. Cronin

J. Br. — Jackson Brown


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