Инфоурок Английский язык КонспектыФрагмент урока, с использованием ролевой игры по теме “Food” в 6 классе

Фрагмент урока, с использованием ролевой игры по теме “Food” в 6 классе

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Фрагмент урока, с использованием ролевой игры по теме “Food” в 6 классе.

Подготовка к игре проходит несколько этапов. Сначала идет отработка лексики, речевых клише, соответствующих теме урока. Затем я знакомлю учащихся с ситуацией и проблемой, требующей разрешения в ходе игры, распределяю роли. По окончании подготовки проводится игра. В качестве заключительного этапа провожу анализ игры и подвожу итоги, где отмечаю наиболее удачные моменты игры, указываю на недочеты и ошибки.

1 этап. Подготовительный.

а) Повторяется лексика по теме «Food», используя изображение на картинке.

to bake to boil meat yoghurt to fry yummy

to grill onion fruit vegetarian recipe

б) После отработки слов предлагается поговорить о предпочтениях в еде.

Например: I like …

But I don’t like\ hate…

My favourite food is...

My favourite drink is....

2 этап. Работа над составлением диалога.

Учащимся предлагается следующая ситуация для ролевой игры по теме ”Food”: You are going to have a party dedicated to your victory in the language competition. You arrange it together in one of your classmate’s flat. You decide what to cook, to buy.

Во время работы над ролевой игрой учащимся понадобились фразыклишекоторые не были включены в материал по теме: to be on a diet, to be all for, as busy as a bee, would you mind, sounds great.

Учащиеся составляют ролевую игру.

Vanya: Let’s have a party. I invite everybody to my house on Sunday. You know, my Mum is always glad to see you.

Sasha: Sounds great! I’m all for it.

Katya: Well, I can make the menu. I always help my mother with it. What food do you like?

Ilya: As for me, I’d prefer something with meat.

Zhenya: No meat for me. I’m a vegetarian, you know. I’d love vegetable salad with cheese.

Katya: OK. Let’s make vegetable salad with cheese. What about grilled chicken?

Vanya: Yummy! That would be great!

Lena: I’m afraid I can’t eat chicken or anything fat, because I am on a diet.

Katya: Would you mind having fruit salad?

Lena: Oh no, of course not. It’s my favourite dish.

Katya: So, let’s include fruit salad, too.

Ilya: Shall we have anything sweet?

Zhenya: Yes, sure. We must bake a cake, I think.

Vanya: Sounds great. I know a lot of recipes.

Katya: Cooking is my hobby. I’m good at making cakes. So if you don’t mind, I’ll bake it at home.

Lena: Let’s make a list of products we need for the party.

Katya: So, we need some meat, apples, oranges, chicken, tomatoes and pepper, boiled eggs.

Zhenya: Don’t forget about cheese for vegetable salad and yoghurt for fruit salad. And bread, too.

Vanya: We have some onion and ketchup at home.

Katya: What do you prefer to drink: some juice or cola, or may be mineral water?

Sasha: I’d rather prefer orange juice than cola or mineral water.

Zhenya: No problem. We can buy orange juice.

Ilya: And I can go shopping with someone and carry the bags.

Vanya: I’ll go to the shop with you.

Ilya: ok. Let’s go! Lena, can you help us with the shopping?

Lena: I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m very busy this week, as busy as a bee. But I can help with making food on Sunday.

Katya: Well, everything is settled. Lets go home now.

3 этап. Заключительный. Подведение итогов.

В конце урока ставится оценка речевым и актерским действиям учащихся, отмечается, что удалось, что было не очень хорошо, где были ошибки. Проводится обсуждение, в ходе которого ребята делятся своими впечатлениями о данной работе, подготовке, распределении ролей между собой и т. д.

Ролевая игра “Cinema”в 8 классе.

Form of the Game: Panel Discussion on TV

Subject of the Discussion: film “The Lord of the Rings”, released by New Line Cinema

Characters: The host – H., Peter Jackson (Producer) – P.J. Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) – V.M., Elijah Wood (Frodo) – E.W., Orlando Bloom (Legolas) – O.B.

John Rhys-Davies (Gimli) – J.R.-D., Ian McKellen (Gandalf) – I.M., Liv Tyler (Arven) – L.T., Fans, journalists.

H.: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our studio! Today in our “Everything about…” series we are going to talk about “The Lord of the Rings” which is considered to be the film of the century! Meet the team which presented us such a miracle!

Ведущий представляет гостей.

H.: We are waiting for questions from the audience and our viewers. Our contact phone number is 55-66-00. My first question is for Peter Jackson. How do you feel about the film?

P.J.: My idea about “The Lord of the Rings” is this: I’m sure that all events of the book took place in real life. I mean this feeling appears when you finish reading it. And that’s why I consider these films more as historical thеn as fantasy ones. I wouldn’t have dared to create such a film, if it weren’t “The Lord of the Rings”. The world of the book is so wonderful, exciting and charming, that I think it is worth spending 3.5 years of my life on.

H.: Oh, we have a question from the audience.

J.: Peter, was it difficult for you to deal with young and unexperienced actors?

P.J.: First of all, I can’t say they’re unexperienced. Elijah, for example, has taken part in about 8 films and worked with such masters as Kevin Costner and Mel Gibson. I remember that several days after the beginning we were shooting a scene where hobbits entered a city inhabited by humans. These creatures, no taller than a metre, found themselves among gigantic men and women. Elijah looked so frightened and stunned that I really believed he was a creature twice as short as normal people.

E.W.: Thanks, Peter. As for me, it was wonderful to work with Peter and the others. Peter was ready to listen to all ideas and we had meetings where we discussed scenes and characters. Our ideas were taken into consideration and we felt a part of the process.

V.M.: I met a lot of friends here, and especially I found much in common with Sean Beane, Orlando Bloom. The members of our Fellowship even made a tattoo, it is an Elvish number “nine”, and we were supposed to keep it secret, but someone let the cat from the bag. Actually, I suspect Frodo, he’s a bit talkative.

E.W.: Oh, it wasn’t me! Don’t get at me, I’m a poor hobbit, and all these tall people…

O.B.: Well, and every time like this! As for me, it was a great honour to work together with such Masters as Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Ian Holm. It was the time of fantastic non-stop nightmare, we all were charmed by the book and turned into a crowd of Tolkien fans and it was wonderful.

Fan: My question is to Sir McKellen. You are considered to be a highbrow actor. How did you come to Hollywood?

I.M.: Well, I’ve played a lot of parts in the theatre and on TV: Macbeth, King Lear, Adolf Hitler, poet John Keats, even Russian tsar Nicolas the Second, but Hollywood producers thought that I’m too great for their films! (Laughs) But sometimes they turned for help when they couldn’t do themselves, for example, I took part in “Gods and Monsters” and was even nominated for an Oscar! But they’ve spoilt me! Look, where I am filming now: the X-men! (Laughs)

Fan: Do you mean you regret that you’ve played the part of Gandalf?

I.M.: Oh never, not at all! It was a chance to try something new. I’m really fascinated with Gandalf’s character: wise, strong-willed, kind, experienced.

J.: My question is to Orlando. Why did you decide to be an actor?

O.B.: I wanted to become an actor when I was nine. At that time I was in love with a very pretty girl and I dreamed to fly and rescue her from something terrible. When I learned that Superman was an actor, my first thought was: “It is for me!” So I can say that I became an actor because of beautiful women.

H.: Well, about beautiful women. Peter, how did you manage to find your Princess of Elves?

P.J.: Actually, it took us a long time to find an actress for this role. I said to myself: “I need an actress more beautiful and perfect than an ordinary woman”. When I saw Liv, I understood that my dream had come true. I was looking for an actress with such a nature, who is able to understand the princess who fell in love with a mortal man and refused eternal life for the sake of love.

Fan: Liv, you are extremely beautiful!

L.T.: Thanks!

Fan: You were the most popular girl at school, weren’t you?

L.T.: Oh, strange as it may seems but no! I was considered to be the ugliest girl in my class. My classmates teased me and called ‘liver sausage’. I often cried and my gran says that I came home all in tears. All my family tried to console me but I was in despair. Actually, I don’t like to remember my school life.

H.: Liv, you had to learn a lot of things for the film, didn’t you?

L.T.: Yes, I learnt to ride a horse, speak Elvish and fight with swords. It wasn’t easy, but it was extremely interesting!

H.: Did you have any problems with communicating with your partners? Did you quarrel?

L.T.: Oh, of course, not! From this point of view the work was rather easy. But all of us were very tired.

V.M.: I agree, I got tired so much that I had some sort of hallucination. I really believed that Liv was the Princess of Elves.

J.R.-D.: As for me, I think we would have done nothing with the film, if it weren’t for two people – Peter and Viggo.

E.W.: Viggo was a real source of inspiration for all of us, and an example of a real professional. Even when we had days off, he took a horse and went practicing.

(V.M. looks very confused)

V.M.: Thanks but actually I could have done nothing without you.

H.: John, and how do you feel about the film?

J.R.-D.: Well, it was great, but unfortunately, I had a lot of problems with make-up, a false beard and all that stuff. I had some sort of allergy and the skin on my face was badly hurt. I had to wait for 2–3 days before making the next shot.

H.: Unfortunately, dear guests, audience and viewers, the time of our program is over. Thank you for having been with us. Next time we are meeting with the Famous Three: Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson and Rupert Grant! Send your questions and welcome to our studio! Watch us on Channel 5, on Saturday, 27, at 17.00.

Bye and see you! (Music sounds)

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