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"Fruit" 3 grade plan

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Музаппарова А.Д

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The theme of the lesson: “Fruits”

The aims of the lesson:

To teach children to name fruit, to describe them. To develop monological speech. Be able to describe the fruit, using speech combination of the nouns with adjectives. To cultivate an interest in organized educational activity.

The type of the lesson : New lesson

The kind of the lesson: Practical

The methods of the lesson: Ask-question, play, rhyme, dialogue

Visual aids: Int. board, pictures, placards, cards, balloon, fruits

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment

(The first sing song “Hello!” Then children come to the class and a teacher said:)

Good morning, children!

Ch: Good morning, teacher!

T: - How are you?

Ch: - We are OK!

(But children saw garden and gardeners. They are- grandmother , grandfather)

Gardeners: Hello!, children!

Children: Hello!, grandmother, grandfather!

Gardeners: Are you help us to describe this fruit tree ? It’s not never fruit.

Children: What can we do?

Gardeners: You must to learn fruits name in English and to do task about it. Each task you take own favourite fruit and describe this free tree.

Children: Let’s go! OK!

Teacher: So, children, how do you thing, what theme our new lesson?

Children: May be “Fruits”?


Teacher: Yes, you are right!

You correctly find our lesson’s theme.

II. Phonetic drill

My toys”

My toy bear, Yes!

My toy car, Yes!

My toy doll, Yes1

My toy ball, Yes!


III. New lesson

hello_html_71ba999f.gifNew words


Task 1- “Straight way”

(What fruit do you like? Grandfather, grandmother, mother, father. Fruits- apple, banana, orange, pear)

Let’s play! “Who is the quicker”

(Two boys comes to the board and they must to say fruits name very quickly. What fruit they say , then describe tree. )

Logical task – “What fruit is not?”



Greating work

Compare the fruit with own colour

Make the fruit

Make the fruit with circle

Make a people with fruit


A rhyme

One apple, two bananas,

Three orange, pear four

All the fruits on the floor.


Gardener: Boys and girls I am glad yours work. Beacouse I give you sweet fruits.


I am apple, I am apple,

I am sweet, I am sweet.

I am fruit , I am fruit.


I am banana, I am banana,

I am sweet, I am sweet.

I am fruit, I am fruit


I am orange, I am orange,

I am sweet, I am sweet.

I am fruit, I am fruit.


I am pear, I am pear,

I am sweet, I am sweet.

I am fruit, I am fruit.


Our guests, thank you for your attention. Children I am glad for your work. The lesson is over, see you soon. Good-bye!


Good-bye, teacher!

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