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Geography and travelling 9 класс

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Demonstrative lesson

Form: 5 “A”

Date: 15.12.2010

Duration: 45 min

The theme of the lesson: A day of my life

The aims of the lesson:



1. to be able to speak about the family, clothes, time, colour, job. To check up their knowledge on this theme

Practical aims

1. to develop listening, writing and speaking abilities

2. to check up the knowledge of lexic

Developing aims:

1. to improve students' motivation and participation

in classroom activities

2. to stimulate students' to a learning foreign language

Type of the lesson: untraditional lesson, travel lesson

Visual aids: a computer, projector

Visual materials: cards, wallpaper, pictures

The procedure of the lesson.

Organization moment:


Teacher’s activity Pupils’ activity

- Good afternoon, children! - Good afternoon, good afternoon

Good afternoon too you

Good afternoon and teacher

How are you?

- I’m very well, thank you! And you? - We are fine.

- Sit down, please

- Who is on duty today? - I’m on duty today.

- Who is absent? - All are present.

-What day is it today? - Today is…wednesday

-What date is it today? - Today is the 15th of december

2. Warm-up

Before to start our lesson you must choose one figures, that you like.


You are not so bad, but lazy, rude, sometimes clever

You are lader, you are very active, kind

You are beautiful, active, sometimes naughty

Well, Laura begin

Begining of lesson

Well, let’s begin our lesson. Today, we will revise our last material and speak about week.

Today we have unusual lesson, we have a travel lesson. Before to travel we must buy a ticket. If you answer the questions you can buy a ticket, well who wants to answer?

Arailum …………….



1st station is called “Family’’

In this station there are some tasks, you must do it,

Task #1 Describe the picture, this is my mother, this is my father…

Treehello_html_m7a948bb8.gifhello_html_m76f36704.gif Task #2 Complete the family tree mother father

hello_html_68035662.gifhello_html_568020f1.gif Sister brother

hello_html_3e80e2c1.gifhello_html_4193f007.gif I am cousin

Now, children we know names of our family and we can say a rhyme, do you know a poem about family? Yes, this is my mother, this is my father

This is my brother Paul

This is my sister, this is my uncle

How I love them all!!!

Oh good job!

The 2nd station is called “ clothes”

Task #3 put in order. There are given pictures with words but you must put it in order, Ok?

The 3rd station is called “Colours”

Answer my questions, what’s this? It is a pen

What colour is it? It is green………………………

Rhyme about colour spring is green, summer is bright

Autumn is yellow, winter is white

Well, children may be you are tired, let’s sing song ”the happy song”

Now let’s continue our travel the next station is called “Time”

Task#5 what time is it?(4.00)it is four o‘clock….

Task #6 Match the time

hello_html_4f181a55.gifhello_html_mdf0bdd0.gif4.10 it is twelve o’clock

5.15 it is quarter to seven

12.00 it is ten past four

6.30 it is quarter past five

6.45 it is half past six

Now who knows a poem about time? Mind the clock, keep the rule

Try to come, in time to school

The next station is called “Jobs”

You must guess the crossword










and now we stop in this station is called “’week’’

well repeat all together(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday )


Your hometask will be Ex 10 p 83


Today you’ve worked very hard, thank you for your participate.

Your marks for today…..

The end of the lesson

The lesson is over .

Good bye children Good bye teacher!

Secondary school after Tole by


Theme: A day of my life

Done by: Alibek.u@mail.ru


Secondary school after Tole by


Theme: What does your father do?

Done by: alibek.u@mail.ru


What does your father do?

Күні: 11.12.2011

Сынып: 5 «А»

Тақырыбы: What does your father do?

Мақсаты: оқушыларды ағылшын тілінде болашақта кім болғысы келетіні және ата-анасы, аға-апаларының мамандыңы не екені туралы айтуға үйрету. Оқушылардың ойлау логикасын, есте сақтау қабілетін дамыту. Сөздік қорын көбейту. Оқушыларды бір-бірін тыңдауға, сыйлауға және өзге тілді құрметтеуге тәрбиелеу.

Көрнекілігі: интерактивті тақта, мамандық бойынша суреттер

Сабақтың түрі: аралас сабақ

Сабақтың әдісі:

Сабақтың барысы

І. Ұйымдастыру кезеңі

- Good afternoon dear students & guests!

- Who is on duty today?

- What date is it today?

- What day is it today?

- Who is absent?

ІІ. Фонетикалық жаттығу

Make new friend but keep the old

One is silver and other gold

ІІІ. Үй тапсырмасын тексеру

What was your homtask?

Ex: 15 pg 79 Answer the questions

- What month is it now?

- It’s December now.

- What season is it?

- It is winter now.

- What day is it today?

- It is Saturday/

- What date is it today?

- It is 11th of December.

ІV. Практикалық бөлім

IV. 1. Жаңа сөздер

a doctor - дәрігер

a dentist – тіс дәрігері

a housewife – үй шаруасындағы әйел

a lawyer - заңгер

a teacher - мұғалім

a bank manage – банк менеджері

a secretary - хатшы

an operator - оператор

a driver - жүргізуші

a musician – музыкант

a miner - кенші

ІV.2. Кітаппен жұмыс

Ex: 1 pg 82 Ask & answer

- What month is it after December?

- It is January.

- What month is it before December?

- It is November.

Ex: 2 pg 82 Listen

Colin is at Omar’s flat

Colin: Is this your family?

Omar: Yes, it is.

Colin: Is this your Dad?

Omar: Yes, it is.

Colin: What does he do?

Omar: He is a doctor.

Colin: Oh, really? And what does your mother do?

Omar: She is a housewife.

Colin: Is this your brother?

Omar: No, it isn’t. That’s my uncle.

Colin: Is he a student?

Omar: No, he isn’t. He’s a bank manager.

Colin: Is your sister a student?

Omar: No, she isn’t. She is a secretary.

Colin: What do you want to be Omar?

Omar: I want to be an operator.

Ex: 4 pg 83 Listen & match the words to the picture.

b – a dentist

c – a housewife

d – a lawyer

e – a teacher

f – a bank manager

g – a secretary

h - an operator

i – a driver

j – a musician


Ainur: Is this your family?

Asel: Yes, it is.

Ainur: Is this your father?

Asel: Yes, it is.

Ainur: What does he do?

Asel: He is a lawyer.

Ainur: Oh, it is good. And what does your mother do?

Asel: She is a teacher.

Ainur: Is this your brother or uncle?

Asel: That’s my brother.

Ainur: Is he a miner?

Asel: No, he isn’t. My uncle is miner. My brother is a driver.

Ainur: Mmm. And what does your sister do?

Asel: She is a dentist.

Ainur: Good. And what do you want to be, Asel?

Asel: I want to be a lawyer.

ІV.3. Answer the questions

1. What does Omar’s father do?

a. He is a lawyer

b. He is a doctor

c. He is an operator

2. What does Asel’s mother do?

a. She is a driver

b. She is a secretary

c. She is a teacher

3. What does Omar’s mother do?

a. She is a teacher

b. She is a secretary

c. She is a housewife

4. What does Omar’s sister do?

a. She is a driver

b. She is a secretary

c. She is a musician

5. What does Asel’s brother do?

a. He is a driver

b. He is a doctor

c. He is an operator

6. What does Omar’s uncle do?

a. He is a bank manager

b. He is a doctor

c. He is an operator

7. What do you want to be?

a. I want to be a doctor.

b. I wants to doctor

c. I am to be a doctor

8. What does Omar want to be?

a. He wants to be an operator

b. He wants to be a driver

c. He wants to be a teacher

9. What does Asel’s uncle do?

a. He is a doctor

b. He is a miner

c. He is a dentist

10. What does Asel’s sister do?

a. She is a teacher

b. She is a doctor

c. She is a dentist

11. What does Asel want to be?

a. She wants to be a teacher

b. She wants to be a lawyer

c. She wants to be a secretary

12. What does Asel’s father do?

a. He is a lawyer

b. He is a doctor

c. He is an operator

guess rebus



V. Қорытынды

What did you take from this lesson?

VІ. Үйге тапсырма

Ex: 11 pg 84

Ex: 12 pg 84

VIІ. Бағалау

Today you worked very well. I’ll give you good marks. The lesson is over Good-bye!

Secondary school after Tole by


Theme: Land Pollution

Done by: alibek.u@mail.ru


Шорманова Гульмира Нурбайкызы

ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі

Land Pollution

11th grade

Сабақтың мақсаты: оқушылардың проблемалық сұрақтар жайлы өз беттерінше материалдар іздестіруі, оны жинақтау, жүйелеп әңгімелеуін дағдыландыру және шығармашылық икемділіктерін арттыру.

Дамытушылығы: сабаққа қызығуын, ынтасын, ізденушілігін, белсенділік қабілеттерін сонымен қатар сөздік қорын дамыту, қазіргі техникалардың дамуындағы жылдамдылықпен хабардар ету, қоршаған ортамен үнемі байланыста болу.

Тәрбиелілігі: оқушылардың бойына өз Отанына, оның әсем табиғатына деген

сүйіспеншілікті дамыта отырып , оның шексіз байлығын қастерлеп сақтау ұрпақ

тан- ұрпаққа таза, жақсы қалпында жеткізу міндеті тұрғанын жеткізу.

Сабақ түрі: Жаңа білім алу сабағы

Әдісі: сұрақ-жауап, жеке оқушымен, топпен

Пәнаралық байланыс: қазақ тілі, география, информатика

Көрнекілігі: суреттер, карточкалар, электронды оқулықтар

The procedure of the lesson

І. Organization moment

Good morning dear students!

I am glad to see you again

Sit down, please

Who is on duty? And who is away?

ІІ. Phonetic drill «Many wonderful things»(fill in the poem and read)

Many wonderful things to …, to …

.... to you, ….... to me!

The sun, the trees, the …..,the sky,

The yellow … that’s passing by

The … wind, the birds that sing

Bright autumn …, … flowers of spring.

The cold long ….. with snow so white

The running rivers, the … of night.

(Stars, hear,winter, see, belong , moon, blowing, woods, gay, grass)

How do you think what this poem is about?

III. At first I’ll check up your home task. Your home task was to learn the new words by heart.

a) Сақтау, табиғатты қорғау-

b) Тұратын орта, өскен орта-

c) Қауіпті-

d) Қауіпсіздік-

e) Мәселе жасау-

f) Алу, қолы жету-

g) Келісім беру-

h) Іске асыру, іске қосу-

i) Қолдан келу, қолынан келу-

j) Құтылу-

Nowadays we have


The pictures are given on the blackboard. And what can you say about these pictures?






IV. Today we’ll speak about Land pollution. I want to ask some questions:

  1. Do we protect the environment on land?

  2. Do we help the environment?

  3. Do we use take care of good forestry?

  4. Do we use hazardous (dangerous) chemicals safely?

V. Read the text and find the main problem

P1; P2; P3; P4; P5; P6

VI. Exercise 11. The text is given on your books.

Comprehension check T or F

Hazardous wastes can also pose major environmental problems for many developing countries do not have technical capabilities to cope properly with these wastes.


Britain does not help any developing countries to deal with hazardous waste.

VII. At first we’ll remember the first and second conditionals

    1. If + Pr. Simple+ will+ V

    2. If + Past Simple + would + V

And I’ll give the third conditional on the blackboard, we use this structure to talk about unreal situations

    1. If +Past Perf. + would have +V3

F. ex. If the weather had been nice yesterday, I would have gone to the beach.(But the weather was not nice)

VIII. Read the situation then make a sentence with if

  1. She was ill. She didn’t go to work.

2. If rained all morning. We didn’t go out.

3. She didn’t have enough money. She couldn’t buy the shoes.

4. I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t have breakfast.

5. He was tired. He made a mistake.

6. We didn’t have a map. We got lost.

IX. Conclusion: What should and should not we do to protect the environment. Write «For» and «Against» arguments




I want to finish our lesson with words of John Kennedy, he was 35th president of the USA. «Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country»

X.Giving homework and marks: Ex 24,25 to collect information about hazardous wastes, pesticides, tropical forest.

Plan of the lesson

Form: V Theme: I want to swim Aims: 1.Educational: To enrich pupils knowledge, to develop pupils abilities in speaking; to enrich their vocabulary. 2.Beveloping: To teach to express their ideas, to ask and answer questions, to speak on the learnt material; to develop pupils’ listening, speaking habits. The type of the lesson: Travelling lesson. The method of the lesson: individual work, group work, pair work and question- answer. The visual aids of the lesson: an interactive board, cards, pictures. Connection of subjects: Kazakh, geography. Literature: a text book by T.Ayapova

Procedure of the lesson I. Organization moment: Good morning, children. I’m very glad. Greeting; duty’s report: To meet you today on our open lesson. II. Phonetic drill. hello_html_m7f81fedb.png

III. Checking homework. Correspondence test. Pupils I’ll give test about past lesson and you write down in the correct for m. Then you are checking up each – other.

Тест тапсырмалары

1. What do you want to buy? a) There are 3 rooms b) There is a book c) I need to buy a pen

2.How many rooms in Carol’s house? a) There are 4 rooms b) There is 1 room c) There aren’t rooms

3. Are there any _____ in your room? a) table b) tables c) window

4. Is there a ______ in your room? a) desk b) desks c) deskses

5. Are there many desks in the shop? a) Yes, there are a lot of desks b) Yes, there is a lot of desks c) Yes, there is many desks

6. What the English for “жастық” a) pillow b) armchair c) alarm clock

7. How many chair s are there in the room? There are ___ chairs. a) 4 b) 5 c) 2

8. What’s the Kazakh for “enough” a) жеткілікті b) айна c) қағаз

9. Is there _____ water in the glass a) much b) many c) some

10. How ______ desks are the in the shop. a) many b) much c) little

IV. New them. Pupils our new theme for today is “I want to swim”. Open your books and copy – books write the today’s date and new theme. V. New words. Look at the interactive board and read the new words after me.


Open your vocabulary copy- books and write down the new words. VI. Presentation of grammar


Word building (сөз жасам) Ағылшын тілінің сөздік құрамы өзінің даму барысында басқа тілдегідей үздіксіз өзгерісте болады. Мұндай өзгерістердің даму заңдылықтары оларға түрлі жаңа сөздердің қосылуы арқылы жасалады. Бұлар екі жолмен дамиды.

Z әрпі

Pupils lets begin read the dialogue

Asel: Do you like your room? Dmitry: Yes, I do. Asel: What don’t you like in your room? Dmitry: I don’t like my bed. It’s old. Asel: Do you want to buy a new bed? Dmitry: Yes, I do. Asel: How much does it cost? Dmitry: I don’t know. Asel: Where do you want to place it? Dmitry: I want to place it near the window on the left. Asel: What colour do you want to buy? Dmitry: I want to buy a brown bed. Asel: It’s your favourite colour? Dmitry: Yes, it is. Asel: Thank you. Dmitry: Thank you.

VII. Doing exercise. Pupils today’s our lesson is unusual lesson We are travelling all the world. Here are 3 groups of experts and they can do a lot of tasks. Let’s begin our travelling. Your task is different. hello_html_32c971ca.gif task. “Training” (Бой сергіту). Ex 3. Make up sentences. Use the words from box. hello_html_m7a172208.gif task “ Brainstorming ” (Ой қозғау). I want … I want to go to Japan I want to see a big cities I want to go to Japan by plane. hello_html_5e45e8aa.gif task. “Words from the box” (Бас қатырғылар) hello_html_32c971ca.gif group. School - board

Bed - boy

Cup - room hello_html_m7a172208.gif group. Bath - washer

Dish - board

Black - room hello_html_5e45e8aa.gif group. Time - brush

Hair - table

VIII. “Puzzle time”

I have two hands With which I can clap This is the way Clap, clap, clap Clap, clap, clap This is the way I have two legs With which I can step This is the way Step, step, step Step, step, step This is the way

hello_html_6789bdae.giftask. “You – Me, I – You”. (Сен маған, мен саған)

Ex 9. hello_html_32c971ca.gifgroup.

  • Do you want to go to Greece?

  • Yes.

  • Do you want to go to Spain by plane?

  • No.


  • Do you want to go to Russia?

  • Yes.

  • Do you want to go to Russia by bus?

  • Yes.


  • Do you want to go to India?

  • Yes.

  • Do you want to go to India by train?

  • No.

Ex 10.


  • Do you want to go to ________?

  • Do you want to go to ________ by bus?


  • Do you want to go to ________?

  • Do you want to go to ________ by train?


  • Do you want to go to ________?

  • Do you want to go to ________ by plane?

IX.Consultation part.

hello_html_32c971ca.gifgroup. Pupils you must write what do you want to see … I want to see … hello_html_m7a172208.gif group. Each pupil must write 4-5 sentences on a pure of paper using the following structure, read and write them on the blackboard.

Collecting I want …

hello_html_5e45e8aa.gifgroup. Pupils you are describing picture. I’ll give you some cities pictures and you’ll write. What is the city and what do you want. Describing picture.

X. Homework.

XI. To put marks.

Тест тапсырмалары

1. What do you want to buy? a) There are 3 room b) There is a book c) I need to buy a pen

2.How many rooms in Carol’s house? a) There are 4 rooms b) There is 1 room c) There aren’t rooms

3. Are there any _____ in your room? a) table b) tables c) window

4. Is there a ______ in your room? a) desk b) desks c) deskses

5. Are there many desks in the shop? a) Yes, there are a lot of desks b) Yes, there is a lot of desks c) Yes, there is many desks

6. What the English for “жастық” a) pillow b) armchair c) alarm clock

7. How many chair s are there in the room? There are ___ chairs. a) 4 b) 5 c) 2

8. What’s the Kazakh for “enough” a) жеткілікті b) айна c) қағаз

9. Is there _____ water in the glass a) much b) many c) some

10. How ______ desks are the in the shop. a) many b) much c) little

I. Date

II. Form 11

III. Theme Revision lesson

IV. The Aim

To check up pupils’ knowledge of Conditionals I, II, III. To teach to understand oral speech, to give phrases about the founder of the military literature in Kazakhstan, a hero of the Soviet Union in the World War II.

To develop the pupils’ speech on the topic health and sport. Develop the pupils’ memory, will, attention. Their interest to the subject.

To bring up pupils on the examples of heroism.

V. The type: Revision lesson

VI. The methods: Question –answer, group work

VII. The equipments: interactive board, cards, slides

VII. The literature: textbook

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Org. moment.

Greeting, checking the absentees, preparation.

Introducing the pupils with the aims.

According to the decision of the UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) the 100th anniversary of Baurzhan Momyshuly is celebrated this year, the 65th anniversary of the Victory is celebrated this year too.

There are B. Momyshuly’s words and expressions that have become proverbs today.

A soldier who loves his country becomes a hero”.

If others write with ink, we write with our blood”.

If other writers write on paper, we write on the heart of soldiers”.

Name B.Momyshuly’s books

Name books about B. Momyshuly

  1. Questions

  2. Captain’s contest

  3. Level tasks

  4. Text

  5. Advantages and disadvantages of sport

  6. Rules. “If you want to be healthy”

Questions for first group

  1. How many parts does consist of UK?

  2. What is the language of America?

  3. How many regions are there in Kazakhstan?

  4. Your mother’s son is your …

  5. The colour of the sun

  6. Whose monument stands in the centre of Trafalgar Square

  7. The capital of Northern Ireland

  8. The most popular sport in America?

  9. When do we celebrate the Independence day?

  10. What do you say if you did something wrong

2 group.

1. They celebrate Halloween on the ..

2. What is the language of Canada?

3. What is the capital of Scotland?

4. What is the nickname of the British flag?

5. The novel Abai’s way is the work of..

6. How many stripes are there in American flag?

7. What is the longest river in England?

8. The room where we sleep?

9. The Scottish lake in which there is supposed to be a monster

10. In which month is Kazakh New Year?

II. Complete with one word

1. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland …

2. London, Edinburgh, Cardiff ..

3. West End, East End, City …

4. The Avon, The Severn, The Glide …






  1. Continue these sentences.

If I know English better…

If I were you …

If she hadn’t felt ill…

IV. Text. Health. Listen to the text carefully and fill in the gaps.


Good health is above wealth. If our body suffers any disorder our mind suffers from it too. We can’t be ______. The ancient Greeks knew the value of good health. They even named the one god Hughie which means the god of good health. Hughie was a daughter of Asclepiads the god of ________. The great preacher gave them good health. The Romans spoke of health in famous proverb “A healthy mind in a healthy _______”

In addition to physical health on understanding of mental health activity is also ________. Therefore if you want to feel _______ we should keep our body in a perfect order. There are such laws of keeping fit. They are so simple that even a little child can learn them. We should spend a lot of time in a _______ air, especially children should spent about 2 or 3 hours a day in a fresh air. Fresh air is very important for good health. Every day room should be _________ and aired if we want to keep fit.

We should take regular exercises and take a cool or _______ shower. Never smoke is a main _______.

It is also very important to ________ early and go to bed early. If you want to be ________ we should eat only healthy ______ and ________ vitamins.

What proverbs did you learn?

Who is the God of good health?

What should we do to be healthy?

Yes, you are right sport is also important to be healthy. Let’s speak about advantages and disadvantages of sport.



hello_html_3fa93ffb.gifAdvantages Disadvantages

Be famous it takes a lot of time

Be fit use different medicine

Let’s write “Golden rules to be healthy”

To do regular exercises

Use vitamins

Get up early, go to bed early

To be clean

To walk outdoors

To eat healthy food

Conclusion. I want to finish my lesson with this proverb “If you have health, you have hope, if you have hope you have everything”


The lesson is over. Good bye.

Karaul Gymnasium

2010 year

I. Form: 9

II. Theme: Movies.

III. The Aim:

Developing pupils’ knowledge of art and to teach the use of the Past Perfect and the Past Simple.

Developing pupils’ oral speech, memory, will and to teach to tell their points of view.

Brining up pupils to have their own tastes and to differentiate the good and bad sides of things.

IV. The type: traditional, mixed lesson.

V. The methods: question-answer, translation, individual, pair works

VI. The equipments: slides, cards, text.

VII. The literature: the textbook, the teacher’s book

Outline of the lesson:

  1. Org. moment.

Before beginning our lesson let’s do psychological test.


Circle- you are sociable, kind person. In all places you are welcome, because you always help your friends and avoid conflicts.

Square- you are strong and hardworking person. You can get, rich everything you want.

Triangle- you are leader. You like to reach difficult aims, therefore you use and do everything.

Rectangle- You are very quite. You don’t show your emotions. You always follow other’s rules, points of view.

Zigzag- you are very original person. You have unusual thinking and taste.

Thank you.

II. Revising the Past Simple, the Past Continuous and the Past Perfect tenses.


2. Test.

Read about these situations and find the right answer.

1. Two men delivered the bed. I had paid for it. Which came first?

  1. the deliver

  2. the payment.

2. The waiter brought our tea. We had already had our soup. Which was the first?

A. the tea

B. the soup

3. I had seen the film, so I read the book. Did I first…?

A. read the book.

B. see the film

4. The film had ended, so I turned the TV off. Did I turn the TV off

A. after

B. before the film ended

  1. The main stage.

hello_html_m2c75ad36.gifWhat is Art? What associations come to your mind?

Translate this proverb.

Ahello_html_3a4e5b84.gifhello_html_17a307a6.gifhello_html_5703ebc4.gifhello_html_m4e6bb0cc.gifhello_html_m264aa956.gifrt is long, life is short.

Today’s theme is Movie.

1. Answer these questions:







My Flat

5th grade

Ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Алтыбаева Ақтолқын Ғаділшеқызы.

Құзіреттілікке жеткізетін мақсат, міндеттер.


Оқушыларға пәтер, оның безендірілуі жайында кеңінен мағлұмат беру.


Оқушылардың ауызекі сөйлеу дағдыларын қалыптастыра отырып, ойлау қабілетін дамыту.

Проблеманы шешу немесе өзіндік менеджмент:

Оқушылардың пәнге деген қызығушылығын оятып,әдемілікке,қазіргі заман талабына сай өмір сүруге баулу, үйіне деген сүйіспеншілігін арттыру.

Сабақтың типі: пысықтау сабағы.

Сабақтың түрі: жарыс сабақ.

Сабақтың әдісі: сұрақ-жауап

Пәнаралық байланыс: қазақ тілі,орыс тілі, сурет.

Көрнекілігі: кеспе карточкалар, интерактивті тақта.

Procedure of the lesson.

  1. Organization moment.

The order from the agent office.

-Good afternoon, pupils.

- Good afternoon.

-I am from in Agent office. Are you pupils which giving in order?

-Yes, we are.

-All of you here? Who is absent?

Today I want to give you the key of the flat.

The key of the living room for the first team.

The key of the bedroom for the second team.

The key of the kitchen for the third team.

  1. Lexis. ’’Who is the best and quick?’’

hello_html_m200bc1c2.gifhello_html_m200bc1c2.gifa sofa

hello_html_521e8e7d.gifhello_html_36b57ef5.gifhello_html_m50862029.gifhello_html_56a1f987.gifhello_html_m1c00d3de.gifhello_html_1712e7.gifa fridge




hello_html_m56a0727d.gifa bed



Who is the best decorator?

Who is the first? Who wants to speak about room?

  1. Grammar.

There is”, ”There are”

Describe you room using this rule.

  1. Working in groups. ”What do you do in your room ? ”

In living room. In kitchen

  • I read books. – I have breakfast, lunch,

  • I read newspapers. dinner, supper.

  • I watch TV. – I cook dinner.

  • I listen to music. – I wash up dishes.

  • I relax to my family. – I listen to music.

  • I play chess. – I drink some lemonade.

In bedroom.

  • I read and sleep in.

  • I read books.

  • I listen to music.

  1. Poliglot.

  1. This is a house

With one window in it.

Showing films

Nearly every minute.

( теледидар-телевизор- a TV set)

2. In our kitchen

All the year around.

Lives old face frost

All sage and sound.

(тоңазытқыш-холодильник-a refrigerator)

3.Өз ...........-өлең төсегің


4.Төрт аяғы тірек

Қадайды жерге тіреп.

(орындық-стул-a chair)

5. Тұра қалсам алдына,

Жалтыраған ақ айдын.

Өзімді-өзім мен мына

Көре аламын ап-айқын.

(айна-зеркало- a mirror)

6.Мөлдір мұз арқылы, нұр төгіп

Күн тұрар

Кең бөлмем әр күні

Тазарып құлпырар.

(терезе-окно- a window)

  1. Work with pictures. “At home- rooms.”

1. Dinning room

2. Bedroom

3. Living room

4. Kitchen

5. Bathroom

6. Study

  1. In the room there is a table, a chest of drawers and beds. We sleep here. /2/

  2. In this room there is a table, chairs, armchairs, a sofa, a fireplace, a television and a carpet. /3/

  3. In this room there is a desk, chairs, shelves of books, a computer. You may do your homework there. /6/

  4. In this room you wash your hands and face, clear your teeth, take a bath or a shower. /5/

  5. There is a dishwasher, a fridger, plates, cups. We usually cook here. /4/

  1. Guess the crossword.

Each team must find 10 words about house.

  1. Review.

Do you like your room? Why?

What kind of rooms do you know?

  1. Conclusion.

Your marks…….


  1. Hometask.

To draw a house which your dream.

Write a story about your flat.


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