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Готовьтесь к международным экзаменам по английскому языку

57 вебинаров для учителей на разные темы
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  • .

Alan  out almost every day last year, but now he can't afford it.

    • used to eat

    • ate

    • was eating

    • had eaten

  • 2.

Dinosaurs were the largest animals ever to live on earth, and they  the Earth for a very long period of time.

    • ruled

    • were ruling

    • had ruled

    • had been ruling

  • 3.

It wasn't raining when I looked out of the window; the sun was shining. But it  earlier. That's why the ground was wet.

    • rained

    • was raining

    • had rained

    • had been raining

  • 4.

Sam says he didn't enjoy the program because the TV set  properly.

    • didn't work

    • hadn't worked

    • wasn't working

    • hadn't been working

  • 5.

Lucy  her seatbelt before the accident happened that's why she was badly hurt.

    • didn't wear

    • wasn't wearing

    • hadn't worn

    • hadn't been wearing

  • 6.

The trouble started when Mrs. Leslie Cady  control of her car on a narrow mountain road.

    • was losing

    • lost

    • had lost

    • had been losing

  • 7.

When Alice was small, she  of darkness and always slept with the light on.

    • used to be afraid

    • was afraid

    • had been afraid

    • afraided

  • 8.

In 1912 the Titanic  an iceberg on its first trip across the Atlantic, and it sank four hours later.

    • had hit

    • hit

    • was hitting

    • had been hitting

  • 9.

Greg didn't want to be late for the theatre. He drove as fast as he could. The play  as he walked in the door of the theatre.

    • was just beginning

    • had just began

    • just began

    • had been just beginning

  • 10.

While I  a burglar climbed into the room through the window.

    • had been sleeping

    • was sleeping

    • slept

    • had slept

  • 11.

She was not interested in the book because she  it.

    • hadn't understood

    • didn't understand

    • wasn't understanding

    • hadn't been understanding

  • 12.

Before I went to bed I decided to check the front door. I was sure my sister  it. And I was right!

    • didn't lock

    • hadn't locked

    • locked

    • had locked

  • 13.

Robert didn't answer the phone when Mary called. He  a shower and didn't hear the phone ring.

    • had been taking

    • was taking

    • had taken

    • took

  • 14.

Our neighbours called the police when they found out that somebody  into their house.

    • broke

    • was breaking

    • had broken

    • had been breaking

  • 15.

Suddenly they heard a strange noise and  at each other in horror.

    • looked

    • were looking

    • had looked

    • had been looking


57 вебинаров для учителей на разные темы
ПЕРЕЙТИ к бесплатному просмотру
(заказ свидетельства о просмотре - только до 11 декабря)

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