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Готовьтесь к международным экзаменам по английскому языку

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

  • 1.

I didn't see Linda last month because she  around Europe at that time.

    • travelled

    • was travelling

    • had travelled

    • had been travelling

  • 2.

While I  the dishes last night, I dropped a plate and broke it.

    • washed

    • was washing

    • had washed

    • had been washing

  • 3.

I looked everywhere for my car keys and then I remembered that my son  the car to work.

    • took

    • had taken

    • was taking

    • had been taking

  • 4.

While the kids  in the garden, their mother was hurriedly cooking dinner.

    • were playing

    • played

    • had been playing

    • had played

  • 5.

Scarcely  out of the window when I saw a flash of light.

    • had I looked

    • I was looking

    • had I been looking

    • was I looking

  • 6.

I handed Betsy today's newspaper, but she didn't want it. She  it during her lunch.

    • read

    • had been reading

    • had read

    • was reading

  • 7.

Mrs. Robson died in her sleep. Her doctor told me she  from a weak heart for some time.

    • was suffering

    • had been suffering

    • suffered

    • had suffered

  • 8.

A strong wind  and I decided to put on a warm coat.

    • blew

    • had blown

    • was blowing

    • had been blowing

  • 9.

Hardly  the place of our destination when it became quite dark.

    • had we reached

    • we reached

    • we were reaching

    • we had been reaching

  • 10.

Her face was stained with tears and her eyes were red. She  .

    • cried

    • was crying

    • had been crying

    • had cried

  • 11.

Before Adam got married, he  hiking to the mountains every summer. Now he goes to the seaside with his wife.

    • went

    • would go

    • had gone

    • had been going

  • 12.

Everybody was laughing merrily while Harris  them a funny story.

    • told

    • had told

    • was telling

    • had been telling

  • 13.

I had a cup of tea for breakfast because I  of coffee.

    • had run out

    • ran out

    • was running out

    • had been running out

  • 14.

The two boys came into the house. One had a black eye and the other a cut lip. They  .

    • had been fighting

    • had fought

    • fought

    • were fighting

  • 15.

Who  in this house before they pulled it down?

    • was living

    • had lived

    • lived

    • had been living

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