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Грамматическая игра "Wh-questions game"

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Teacher’s guide:


Subject: Question words + Past Simple (it can be used to practice questions with present simple or any other verb tense)

Material: up to 4 sets of question word slips; sentence list for the teacher; optional prize.

Estimated time: 10 min

Procedure: The students should be divided in groups of 4 or 5 people. Each group gets a set of Wh-question words (where, when, how, who, what). Place an easy-to-sit-on chair in front of the board.

The teacher reads an answer; the groups send someone to sit on the chair carrying the right question word. The student who sits there first has a chance to produce the whole question and score 5 points. If the question is wrong, another group can give it a shot, but this time it is worth 10 points.

In case you have a tie or you want to spice it up, you can use the bonus/challenge round (especially with stronger groups). It's worth 20 points each correct question, 40 if the first groups gets it wrong.

Sentence list:

(use complete or short sentences at your discretion)

  • I went to Angra dos Reis. Where did you go?

  • I travelled on 6th September. When did you travel?

  • I got there by coach. How did you get there?

  • I went there with my classmates on a school trip. Who did you go with?

  • I went cycling and played a lot. What did you do there?

  • I stayed home. Where did you go? or What did you do?

  • T

    Bonus round:

    • I went to the shopping centre. Where did you go?

    • I went shopping.

    What did you do?

    o the movies. Where did you go?
  • With my girlfriend. Who did you go with?

  • On foot. How did you get there?

  • I saw "Batman begins" What did you see?

  • To my beach house. Where did you go?

  • I went there last weekend. When did you go there?

  • I got there by car. How did you get there?

  • I went surfing. What did you do?

  • With my family. Who did you go with?


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