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Грамматические задания для учащихся 4 класса

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Выбери нужный глагол.

1) He’ll draw / draws a funny picture for his mother tomorrow.

2) I’ll have / have breakfast at 8 am every day.

3) We’ll help / help you in an hour.

4) It’ll be / is snowy and cold next winter.

5) They’ll play / play computer games next week.

Переведи на английский язык.

  • под столом

  • за креслом

  • на полу

  • в левом углу

  • в правом углу

  • в середине комнаты

  • над столом

  • между кроватями

Заполни пропуски.

Составь предложения из слов.

1) play, puzzles, didnt, Becky, yesterday.

2) my, tomorrow, I, ride, will, bike.

3) got, grandma, My, two, letters, yesterday.

4) were, the, country, summer, in, They, last.

Заполни таблицу по образцу.

Express the same in English.(на сравнение Pr.S. и Pr.Cont.)

1) Нелли-медсестра. Она работает в больнице.

2) Твой брат сейчас работает в саду? – Да. Он поливает цветы.

3) Секретарь господина Грина посылает письма в Лондон каждую неделю.

4)они не часто смотрят телевизор.

5)Что он читает? – Он читает газету. Он всегда читает её утром.

6)Мери чистит ковёр. Она всегда это делает по понедельникам.

Express the same in English.( use phrasal verb TO PICK)

1.Старшие дети часто придираются к младшим.

2. Родители выбрали имя своему новорожденному.

3. Автобус остановился, чтобы забрать двух пассажиров.

4.Дженни всегда придирается ко мне.

Переведите на английский язык:

1) -Я еду во Францию по делам.

-Желаю вам всяческих успехов. Позвоните мне, когда вернетесь.

2) -Я пришел по вашему объявлению. Я хочу снять квартиру с двумя спальнями.

-У нас есть несколько квартир с двумя спальнями.

-Они со всеми удобствами?

-Да, конечно. Квартиры вполне комфортабельные.

-Когда я могу их посмотреть?


3) -Когда отправляется поезд?

-В 10. 30.

-Мы должны ехать на вокзал.

Образуйте вопросительную форму от предложений.

1. I’ve never been to Switzerland.

2. I’m going to the cinema.

3. I like swim very much.

4. My brother can speak six languages.

Переведите текст.


Everybody knows Harrods, and most people agree it's the best shop ill London. Even the Queen and Queen Mother do their shopping there, so it must be It's the largest and most famous store in England. You can get everything from large tropical snakes to antique pianos.

People like shopping in Harrods, and they spend a lot of money. The most money ever spent by a single customer was two million two hundred thousand pounds, and he paid in cash! It was the shop's biggest cash sale.

Переведите предложения:

1. The cost of education depends on the college and specialty.

2. The tutor plans the student's work.

3. Cambridge is one of the two main universities of England.

4. The new transistor is more powerful than the old one.

5. The more we study nature the more we know about it.

Перепишите предложения. Поставьте глагол в прошедшем времени. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. I (to see) your mother yesterday. She’s looking fine.

2. My boos (to fly) to New York again last week.

3. It (to be) very late when I (to come) home last night.

4. We (to buy) a new fridge two months age.

Составьте предложения.

My elder brother

My friends

My little sister

That boy

The girl



fond of








Составьте предложения.







has got

have got

dinner at 13 o’clock

a cat

a big family

only good marks

a car

Составьте предложения.









a worker

a student

a pupil

a cat (dog)



Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.
1.This is ... book. It is my ... book. 2. Is this your ... pencil? — No, it isn't my ... pencil, it is ray sister's ... pencil. 3. I have ... sister. My ... sister is ... engineer. My sister's ... husband is ... doctor. 4. I have no ... handbag. 5. Is this ... watch? — No, it isn't ... watch, it's ... pen. 6. This ... pen is good, and that ... pen is bad. 7. I can see ... pencil on your ... table, but I can see no ... paper. 8. Give me ... chair, please. 9. They have ... dog and two ... cats. 10. I have ... spoon in my ... plate, but I have no ... soup in it.

Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.
1. I am ... engineer. 2. My ... son is ... pupil. 3. He is ... good ... pupil. 4. This is ... house. 5. This is my ... pencil. 6. You have some ... pen­cils, but I have no ... pencil. Give me ... pencil, please. 7. I like your ... beautiful ... flower. Give me ... flower, please. 8. My ... mother is at ... home. She is reading ... interesting ... book. 9. My ... father is not at ... home. He is at ... work. He is ... doctor. He is ... good ... doctor. He works at ... hospital. ... hospital is large.

Переведите на русский.
1. The firm stated that a license was required for the export of these goods. 2. Russia has the world’s largest deposits of oil. 3. We have received some important information on the state of the wool market. 4. Mathematics forms the basis of many other sciences. 5. Coal is extracted in many districts of our country. 6. A new glass works has been built near the village. 7. He is the father of my sister’s husband. 8. A woman of her intelligence would make a good Supreme Court justice. 9. His clothes were wet as he had been caught in the rain. 10 The “Neva’s” cargo consisted of wheat and barley. 11. In this article you will find the figures of Italian exports and imports for the last three months. 12. Scientists have been collecting data on air pollution levels.

Выберите правильный вариант.
1. I … waiting for Pete.
a) am b ) have c) do d) will
2. He … finished his work by 7 o’clock.
a) is b) will c) should d) had
3. He … learn French.
a) hasn’t b) wouldn’t c) doesn’t isn’t
4. They … go there with pleasure.
a) have b) are c) will do
5. Mary and John … at home last Monday.
a) have b) do c) were will
6. He will … read the story by 10 o’clock.
a) does b) was c) have should
7. … open the window.
a) haven’t b) don’t c) won’t isn’t
8. The train … arrive at 7.20.
a) has b) is c) will should
9. … you ever been to the Caucasus?
a) are b) should c) have do
10. The train … have left by the time they get to the station.
a) is b) does c) will has

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