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Грамматический тест для 6 класса

  • Иностранные языки

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Final test


1.Use the words in brackets in the Present Simple or Past Simple.

  1. I( to know) that he ( to be) your friend.

  2. He (to want) to something himself.

  3. He (to say) that you (to know) him, and that he only (to ask) for a short conversation

  4. Now he (can) tell you what you (must).

  5. She (to believe) she (can) do it.

  6. His family (to live) in Moscow five years ago.

  7. Last summer they (to swim) in the river,(to play) volley-ball, (to go) for a walks.

  8. We (to have) dinner at 6 o’clock yesterday.

  9. Last winter (to be) rather cold.

  10. She (to work) five days a week two years ago.

  11. When he (to be) a child he(can) read and write.

  12. She often (to phone) me in the evening.

  13. She often (to read )to my students and she usually (to laugh) over funny stories together with them

Final test


1.Use the words in brackets in the Present Simple or Past Simple

  1. Yesterday it (to be) very cold.

  2. They (to have) a big house in the country last year.

  3. She (to have) a terrible headache last night.

  4. Five minutes later the car (to stop).

  5. Last year we (to visit) our friends in New York.

  6. When I (to be) a child my family (to live) in Moscow.

  7. On Sunday evening we (to go) to the disco.

  8. She (to dance) very well.

  9. The teacher (to advise) us to do this exercise.

  10. They (to be) good students.

  11. He (to be) John Brown and he ( to live) in the North on the country.

  12. After hard work he (to like) to read science fiction.

  13. On evenings he (to go ) to the town library and (to read) articles in the latest journals.

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