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Грамматический тест по английскому языку для учащихся старшей ступени обучения

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Choose the right variant.

1. “Where is Jack?” “I talked to him half _____minute ago. He is in the garden”.

а) the b) - c) some d) a

2. I _______half the work up to now.

a) completed b) have completed c) have been completing d) complete

3. Your perfume _________nice! What is it?

a) smells b) smelling c) is smelling d) smell

4. By the time the rain stopped, we ______two pots of coffee.

a) have drunk b) had drunk c) had been drinking d) had drank

5. We must run to the cinema. The film _________in five minutes.

a) starts b) is starting c) start d) will start

6. This is the first time I ________Jack ashamed.

a) saw b) see c) have seen d) had seen

7. Those clothes _________great on you!

a) looks b) look c) are looking d) match

8. They ___________friends for 10 years.

a) are b) have been c) are being d) have

9. __________love is cruel!

a) the b) - c) a d) some

10. Local police ______________the bank robber.

a) has arrested b) have arrested c) have been arrrested

11. I _______three lectures today and I still have two more later this afternoon.

a) have had b) have c) had d) had had

12. Merry ________her son’s forehead.

a) feels b) has been feeling c) is feeling d) feel

13. Hardly ______the door when the phone rang.

a) had we closed b) closed we c) were we closing d) we closed

14. Can I borrow a tie? ______colour will be OK.

a) some b) no c) many d) any

15. I can’t wait! We _________the pizza two hours ago!

a) have ordered b) ordered c) had ordered d) were ordering

16. The dog ________its bowl with dog’s food.

a) is smelling b) smells c) has smelled d) smell

17. She ________a car, while he______the guitar.

a) was driving/played b) drove/played c) was driving/was playing d) drove/had played

18. Your eyes are red - __________?

a) did you cry b) have you cried c) have you been crying d) you have been crying

19. __________Princess Diana passed away at ________very early age.

a) -/a b) the/a c) the/the d) -/-

20. She_________ in her bed when she ___________a sudden noise.

a) was lying/was hearing b) was lying/heard c) lay/was hearing

21. _________it difficult to concentrate on your work with this music on?

a) Are you finding b) Do you find c) Have you found d) Have you been found

22. He is tired. He_________properly for days.

a) didn’t sleep b) doesn’t sleep c) hasn’t slept d) haven’t slept

23. I didn’t get a cheeseburger, so I tasted _________.

a) hers b) her c) my d) mine

24. Where have you been? I _______from you for ages!

a) haven’t heard b) didn’t hear c) don’t hear d) heard

25. The computer quickly stores information on _________huge memory.

a) yours b) it c) its d) it’s

26. I am from _________Ukraine.

a) the b) - c) an d) a

27. My cousin _________his holidays with us next summer.

a) spends b) spend c) is spending d) has spent

28. I don’t think there is _________bread left.

a) some b) no c) nothing d) any

29. I have __________received a letter from my pen-friend.

a) just b) still c) yet d) never

30. It was a beautiful morning. The sun _________and it was very warm.

a) shines b) shone c) was shining d) is shining

31. I _____________to getting up early.

a) am used b) used c) use

32. This is ________shop I told you about.

a) the b) a c) - d) an

33. George _________to work hard but he does now.

a) didn’t b) used c) didn’t use d) was using

34. Julie __________ to San Francisco three times.

a) has gone b) was going c) has been d) went

35. Andrew has been painting _________2003.

a) since b) for c) from d) in

36. How ________honey do you need?

a) many b) much c) any d) lots of

37. Daniel works long hours, ________?

a) isn’t he b) doesn’t he c) isn’t it d) doesn’t it

38. This is ________big shoe selling center. _______center is very popular with people.

a) a/The b) the/a c) a/a

39. He cleaned the carpets after he __________finished his lunch.

a) had b) have c) has

40. The stairs ________quite steep, so be careful how you go down.

a) are b) is c) be d) were

41. We ____________to the tennis club since we moved here.

a) have belonged b) are belonging c) belong d) belonged

42. You _______about my handwriting! Stop it!

a) are always complaining b) always complain c) have been always complaining

Write the forms of the irregular verbs.

43. бить

44. будить, просыпаться

45. висеть, вешать

46. лежать

47. класть

48. искать

49. подниматься

50. распространять(ся)

51. ступать

52. заводить (часы), виться

53. Write a/an or the if necessary.

My sister Claire lives in 1)____ small stone house in 2)____village in 3) _________ Scotland. 4)______ house is quite old, and it has 5)______beautiful view of 6)_____sea. Claire is7)____ writer, so she is able to work at 8)_____home. Her husband Ian teaches 9)_____philosophy at 10)_________Edinburgh University, which is 11) oldest university in Scotland. Ian comes from 12)________USA, and they usually go there once l3)_____year to visit his family. Claire and Ian have 14)____ daughter, Jessica, who is not yet old enough to go to 15)_____school.

Complete the sentences with a preposition or adverb.

54. The man walked _______________the hotel and asked the receptionist for a room.

55. We were waiting ______________the bus stop.

56. Let's meet ______________9 o'clock.

57. I'll wait _____________you're ready.

58. Have you given_____________ smoking?

59. Everyone laughs ______________him because he's so stupid.

60. Can you look ____________the children for me while I go to the shops?

61. always feel nervous when the plane takes______________.

62. I'm really tired. Do you think I could sit _______________?

63. If you don't go to bed now, then you won't be able to get _________________in the morning.

Write the correct partitive for each object.

64. a_________ of bread

65. a ________ of cake

66. a ________ of chocolate

67. a__________of milk

68. a__________of lightning

69. a __________of soup.

70. a __________of yoghurt.


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