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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиТестыГрамматический тест по английскому языку уровня Beginner to Elementary

Грамматический тест по английскому языку уровня Beginner to Elementary


Name ………………………………… Class …………………………………

Placement 01A Beginner to Elementary

Choose the best option and underline A, B, C or D as in the example 0.

0 A horse has got __________ legs.

A for B fore C fort D four

1 Hi. What’s __________?

A you name B your name C the name D name

2 Mr Green is __________ English teacher.

A our B us C we D you

3 How __________ you today? – I’m fine, thanks.

A are B is C be D am

4 We are __________ the classroom.

A on B in C at D with

5 __________ are fifteen students in my class.

A These B Them C There D Their

6 Look at __________ aeroplane in the sky! It’s very big!

A these B this C it D that

7 __________ the time? –It’s five o’ clock.

A What’s B Where’s C When’s D How’s

8 Franco comes __________ Costa Rica.

A for B in C at D from

9 Where do you __________ from? –Barcelona in Spain.

A come B comes C be D go

10 Franco __________ like eating English breakfast

A don’t B doesn’t C aren’t D isn’t

11 How __________ is that CD player? – It’s £19.50.

A cost B price C many D much

12 Yolanda comes to school __________ train.

A on B with C in D by

13 __________ you walk to school or take a bus?

A Are B Is C Does D Do

14 Elephants ____________ drink a lot of water every day.

A must B need C was D has

15 Franco __________ 7 years old in 1999.

A are B am C were D was

16 Where __________ Carla and Yuri on Saturday afternoon?

A was B is C were D we’re

17 How old __________ you in 2002?

A are B have C were D had

18 Yuri __________ breakfast at half past eight yesterday morning.

A has B have C were D had

19 Did you see the news on TV ____________ ten o’clock?

A at B on C in D from

20 Franco __________ to the cinema after the lesson.

A did go B went C wanted D gone

21 Where did you see Titanic? –I __________ it at Cineworld.

A saw B see C seen D look

22 __________ you bring your dictionary yesterday?

A Did B Are C Was D Has

23 I ____________ my shoes because they were dirty.

A took B took off C took out D took from

24 Today is ____________ than yesterday

A much cold B more cold C colder D cold

25 We don’t ____________ stay at school after the lesson today.

A must B have to C ought to D should

26 Which book are you ____________ in the summer?

A read B going to read C will read D have read

27 We ____________ go to school yesterday because it was Sunday.

A don’t B wasn’t C didn’t D weren’t

28 This book is ____________ than that one.

A difficulty B much difficult C more difficult D difficult

29 What ____________ you going to do tomorrow evening?

A did B was C are D can

30 ____________ Russian? –No, I can’t.

A Can you speak B You can speak C Speak D Speak you

31 Do you come from Mexico? – No, I ____________. I come from Costa Rica.

A ’m not B don’t C didn’t D doesn’t

32 She ____________ television every evening.

A watch B watches C to watch D sees

33 He goes skiing ____________ winter.

A very B ever C every D always

34 What time do you ____________ up on school days?

A used B usual C use D usually

35 The Pyramid of the Sun is ____________ Mexico.

A from B on C in D at

36 Are there ____________ big sports stadiums near your home?

A any B some C the D a

37 I ____________ visit my grandma on Sunday afternoons.

A some time B sometimes C some D sometime

38 ____________ the most famous singer from your country?

A Who’s B Whose C How’s D What’s

39 How ____________ do you watch a film in English? – Every month.

A often B much C many D every

40 Are you ____________ at swimming?

A in B for C on D at

41 Stella’s father is a ____________ . He built my house.

A build B building C builder D built

42 Is this Stella’s hat? – No, it isn’t Stella’s, it’s ____________ .

A me B I C my D mine

43 ____________ Language Powerbook is this? Is it yours?

A Who’s B Whose C How’s D Who

44 We ____________ the history of Napoleon last year.

A study B studying C studies D studied

45 ____________ about calculus in your Maths class?

A Had you learn B did you learnt C Was you learn D Did you learn

46 I ____________ this coat at a shop in London last summer.

A bought B brought C buy D bring

47 The hunter didn’t ____________ the tiger with his gun.

A shot B shooting C shoot D shoots

48 How ____________ CDs do you buy each year? --About 25, I think.

A many B much C any D some

49 How ____________ sugar do you put in your coffee?

A many B much C any D some

50 Can you get me a ____________ of mineral water please?

A bag B packet C box D bottle

51 How much homework ____________ every weekend?

A do you have to do B are you have to do

C do you must to do D are you must to do

52 Do you eat ____________ fruit?

A many B much C a lot of D a few

53 ____________ stand and touch your toes?

A Can you B Have you C Are you D Able you

54 We can go to school and use the library on Saturday afternoons if you like. But we ____________

A mustn’t. B don’t have to. C can’t. D don’t used to.

55 Can you speak ____________? I can’t understand you.

A slow B more slowly C more slow D slowest

56 What are you doing ____________?

A every day B at the moment C often D usually

57 What is Stella ____________ today?

A wear B wearing C to wear D wore

58 The car is driving ____________ the tunnel under the Thames.

A across B through C over D between

59 John is visiting his girlfriend. He always ____________ her on Friday evenings.

A visiting B visits C visited D to visit

60 Her mobile phone is ____________ than mine.

A much expensive B more expensive C many expensive D a lot expensive

61 My Mum says my brother’s room is ____________ than mine.

A tidy B tidier C tidiest D tidily

62 Sao Paolo is ____________ biggest city in South America.

A a B an C the D than

63 Don’t buy that CD. It’s not very good. You ____________ enjoy it.

A will B can C won’t D must

64 ____________ you ever visited an English-speaking country?

A Was B Did C Have D Are

65 ____________ you going to be at home this evening?

A Was B Did C Have D Are

66 Mrs Thomas isn’t going ____________ the health club.

A join B to join C joining D joined

67 David borrowed some money ____________ a car.

A to buy B buying C buy D going to buy

68 ____________ never seen a tornado.

A I’ve B I’m C I haven’t D I was

69 Leo ____________ his girlfriend. She’s taking her driving test.

A have just phone B has just phoned C did just phoned D is just phone

70 Simon has lost ____________ mobile phone.

A he B its C his D their

71 She’s bought some sandwiches ____________ her lunch.

A from B for C to D in

72 Is Moscow usually warm ____________ summer?

A at B for C to D in

73 (telephone) Hello. ____________ I speak to Carol Turnbull, please?

A Can B Have C Must D Am

74 ____________ those your new trousers?

A Is B Am C Be D Are

75 Cities are much ____________ than they were in the past.

A noise B noisy C noisier D noisiest

76 I can’t ____________ without my glasses.

A hear B see C watch D look

77 Did you come here ____________ car?

A with your B on your C by your D by

78 You can have either orange juice ____________ tomato juice.

A or B neither C nor D both

79 What’s the time? – It’s half ____________ six.

A before B to C after D past

80 The weather’s beautiful today. ____________ sunny and warm.

A There is B It has C It’s D Its

[Total 80 marks]

PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2006 Pearson Longman ELT


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