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I couldn't move my arm

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  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

The form: (Cыныбы).

6- а,

Date: (Мерзімі).


Subject: (Пәні).


The theme: (Сабақтың тақырыбы).

I couldn’t move my arm.

The aim of the teaching:

( Оқытудың негізгі мақсаты).

To improve the students’ critically thinking ability through using the future with will and going to, form of other verbs on making up sentences, to teach name of sport clothes, talking about future and make offers.

Using of seven topics and methods:

(Модульдердің енгізілуімен әдіс-тәсілдер).

1. Learning to think critically.

2. Using ICT in teaching and learning.

3.Assessment for and of learning.

The aids: ( Pесурстар).

Interactive board, CD disc, computer, grammar table.

The results of the learning.:

( Оқу нәтижелері).

1.The students will think critically .

2 students can describe things that are generally true and actions in progress at the moment

The teacher’s action:

(Мұғалім әрекеті).

The student ’s action:

(Оқушы әрекеті)

Marking Бағалау.

І. Organization moment: (Ұйымдастыру кезеңі).

1.Greeting. Explaining the aim and tasks of the lesson.

2.The teacher will ask about the absence of the students.

1.Greeting with the teacher.

2.The students in duty will report the condition of the class.

Formative, Summative

II.Білу: Remember

Еске сақтау. The revision of the former lesson.

Teacher asks and corrects their mistakes

WB ex 2 p 32

1. The students will check up home tasks and change their note book with each other and find their mistakes and will mark them selves.




III. understanding


EX.1 Match the photos with the stories. You’ve got two minutes!

I was skateboarding in the park when I fell. Everything went black. When I woke up,

I didn’t know where I was.

I couldn’t move my arm.

hello_html_44041d7d.png hello_html_1d931b4f.png hello_html_m490b3f2b.jpg

IV. Applying



EX .b Finish each story.

A It was broken and I was in hospital,

b Our house was on fire,

c It was the first day of our exams.


V. Analyzing

( талдау )

I / You




We/ They

Complete the sentences with could or couldn’t.

  1. Ben was in hospital. He couldn’t move his arm.

  2. After the fire, Mel go back to her house, so she

went to a friend’s house.

  1. When Ben woke up, he hear a voice. It was the


  1. Jack’s exams weren’t too bad. He answer nearly all

the questions.

After his accident Ben … go skateboarding for a long time.

  1. Jack got up early because he . sleep.

VI. Evaluating (жинақтау )

When Ben broke his arm, life wasn’t easy. Think of things he couldn’t do and things he could do. Make a list and then share your ideas.


VII. Creating (бағалау )

Teacher ask the leader of the 3 group say and show students' marks.

Students take their marks.

VIII. homework

Wb Ex 4 p 33

Teacher explains the task.

Alec had a bad dream last night. Complete his description. Use there was, there were, it was and they were.

Checked up: (Тексерілді) -----------------

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