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"Which country would you like to visit?"

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Yesbol Omirbayev secondary school

Which country would you like to visit?”

Held in the 6 forms

Organized by English teacher

Besbayeva B.

2016 year

Which country would you like to visit?

The aim of the lesson: To enrich pupils’ knowledge on the theme. To develop their abilities in speaking, reading, listening, writing and understanding. To consolidate lexical stock, to encourage pupils to produce the dialogue and express their opinions. To educate the feelings of international friendship love our motherland.

The type of the lesson: presentation

The method of the lesson: group work, question-answer, individual work.

Visual aids: tablets, cards, the interactive board, crossword.

Inter-subject connection: History, Kazakh language.

Procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment:

  1. Greeting

  2. Report of the duties

  1. Checking the home task

Work with cards

  1. Presentation

Division pupils into two groups.

T. gives pieces of photo and pupils find the half of the photo, then say what photo it is and show it to the class.

I group-Kazakhstan

II group-The USA

Today we are having an unusual lesson. First I want you to watch a video on the interactive board and then answer this question. What is this video about?

You are right. It is about countries.

  1. New words:

Stripe- жолақ




Sun rays-күн сәулесі




  1. Work with book

Ex 1 p.126 Read and translate the text about the flag of Kazakhstan and the USA.

  1. Game

I’ll give you this crossword among letters and you should find the names of some countries and match with flags.

1. 2.










  1. Presentation of the grammar

The Present Perfect Tense осы мезгілге дейін кез келген уақытта болған іс-әрекетті сипаттау үшін қолданылады. Ол үшін ever, never үстеулері пайдаланылады.

The Present Perfect Tense is formed using the following structure:

Affirmative: Subject + Have / Has + Past Participle

Negative: Subject + Haven't / Hasn't + Past Participle

Question: Have / Has + Subject + Past Participle

  1. Practice

Ex2 p. 126

Ex3 p.126

  1. Reflection

Up, down, up, down,
Which is the way
to London town?
Where? Where?
Up in the air,
Close your eyes
And you are there!

Teacher:  Well, our lesson is almost over. Thank you for being active at the lesson. It was very interesting to listen to your points of view. Your marks for the lesson are the following. Now, please write down your home task. (Ex.6, 7 p127, 128) Have you got any question?

The lesson is over. Good-bye. Thank you for the lesson.

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