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"If I were a millionaire" 9 grade

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Form : 9

The theme: If I were a millionaire

The aims: 
• To enlarge pupil’s vocabulary, to pay attention to their pronunciation
• To develop pupil’s skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking speech
• To develop to interest to English language

The type of the lesson: mixed
Methods: question - answer
Visual aids: cards, pictures, phonetic drill and interactive – board

The procedure of the lesson
I. organization moment
II. phonetic drill
III. checking up homework
IV. new materials
V. giving the homework
VI. conclusion

I. Good morning children! How are you?
Who is on duty today? Who is absent?
What date is it today? what day is it today?
What was your homework for today?

II. Now, I have a phonetic drill. At first I ‘ll read this poem then you’ll repeat after me! Do you understand me?
My cat is black,
My cat is fat.
I like my cat,
It is my pet!

III. let’s check up your homework. What was your homework for today? Who is ready?

Ex10 p 65 Match the statements with a response about you

Ex13p 66

Write five numbers that are important for you and say why

IV. our lesson is If I were a millionaire. Also we have a grammar rule.

Conditionals express
1. reality 2. unreality 3. regret
Іске асатын іс әрекет Іске аспаған іс әрекет өкініш

І. Conditional reality
If + present tenses will + V
If I study hard I will know English well.

Егер мен жақсы оқысам, ағылшын тілін жақсы білетін боламын.
II. Conditional unreality
If + past tenses would + V
If knew English well I would travel around the world.
Егер мен ағылшын тілін жақсы білсем, дүниеи жүзілік саяхат жасаған болатын едім

III. Conditional regret
If + past perfect would + have + V
I couldn’t get a well – paid job. If I had known English well I well I would have got that job.
Мені жақсы төленетін жұмысқа алмады. Егер мен ағылшын тілін жақсы білгенде, ол жұмысқа алатын еді.

Ex 2 p 115 match the two halves of these sentences
They’ll come and visit us we’ll stay at home
If the weather is nice, if I am not busy.
I’ll go to the cinema we’ll go out for a walk
If it rains if we invite them.

Ex 3 p 116
Jennifer is going to have a holiday next week. What will she do? Make sentences
Example: if she goes abroad, she’ll
spend a lot of money
if she stays at home, she’ll be

Ex 5 p 117 Read about Bolat how he describes his life and dream.
I live in a small flat with my parents a sister. My father is a teacher. He doesn’t earn much. My mother is a housewife. She can’t find a job. I have a granny who looks after us. My sister and I go to ordinary school. We usually get there by bus. At school we wear uniform. At home we have a small cat “Blacky”. My life is boring.

His dream
If my father were a millionaire we would live in a house. My father would earn much money. My mother would have an interesting job. My sister and I wouldn’t go to an ordinary school. We would go to a private school, where we wouldn’t wear a uniform. We would wear fashionable clothes. My granny would travel all over the world. We would have “gold fish” at home. My life would be interesting.

Ex 7 p 118 look at the picture on page 117. What are Bolat’s other dreams?
Ex 8 p 118 talk to your partner
How would your life change if your father became a millionaire?

If my father became a millionaire we …
Ex 8 p 118 talk to your partner
How would your life change if your father became a millionaire?

If my father became a millionaire we …
Ex 9 p 118 Talk to your partner.
If you had a chance to study you go?
a. Which country would you go?
b. What subjects would you study?
c. What things would you have to do before you leave?
d. What things would you need to take with you?
e. What kind of things would you have to buy?

Ex 10 p 119 put the verbs in brackets in the correct form, past Simple or would
a. If I ________ have much time, I ______ waste it.
b. If I ________ be rich, I _______ travel around the world.
c. If I ________ be a famous sportsman,
I _______ see a lot of interesting places.
d. If I ________ have enough money,
I _________ buy a computer.

Your homework
Ex 6 p 68 Ask and answer the questions

Ex 12 p 70 Talk to your partner
The lesson is over!
Thank you for your attentions!
Good bye!

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