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Игры на уроках английского языка

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Games and activities for children


Start by suggesting an evocative word: storm f.e. A student says what the word suggests to him or her. It might be “dark”. The next student suggests an association with the word “dark” and so round and round.

Blackboard bingo

Write on the board 10 to 15 words which you’d like to review. Tell the students to choose any 5 of them and write them down. Read out the words, one by one and in any order. If the students have written down one of the words, you call out they cross it off. When they crossed off all their 5 words, they tell you by shouting BINGO.

Changing sentences

Choose a simple sentence pattern which can be based on a grammatical structure you’ve recently learnt. F.e. if you have been studying indirect objects take a sentence like “She wrote a letter to her sister”. Then the students invent variations either by changing one element at a time “She wrote a letter to her husband”.

Comparing things

Present the class with 2 different nouns such as: an elephant and a pencil; the Prime minister and a flower. Students suggest ways of comparing them. Usually it is best to define in what way you want them to compare f.e. by using comparatives “A pencil is thinner than an elephant”.

Correcting mistakes

Write up a few sentences on the board that have deliberate mistakes in them. If you wish tell the students in advance how many mistakes there are in each sentence. Here are some sample sentences “Yesterday I’m very ill” “The flowers was in the garden”.

Feel the object

Collect various objects from students and from around the room. You can do this by asking the students to bring them to you. Put the objects in the bag. Hold the bag and ask students to feel the objects and to try to indentify them.

Five minute writing storm

Tell the students that they have exactly 5 minutes to write about smth. Set a subject which you feel will focus the students’ minds.

Tell them you will not mark any mistakes of language but will only be concerned with the ideas or experiences they describe. For the next lesson prepare general comments and select texts written by the students to read out.

If I had a million dollars

Tell the students to imagine that a million dollars is to be won by the person who can think of the most original thing to do with the money. Listen to their ideas and decide who has won.

If you weren’t here where would you like to be?”

If you weren’t yourself who would you like to be?”

If you weren’t living now when you have liked to live?”

Imaginative descriptions

Tell the students to imagine that the room is absolutely empty: no furniture, no no people, nothing. They have to create their ideas how to refurnish it.

Important people

Which person has been an important influence in their lives and why?

Match the adjectives

Write 3 adj on the board: important, dangerous, heavy. Ask the students to suggest things which could be described by all 3 adj: car, student, an army…

Numbers and letters in my life

Each student thinks of a number and letters which are important in his life- a date, a telephone number, an age, name, city or whatever. A volunteer writes his numbers and letters on the board and the others try to guess what it is and why it is important.

Краткое описание документа:

В данном документе представлено двенадцать игр, которыми учитель может воспользовать в качестве разминки в начале урока либо в середине в качестве паузы. Они могут пригодиться для отработки введенного ранее материала, закрепления слов, грамматических конструкций.Игры подходят  для начального, среднего и старшего звена.

Для  проведения игр не требуется специальной подготовки, что очень удобно, так как позволяет использовать их в любой момент, когда возникает необходимость отдохнуть или сделать паузу. 

Учащиеся всегда с удовольствием принимают участие в играх, что опять-таки позволяет повысить их мотивацию к изучению языка.

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