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I'll be adoctor Lesson

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The plan of the lesson

Subject: English

Form: 6

The theme of the lesson: “I’ ll be a doctor”

Aims of the lesson: Bringing up aims: to develop communicative skills and abilities through different communicative activities.

Training aims: to encourage use of language in group and pair work. To check the students abilities in using the words covered in the theme “Professions”

Visual aids of the lesson: a tape – recorder, text – books, sets of pictures, cards a magic box, a grammar table.

The procedure of the lesson: a tape – recorder, text – books, sets of pictures, cards a magic box, a grammar table.

Outline of the lesson

  1. Organization moment

  2. Checking up home task

  3. Phonetic drill exercise

  4. New lesson

  5. Doing exercise

  6. Giving homework

  7. Giving marks

  8. The end of the lesson.

The procedure of the lesson.

  1. Organization moment

Good morning, pupils. I’m glad to see you. As you see, today we have got an unusual lesson. We have the guests. They are English teachers.

We will talk about the professions. There are a lot of professions all over the world, so we are going to learn about them during the lesson.

Well, let’s check class atmosphere.

2. Checking up the homework.

3. Warm – up.

- At the lessons we have been talking about the future. You learned to say the sentences in the future.

Look at the blackboard. You see the poem “Think of the Future”

What is the future for me?

Funny it’s going to be.

What’s the future for you?

Your hopes and dreams will come true.

What’s the future for us?

Without pollution – green grass.

Robots, computers, commuting to the Moon…..

Think of the future.

Don’t be a fool!

  • Clap your hands when you hear the word “future” without saying it.

    1. Learning the new vocabulary.

Now we are going to learn the new words. We’ll know how to pronounce the professions. At first, tell me what professions you know.

  • Look at the pictures and say the professions in Kazakh. Then listen to me very attentively.

An artist - суретші

A programmer - информатик

A doctor – дәрігер

A receptionist - қабылдаушы

A lawyer - заңгер

A pilot – ұшқыш

A cosmonaut - ғарышкер

A manager - менеджер

A banker – банк қызметшісі

A designer - дизайнер

- Repeat the words after me all together.

- You many not recognize some words such as manager, designer. They are international words.

- I want you to answer my some questions. What foreign countries do you know? Look at these words. You see the countries. Listen to me and then repeat after me: Australia, Argentina, England, Germany, France, Holland, Kenya, India, Norway, Switzerland.

5. Explanation of the grammar structure Future Simple Tense.

- You know that is we want to do something in the future we use the future tense in Russian and Kazakh, and there are the future tenses in English, too. Future Simple tense is келер шақ. The Future Simple tense has the meaning of the future fact or plan.

The structure of the Future Simple



He\she\it will


I’ll = I will

He’ll = he will

E.g I’ll be a manager when I’m 25. He’ll be a receptions when he is 20.

The negative forms of the verb will is formed with “not”. Will not – won’t

The questions is formed by putting the verb will before the pronouns.

E.g Will you go to the theatre ? When will he enter the university? What will you be when you are 25?

Practice – What countries will you travel when you are 20? – I’ll travel to England when I’m 20.

    1. Summarizing the new lesson.

  • We are going summarize our lesson, and to do that we will play some games.

The games “Understand me”. One pupil comes up to the table and takes out one card. There is profession in the card, he must explain it with gestures and you must say what profession it is.

But you must say it in such form: When he is 25 he’ll be a programmer.

When you find the job, you are the next who shows.

  • The next game is called “Fortune - teller” . At first tell me who is a fortune – teller? The rulers are the following. One pupil comes up to the fortune – teller, then takes out one card from the magic – box and asks:

Where shall I go when I’m 19?

The Fortune – teller answer: You’ll go to Switzerland when you are 19.

  • Tazsha bala” Tazsha he the best liar. So he wrote some wrong sentences. Let’s correct his mistakes.

  • What will be you when you are 25?

  • I shan’t a doctor when I’m 19?

  • Will go he to England when he is 30?

  • They’ll travel to Switzerland.

  • We’ll go a receptionist when we is 25.

  • The last game is “Polyglot”, you know the rules from the intellectual show “Leader of the 21 st centure” I’ll read the riddles and you must guess them and give Kazakh, Russian and English translation of the answer.

  1. Қылқалам серігі

Әрқашанда қолында

Суреттері бек тірі

Кім болды екен бұл сонда? (суретші, художник, artist )

В) Науқастарды емдейтін

Ақ халатты абзал жан

Ауруға жол бермейтін

Бұл мейірман қай маман? (дәрігер, доктор, doctor )

С) Ойы ұшқыр қиялы кең

Жасайды жаңа нәрселер

Тапқыр босаң егер сен

Ал, айтшы бұл кім екен? (дизайнер, designer)

Д) Ай мен күнге қол созған

Жұлдыздарға жол салған

Мініп алып кемеге

Ғарышқа ұшқан қай маман? (ғарышкер, космонавт, cousmonaut)

  • Very good. You showed the best knowledge in English, Russian and Kazakh. Thank you very much.


  • Let’s summarize the lesson. What have we talked about today? We have talked about the future, learned the structures of the Future Simple tense, and played the games.

  • Thank you for your participation.


Exercise: 8,9

The End of the lesson.

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