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I'm loving it! (4 класс)

  • Иностранные языки

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  1. Орг.момент

- Hello, how are you? Who is absent today? Look at the b/b. Here you can see some words. Listen to me. Do you know all the words? OK, repeat after me.

/e/ eggs, bread, lemon, pepper, cherry

/o/ coffee, orange, chocolate, yogurt

/I:/ meat, sweets, tea, cheese, beans

What are we going to speak about today? Yes, it’s FOOD!

  • Слайд, работа T – P, P1 – P2. / Do like milk? Yes, I do. No, I don’t./

  1. Основной этап урока

  • Where does a baker work?, Where does a butcher work?, Where does a greengrocer work?

Слайд /We can buy … at the baker’s. We can buy … at the butcher’s. We can buy … at the greengrocer’s./

Let’s make up sentences! Put down them on the b/b.

  • Карточки

Here you can see a dialogue. But it is a bit illogical. What should we do with it? You are to read it and put the sentences in the right order. You’ve got one minute.

Tom: Good morning, Mum! I am hungry!

Mother: Good. Take your pizza.

Tom: I am sorry, I don’t like soup. I’d like some pizza!

Mother: Good morning!

Tom: Thank you!

Mother: Would you like some soup?

And now let’s work in pairs, please make up your own dialogues.

  • Аудирование SB p.43

Let’s listen and answer the question – What are they doing? /a fruit salad!/ Now let’s read and see if we were right. OK, What fruit salad can you make? Look at the b/b, this phrase will help you – b/b – In my fruit salad I put …

  • Карточки

Текст “English meals”

Look at the cards. Here you can see a text, but there are no prepositions! What prepositions do you know? Give the examples with the prepositions. Thank you! Now read the text and insert the prepositions. You’ve got 2 minutes. Who is ready? Please, read you’re the variant. Who’s got another variant? What do you think, whose variant is the best? All right, listen to the right variant.

  • Физминутка

  • Слайд /What have you got for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?/ Tell us about your meals.

  • Слайд /There is no much butter at home! There are no many apples at home! Let’s go and buy some!/

With what nouns do we use “many”? “much”? choose the right pattern for the words “bananas, sugar, tomatoes, lemons, milk, salt, olive oil, sweets, flour, chocolate”. Put the sentences on the b/b.

  • SB p.44 ex.2 С какими сущ-ми употребляется how many? How much? Make up a question and ask your classmate.

  • How do we make sentences plural? Let’s work on the b/b

It is a tasty orange. It is a red tomato. It is a big pineapple. It is a yellow lemon. It is a sweet cake. I am a good cook. He is a nice waiter. She is a baker.

  • Snowball. What a good day! Let’s have a picnic! What will we eat? – We’ll eat pizza!

  1. Заключительный этап урока

- open your workbooks p.23 and look at the tasks. What will you do at home? Is everything clear?

- what did we learn today? What was difficult? What was interesting? What did you like most of all? Now show me, how did you feel today.

- thank you for your work! You were really good! Your marks for the lesson are… Good-bye.

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