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In the village (3rd grade)

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Teacher: Ibrayeva A

Level: 3rd A grade

Theme: In the village

Learning to talk about farm animals. To develop students’ critical thinking, their abilities to work in groups, self assessment.

Parts of the lesson



Teacher’s action of management

Cognitive action of students

Visual aids, resources


7 мин

І part

1. Organization moment: greeting the students.

2. Dividing the class into groups.

3. Homework

1.Good morning! How are you? Who’s on duty today? What date is it today? What day is it today?

2. Divides students.

3. Answer the questions.

-Good morning! We are fine! I’m on duty. Today is the ... of ...

Today is Wednesday.

Groups: 1. “dog”

2. “cat”

Talk about him\her.

How are you today?” song

book, stick papers

Presentation of the lesson

5 мин

ІІ part.


Listen and practice

Today we are going to talk and read about farm animals.

Open your books on page 48.

Now at first we are write and pronunciation the new words.

New words

Answer the questions

Listen and repeat.

Interactive board


Main part

10 мин

ІІІ part

Individual work

Ex.1,p. 48

Ex. 2, p. 49

Explains the method

-Listen and read.

-Make sentences.

Look at the pictures and read the sentences.

Complete the sentences.

Interactive board

2 мин

Physical minute

Old McDonald” song

8 мин

IV part

Group work.

Ex.1, p. 42

Ex. 2, p. 42

Ex. 3, p.42

Complete the pictures and name the animals.

Write the –ing ending

Listen and put the phrases in order you hear them.

Group work.

Complete the pictures and name the animals.

-ing ending

Put the phrases in order they hear them.

Cards, pictures,

Interactive board


10 мин

V part

Concluding the lesson.

Work with poster.

Game “Who said MOO?”

Help animals to find their “SOUND”

On the poster, to draw the own animal’s pictures and fill it.

/a cat and a dog/

Poster, pencils sheet and pen



1 мин

VІ part

Evaluating by criteria of assessment.

Puts summative assessment.

-Give each other smiles and say their opinions.


Home assignment

1 мин

УІІ part

Ex. 4, p. 43. Match the sentences to the pictures.

Explains homework.

Write on a diary.


Reflection of the lesson

1 мин

2 stars, 1 offer.

I like ……………
It seems ……………

During a lesson ……


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