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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Test по английскому языку на тему " Лексико-грамматический тест по английскому языку"
ВНИМАНИЮ ВСЕХ УЧИТЕЛЕЙ: согласно Федеральному закону № 313-ФЗ все педагоги должны пройти обучение навыкам оказания первой помощи.

Дистанционный курс "Оказание первой помощи детям и взрослым" от проекта "Инфоурок" даёт Вам возможность привести свои знания в соответствие с требованиями закона и получить удостоверение о повышении квалификации установленного образца (180 часов). Начало обучения новой группы: 26 апреля.

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Test по английскому языку на тему " Лексико-грамматический тест по английскому языку"


Language Practice


Choose the correct word or phrase in each sentence.

0 Whether this new pay deal will satisfy the unions to be seen.

  1. remains

  2. will remain

  3. is remaining

  4. am remaining

1 By the end of this month, I’ll in my job for twenty years.

  1. be

  2. be being

  3. have been

  4. has been

2 I have thought the best thing to do is just ring them and explain the problem.

  1. could

  2. would

  3. must

  4. can

3 Sorry, I’m not really sure what you’re getting .

  1. at

  2. over

  3. on

  4. in

4 My friend held the spider, but I bring myself to do it.

  1. can

  2. don’t

  3. didn’t

  4. couldn’t

5 I’ve been getting terrible headaches__________

  1. so far

  2. for a while now

  3. up to now

  4. all the day

6 We are __________ no obligation to give you a refund.

  1. on

  2. with

  3. under

  4. at

7 Holly was about to accept the stranger’s offer when she ______________ her mother’s advice.

  1. remembered

  2. had remembered

  3. was remembering

  4. has remembered

8 This ______________ be north, because the sun’s in the wrong place.

  1. can’t

  2. shouldn’t

  3. won’t

  4. hadn’t

9 If you _________ ____ across any good stamps, please keep them for my collection.

  1. would come

  2. come

  3. should come

  4. have come

10 I’m sorry, but these regulations have to be _________________ with.

  1. obeyed

  1. complied

  1. kept

  1. command

11 Fifty-seven? No, that __________ be the right answer!

  1. can’t

  2. mustn’t

  3. wouldn’t

  4. has’t

12 __________ happens, I’ll always be there for you!

  1. However

  2. What

  3. Whatever

  4. Whatever else

13 By early evening most people had ______________ their vote.

  1. cast

  1. administered

  2. selected

  3. chosen

14 A __________ debate ensued, with neither side prepared to give way to the other.

  1. warm

  2. heated

  3. hot

  4. cold

15 I’ve drunk milk every __________ day of my life, and it’s never done me any harm!

  1. particular

  2. individual

  3. single

  4. one

16 The version of the film I saw had been __________ censored.

  1. deeply

  2. great

  3. heavily

  4. fruitful

17 He promised to phone me at nine o’clock exactly, and he was as __________ as his word.

  1. true

  2. good

  3. honest

  4. very good

18 There has been so much media __________ of the wedding that I’m completely fed up with it.

  1. attention

  2. broadcasting

  3. coverage

  4. insurance

19 If I were you I would __________ clear of the area around the station late at night.

  1. stick

  2. steer

  3. stop

  4. lead

20 Turning back now is out of the __________ .

  1. matter

  2. question

  3. possibility

  4. answer

21 Joe’s fear of enclosed spaces __________ from a bad experience he had when he was a child.

  1. stems

  2. leads

  3. starts

  4. dreams

22 At the moment _______________ to play the guitar.

  1. I’m learning

  2. I learn

  3. I’ll learn

  4. I’d learned

23 My course finishes_____________.

  1. on next week

  2. next week

  3. at next week

  4. to next week

24 The train ________________ at 9.30.

  1. leaves

  2. it leaves

  3. leaving

  4. is leaving

25 Where ________________ those shoes?

  1. you buy

  2. did you buy

  3. does you buy

  4. do you buy

26 I’ve worked at this company ____________ two years.

  1. since

  2. for

  3. at

  4. on

27 Can you tell me what time _________________?

  1. does the train leave?

  2. the train leaves?

  3. the train will leave?

  4. the train will be leave?

28 England is not __________ big as Germany.

  1. so

  2. as

  3. as so as

  4. too

29 There was a terrible plane crash – it ________________ an hour ago.

  1. happened

  2. has happened

  3. has been happened

  4. is happening

30. Adrian is a very good friend of ____________.

  1. me

  2. my

  3. mine

  4. I

31. Helena’s not really a party animal, so I doubt whether she__________ .

  1. comes

  2. will come

  3. will have come

  4. come

32. I was wondering if you _________________ to go running with me.

  1. wanted

  2. had wanted

  3. would want

  4. will want

33. I didn’t realise until the meeting ______.

  1. will start

  2. has started

  3. started

  4. starts

34. The noise stopped as soon as the Head Teacher ________ into the room.

  1. walks

  2. walked

  3. was walking

  4. will walk

35. How long ____________________ these pills?

  1. did you take

  2. are you taking

  3. have you been taking

  4. do you take

36. No, I ____________________ possibly do that to a friend.

  1. mustn’t

  2. shouldn’t

  3. couldn’t

  4. may not

37. Well I’m surprised it was John. I _____________ have expected better of him.

  1. would

  2. could

  3. should

  4. can

38. Don’t worry about my big brother; he ____________ be very childish at times.

  1. will

  2. can

  3. could

  4. must

39. I really ______________ eat another thing, thank you.

  1. wouldn’t

  2. couldn’t

  3. mightn’t

  4. may not

40. You ______________be serious! It’s far too dangerous!

a) couldn’t

b) can’t

c) mustn’t

d) may not

41. This little device ________________ be the answer to all your technical problems.

  1. need

  2. could

  3. shall

  4. must

42. What you’re saying ___________ well be true.

  1. must

  2. should

  3. may

  4. have to

43. Just in case you ____________ _____ it, I’ll give you my business card so you can contact me.

  1. would find

  2. will find

  3. find

  4. can find

44. Climbing in the Himalayas was a far ___________ from hill walking at home in Ireland.

  1. shout

  2. scream

  3. cry

  4. call

45. My bike isn’t what you would call fast or sporty, but it serves its ________.

  1. purpose

  2. aim

  3. reason

  4. intention

46. Rest assured that we have taken every possible safety ________________.

  1. protection

  2. preparation

  3. precaution

  4. action

47. They sell all sorts of household ______________: washing machines, dishwashers and so on.

  1. machines

  2. mechanisms

  3. appliances

  4. gadgets

48. After just ten minutes in the rain, I was______________ to the skin.

  1. damp

  2. wet

  3. soaked

  4. slopped

49. ‘Sorry Mrs. Atkins. I wasn’t _____________ attention,’ said Billy.

  1. giving

  2. paying

  3. keeping

  4. having

50. Every morning I see kids from the local school____________ football down by the river.

  1. taking

  2. enjoying

  3. playing

  4. running

51. John and Mary, come over here. Have you two met___________ before?

a) yourselves

b) each other

c) together

d) themselves

52. It’s quite expensive, but__________ the other hand it’s very good quality.

a) on

b) by

c) in

d) at

53. ____________ he is, he shouldn’t behave like that.

a) No matter

b) Whoever

c) At once

d) Who

54. You won’t tell anyone my secret,__________________

a) do you?

b) does you?

c) will you?

d) will be you?

55. It was a great holiday. We really enjoyed___________________

a) ourselves

b) us

c) themselves

d) herself

56. My car is easy to park. ___________ this, it doesn’t use much petrol.

a) As well

b) As well as

c) As soon as

d) At once

57. When I want to___________ I have a long, hot bath.

a) relax

b) relax me

c) relax her

d) relax him

58.______________ it’s getting late, let’s stop work now and come back tomorrow.

a) As

b) For

c) By

d) Twice

59. ___________, I’d like to thank you all for coming.

a) In conclusion

b) In contrast

c) In the end

d) At last

60. I bought ___________ some flowers.

a) myself

b) me

c) my

d) I

61. The tree ____________ was about two meters wide because it was so old.

a) twig

b) trunk

c) branch

d) hand

62. Flies were _____________ around the uncovered meat in the kitchen.

a) buzzing

b) barking

c) galloping

d) grunting

63. Mary is always so _____________ – you always see her smiling and happy.

a) fruitful


c) cheeky

d) cheerful

64. I was ______________ when you came to see me in hospital because I was feeling a bit lonely.

a) greedy

b) grateful

c) frank

d) fruitful

65. Chris uses an _______________ shaver when he goes on holiday.

a) electric

b) doctor

c) teacher

d) politician

66. Point the ____________ to the place on the screen where you want to type, and then click.

a) icon

b) cursor

c) mouse

d) picture

67. The _______________ made a lot of buildings collapse and thousands of people were made homeless.

a) cyclone

b) invasion

c) earthquake

d) devastation

68. International ______________ is being sent to help the victims survive the winter.

a) help

b) charity

c) organization

d) aid

69. I broke my _______________ when I was young – my brother punched it!

a) chin

b) nose

c) face

d) head

70 Anyone who has high stress___________ should read this book.

a) levels

b) layers

c) rates

d) points

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