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Информация о stative verbs

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  • Stative verbs ‒ verbs that describe states: conditions or situations. NOT actions.

ex. Ohana means family. (not “is meaning” because there is no action to show in progress)

  • We cannot use these verbs in continuous form because there is no action to show in progress.

Stative verbs can describe:

  • mental states (know, realize, understand ,recognize, believe, feel, suppose, need, desire, imagine, doubt, remember, forget, think ,want, mean)

  • emotional states (love, like, prefer, hate, fear, envy, appreciate, mind, care, astonish, amaze)

  • possessions ( possess, own, belong, have)

  • sense perceptions (taste, smell, see, hear)

  • other states (be, seem, look, appear, cost, sound, resemble, look like, owe, weigh, equal, exist, matter, consist of, contain, include.)

Double meaning verbs ‒ verbs which change meaning in continuous and simple forms.

THINK if stative: to have an opinion

cont.: (often to think of/about) to be in a process of considering thinks

LOOK if stative : to have a particular appearance/ seem

cont.: turn eyes toward smth so that you can see it ex.: looking at the mirror

SEE if stative : notice someone or something using your eyes

cont.: meet or visit someone by arrangements

ADMIRE: if stative: have a good opinion of somebody/something

cont.: look at with appreciation

HAVE if stative: own

cont.: in phrases: to have breakfast/coffee/ a good time

TASTE if stative: have a particular flavor

cont.: eat or drink something and to experience it’s flavour

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