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Инфоурок Иностранные языки Другие методич. материалыИнсценировка по английскому языку "Keep the Garden"

Инсценировка по английскому языку "Keep the Garden"


Keep the Garden

(After Vera Colwell)

Инсценировка носит интерактивный характер, так как в ней могут принимать участие около 30 учащихся 5 класса, например, в сценках с насекомыми, в птичьей стае.

Цель: развитие коммуникативных знаний, умений и навыков.


- развивать творческие способности учащихся, умение их грамотно демонстрировать и применять в учебном процессе;

- стимулировать учебную мотивацию школьников;

- воспитывать у детей чувство ответственности за природу.

Действующие лица: ведущий, Джон – примерный мальчик; Дэнис – злой, хулиган, но под влиянием событий перевоспитывается; Кот; Скворец-отец; Скворчиха; Скворцы для массовых сцен, две Козявки, Хрущи, Гусеницы, Мушки для массовых сцен.

Оформление сцены: картонный забор, несколько елочек, изготовленных из использованных пластиковых бутылок, сухие ветки, символизирующие весенние деревья; на стенах можно прикрепить схемы изготовления кормушек и гнездовий (схемы прилагаются); картонный скворечник, фотографии птиц. Оборудованиемагнитофон.

Scene 1

Presenter: Good morning, children. Spring is coming! It’s getting warmer and snow is melting. Birds will fly soon. We must get ready to their arrival. We shall make birds’ houses. Let’s look into someone’s garden and see their preparation. That one, for example.(shows to the garden trees decorations).

Cat comes carefully, looks into the old starling-house and goes away.

Cat: I shouldn’t have come here too early. There is not a single sparrow in this house. Mew-mew.

(He is going to sleep under the fence).

John comes on the stage. He has a starling-house and a hammer in his hands.

John: I’ve made this bird-house myself. There will be enough place for a bird’s family.

I remember, I remember,

The house where birds were born,

The little window where the sun

Came peeping in at morn .

Birds, welcome!

Denis runs up to John. He looks ruffled.

Denis: Hey, John, where are you going? What is it on your shoulder?

John: I’ve made this house for our friends.

They’ll arrive from south

And their home will wait them

Help me to hang the bird house.

Denis: I don’t understand. What friends will arrive?

John: Don’t you notice? The spring has come. Birds are returning home.

Denis: Ha-ha-ha! Friends! Go away ! I’ll break your starling-house! I’m not a fool. Better I’ll go and pull the cat by his tail. It’s more interesting.

Presenter : Cat, listening this, has run away.

Denis is looking for Cat.

Denis: Where is that lazy-bone?

He is smiling then takes the catapult from his pocket.

Denis: Now I’ll get ready to “friends” meeting too. I must find good stones for my catapult. In my garden there is an old bird-house. “Friends” are welcome. I’ll meet them.

Denis goes away.

Scene 2

Meanwhile sparrows are flying in. They are flitting ant twittering. (Phonogram)

Starling-father: (to the Starling-mother) If I could have

Any wish that could be,

I’d wish that nestlings

Could have we.

Starling-mother: Let’s fly and look for a new bird-house.

Starling-father: No, my darling. My parents lived here and I hatched from an egg. In this bird-house my father brought me the first worm and my mother – the first insect. Let my children grow here.

Starling-mother: I agree, my darling.

All starlings: Ring-a-ding, ring-a-ding,

Good bye, winter, welcome, spring .

Long live, summer!

Golden bright,

Full of worms

And sweet delight!

Birds twitter (phonogram).

Denis and the Cat are coming in.

Denis: What a noise! Hey, cat, show them your claws!

Cat: Yes, sir! (The Cat runs for the starlings)

I’ll eat when I’m hungry

And drink when I’m dry:

If trees don’t fall on me,

I’ll live till I die.

The Cat is trying to push his paw in the bird-house, but John comes and keeps off him.

John: Hey, rubber! What are you doing? Go away!

Denis: It’s my cat. What do you want?

John: Why is he offending my birds?

Denis: It’s neither your garden, nor your birds. You must go away!

John: Garden is yours, it’s true, but I won’t let you offend the birds. Hey, cat, I’ll punish you!

The cat is running away and John’s following for him.

Scene 3

Denis: Well, well, well. I hate these birds. I’ll have fun now.

Denis takes the catapult and shoots with stones. The birds are flying out of the starling-house and twitting. Some of them are sitting down on the fence.

Starling-father: Denis doesn’t want see our family in the garden.

Starling-mother: I’m afraid of his catapult.

Starling-father: We must fly away.

Presenter: Under our tree in the summertime

It’s good to lie in the grass,

And see the sky held up by the tree,

And feel the small winds pass.

But birds have flown.

Scene 4

Caterpillars, bugs and insects are coming into the garden.

1 Insect: What a pretty place! And birds are absent. Hey, bugs, come here!

2 Insect: I’m so happy! There are no birds at all! Hey, bugs and insect, go out from your holes.

Caterpillar: Come, my children, come away,

For the sun shines bright today.

Little children, come with me,

Trees and bushes, flowers see.

1 Insect: Don’t you think it’s probable

That beetles, bugs and bees

Talk about a lot of things –

You know such things as these:

2 Insect: Of course, we’ll never know if bugs

Talk very much at all,

Because your ears are far too big

For talk that is so small.(crying)

Caterpillar: Hey, guys, let’s have fun!

3 Insect: I have eight legs with which I walk,

I have a tongue with which I talk,

And with it too I eat my food,

And tell if it’s bad or good.

All insect together: We are hungry!

Insect are dancing, eating flowers and roaring with laughter.

Scene 5

Denis’s coming in.

Denis: What a noise? Where did you come from? Go away! Hey, cat, help me!

They are fighting. Denis is trying to shoot by his catapult, cat is boxing with insect.

Presenter: Fight your little fight, my boy,

Fight and be a man.

Don’t be a good little, good little boy

Being as good as you can.

John comes in.

John: Hi, friends. What are you doing here? Are you playing?

Denis: Oh, John, help me. It’s a really hot struggle and the garden is in danger. I give up!

John: How could it be? Starlings live in your garden.

Denis: No, they don’t. I’d shot them and they flew away forever.

John: You who are the strongest,

You who are the quickest,

Don’t you think you ought to help

The weakest and the sickest?

Denis: Oh, John, help me. Oh, my head!

I’m tired, I’m dying, I am almost dead.

Cat: Insect are everywhere. Oh, John, help me. Oh, my head! I’m tired, I’m dying, I am almost dead!

John: Will you come?

Will you fly?

At my side,

Dear friends,

Would you have come?

Denis: Dear starling, swallow my

Where do you fly?

So quick and so high

In the blue, blue sky?

Scene 6

Starlings are coming in.

Starling 1: Alarm, friends, let’s help.

Starling 2: We may die in this garden. In spring the boy shoot from a catapult.

Denis throws away his catapult.

Denis: I promise not to shoot our friends.

Starling 1: Isn’t it enough to waste time?

Starling 2: I’ll be as busy as a bee.

They are struggling. The music is playing. The boys and the birds are winners.

Denis: Ugh! I’m terribly tired. Thank you, my dear. Thank you, my friends. Now I’m your the best friend too.

Starling-father: Will you shoot with your catapult again?

Denis: Never, I swear.

Starling-mother: We have deserved it, haven’t we? But what about your cat? Will he catch birds?

Cat: Never. I promise too. But you, Denis, don’t forget to feed me. I was hungry and caught the birds. Can I stay with them in the garden?

Starlings: That’s another pair of shoes. O’K. Let him stay!

They all gather in a circle and sing a song “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles.

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