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Интелектуальный вечер по английскому языку на тему:"2003 year of Kazakhstan in Russia"

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Yes I want to say ч ей welcome to aur party. As 1 atiana Petrovna said 2003 year far vear or Kazakhstan in Russia. It s great celebration, to each countrv and main it s cultural exchange. We prepared our inte!leciuai programmer as a token of Friendship of great countries. We re going, to have 10 tours. And first it will be the national anthems of each country, because every country in the world begin introducing with the anthem

Россия - священная наша держава Россия любимая наша страна Могучая воля великая слава Твоё достояние на все времена

Припев; Славься отечество наше свободное

Братских народов союз вековой Предками данная мудрость народная Славься страна мы гордимся тобой

Thank you it is so touching

Every country has their own heart - two great capitals - Astana and Moscow.

Astana the city of dream.

The capita! of our country is Astana. Be tore 1У98 the capital of our country was one of the beautiful city in the world-Almaty. The cause of change of the capita] was economical .political .geographical reason.

For the first -Astana is situated in the center of our country. It s very convenient place to government of all regions. The 10-th of June 1998

Was the celebration of Astana . Astana one of the beautiful city in the world and many people wants to leave in this city.


The capital, of Russia is Moscow. The history of Moscow began in the year 1 147and since men the city has always been very important in life of whole country. Moscow is not only the political center.

It is also the center of industrial and cultural rife of Russia. The museums, art galleries theatres, and monuments make our capital a world cultural center „Every day thousands of people visit the Pushkin museum of fine arts and the Tretyakov gallery. Moscovites are proud of their city .

By the way 1 did not introduce the adjudicators .There are the principle of our school Zojy Anuarbekovna the martinent Batyr Ganyevich, the teacher of math Ajgan Dosbergenovna, the teacher of English language Ryskul Bektasovna. And now our dear guests how many points- you 11 give to two teams after two tours.

Every one from the childhood should know where is situated their own motheriand-1 mean geographical situation.

Our republic Kazakhstan is situated in central Asia. It s area consist s 271 7squre kilometers .The country bounded on the north by Russia federation , on the south by Kirgistan, the Usbekistan. Turkmenistan, on the west there is Caspian sea, lowland, on east by China. On the east-Southern part lies the Alatau and Tan - Shan mountains .On the territory of our country there are two seas: Caspian and Aral seas great lake Balchash and their small lakes.

The Russian federation is one of the largest countries in the world. It ties both Europe and Asia. Russia is bounded by thirteen countrieson l and, it is washed by three oceans Some part of country

are covered with mountains Russia has many rivers. Twenty of them are more than one thousand kilometers long They flow into seas or oceans carry mg ships and boats to large and small parts to develop new industrial centers.

Heavy and light industry.

Thе Kazakhstan is developing industrial country .Coal is found in many parts оf the country the vain mine in Karaganda Iron is mined in horth of the country .Tractor and ail kind of machine- building are highly developed especially in Pavlodar .The textile industry is concentrаted in the south in Shimkent.

Russia is a great industrial country. Russia produce heavy machines, agricultural machines, airplanes lorries and cars, tractors, refrigerators,

railway carriages, ships and boats. TV and radio sets.

Wealth of the ground,

A lot of cultivation are grown on the areas of two great country Kazakhstan agriculture produces more food products: In the north part of the country very much grain is grown. Fresh fruit and vegetables came all the year round from the southern regions especially Simkent, cotton also is grown in Shimkent.

Russian agriculture also is ten- wealth Recently the country has a developed agriculture and produces more food products, In the highland in the west of the country are famous for their cattle farming. Poultry - tanning and vegetables growing are concentrated in the country side near all big cities.

And now guys introduce us their ability of singers. National


На столе стоит! стакан

А в стакане тесно

Прощай мама, прощай папа Я уже невеста

Топится, топится В огороде банька Женится,женится Мой миленок Baнькa,

На столе стоит стакан А в стакане молоко Я хотела искупаться Мне сказали глубоко

I think it s high time to move your body National dance.

The world have famous designers such versace, judashking but we also have national clothes from ages. Dear guests now guys going show you national clothes of two countries well know how Russian and Kazakh people are name the hat trousers, shoes and so on.

I noticed that it s high I uric to have a bite. We have a lot of nоurishing food from each country and there are some of them ‘’baursaki"

For preparing national cake it is nessary 1.on cap of flour

  1. one glass of milk

  2. one egg.

All things we are mining the are rolling and frying on the vegetable


2 cup flour

4teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 2tablespoon sugar 1gg

1 cup fluid milk

Mix flour baking powder, salt and sugar in large bowl Beal egg and add milk fat and mix another things Cook pan cake in heated fry pan until covered with bubbles.

And oar last tour national games Kazakh asik Russian жмурки

Material: 1) the name of the party on the placard: ” 2003 year- the year of Kazakhstan in Russia,

2) the national emblem of Russia, and Kazakhstan on the two placards.

3} the flags of the states.

  1. the banners and placards about friendship between Kazakhstan and Russia.

  2. colored balloons, flowers and other decoration.

Objectives: to develop the patriotism of the pupils, the abilities artistic musical languages, to show the culture, the symbols, traditions of each states, enlarge the knowledge about two countries during the party.

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