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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Видеоуроки / Intellectual Show: “Bilingual young generation”
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Intellectual Show: “Bilingual young generation”


Алматы қаласы №167 ЖББМ ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Абдрахманова Гульнур Тоханаевна

Intellectual Show: “Bilingual young generation”

The aims: Enrich pupils` knowledge about Kazakhstan, activate lexis on theme, talking about our Republic achievements.

Develop skills of communication in three languages Kazakh, Russian, English

Develop motivation to further mastering of English, continue to acquaint with traditions and customs of Kazakh people, bring up pupils to be patriots of their motherland.

Decoratiоn of the hall: «“Welcome, to our English Week!,” “ Let’s learn English!”, ” Let’ speak English once week”, “ English language –is a World Language”, “ Do you speak English?’’

Procedure of the lesson:

-Hello, dear Ladies ad gentlemen, teachers and student teachers,! Welcome  to our intellectual show! We are glad to see you in our game show.  «Kazakhstan must be the high educational country where people can use three languages. They are: Kazakh – the state language, Russian– the language of communication between nationalities and English– the language of successful integration into global economic». N.A.Nazarbaev

Our participants:

8a-Нұрқанат аружан

9а-Самал, Мадина

9ә-Аружан, Қымбат, Нұрмахан

9б-Нұрдана, Аружан

10а-Абылхайыр, Дана, Назерке, Шыңғыс

10ә-Диана, Ерсұлтан, Бақдәулет

I’d like to divide you into 2 groups: “Sunkar” and “Tulpar”

I wish you to fly as high as a Sunkar in the sky of Independent Motherland and to be as faster as Tulpar.

We hope all of you will enjoy our show and also we`ll see who will be the winner.

Нұртас: :  Language is the main type of means of communication. English and Russian are the languages of an international communication. And Kazakh is the state language of our country. The Republic of Kazakhstan is a great country with a rich history, ancient culture and unique nature. The vast Kazakh lands. When the North is still snow at the foot of the mountains in the South are already blooming fruit trees.

Нұртас: Let’s start our first round “Introduction”

(The leaders of each team introduce the participants, tell some words about them, about their hobbies, favourite subjects, motto, etc.
The Judges give the results of the participants.
You will get 10 balls for each right answer.

Let’s start our second round “Baiga”. 

There will be seven questions for each team because number seven is an important number for Kazakh people. Number seven is associated with luck and success. –  Are you ready?

1. What is the main figure in the emblem of the USA? ( eagle)

2. What is the capital of Scotland? (Edinburgh)

3. What is the oldest university of Great Britain? (Oxford) 4. What river is the British capital situated? (Thames)

5. What is the symbol of freedom in Kazakhstan? (an eagle)

6. The poem “When the Swans were sleeping” was written by ….. /Makataev/

7. When was the Declaration of Independence of Kazakhstan declared? (16.12.1991)

8. What is the London transport famous for? (double-decker buses) 9. Who is the President of Kazakhstan? (Nazarbaev N.A) 10. What is the most popular national holiday in Kazakhstan? (Nauryz) 11. How many official holidays are there in our country? (8) 12. When was the last Constitution adopted? (1995 30 August) 13. How many regions are there in Kazakhstan? (14 regions) 14. How many countries does the United Kingdom of Great Britain include? (4)

Нұртас: Dear member of the judge, we ask you to announce the result of the 1st tour?

Нұртас:  Let’s start our third round “Polyglot. Travelling to the World of language”.

I`ll give you proverbs in Kazakh and in English with one missed word and you should find it and translate into Russian and English.

Біздің ойынымыз «Тілдер әлеміне саяхат» болғандықтан ойынның екінші  бөлімі «Полиглот» деп аталады: сұрақтарға жауап беріп және ағылшын, қазақ мақал-мәтелдерде жетіспейтін сөзді тауып, үш тілде (қазақ, орыс, ағылшын тілдерінде) айтып беру керек.

1. Отан оттан да … (ыстық, горячий, hot)

2. Ананың сүті … (бал, мёд, honey)

3.  … адамның арқауы. (ас, еда, food)

4. Better late than … (never, ешқашан, никогда)

5. So many countries, so many … (customs, дәстүр, обычай)

6. You go there to borrow books, to look through newspapers to get some new information for you. / a library/
7. An activity that lasts for 45 minutes. Every day except Sunday you have 5 or 6 of them. Every 45 minutes you study different subjects. /A lesson/.

8. East or West … is best. (home, үй, дом)

9. Knowledge is … (power, күш, сила)

10. Батыр туса ел ырысы,… жауса жер ырысы.(жаңбыр, дождь, rain)

11. Қына тасқа бітеді, білімбітеді. (бас, голова, head)

12. Оқу білім азығы, білімқазығы. (өмір, жизнь, life)

13. If you can’t translate the word, if you want to understand its meaning , if you want to check the pronunciation of the word –you look up this word in it. /A dictionary/.
14. Every day you carry it to school. It is made of paper. It is not so big but it is not so little. At every lesson you open it . Some of you open it at a break time to revise you homework. And off cause all of you open it at home to do your home task. /A book/.

 Нұртас: ІV. Let’s start our fourth round “Performing plays”. Choose the story and play it with team.

1st team choose your story

The broken vase”

The young man was going to marry a beautiful girl. One day the girl said him that the next day she would celebrate her birthday and invited him to her birthday party. The young man was eager to make her a present, so he went to a gift shop. There he saw many beautiful things. Of all the things he particulary liked the vases.

But they were very expensive, and as he had very little money he had to leave the shop without buying anything. Making for the door he suddenly heard a noise: one of the vases fell on the floor and broke to pieces. A brilliant idea came to his mind.  He came up to the counter and asked the salesman to wrap up the broken vase he wanted to buy. The salesman got a little surprised but did what the young man had asked him to do.

 2nd team choose your story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”

 A shepherd-boy, who watched a flock of sheep near a village, brought out the villagers three or four times by crying out, "Wolf! Wolf!" and when his neighbors came to help him, laughed at them for their pains. The Wolf, however, did truly come at last. The Shepherd-boy, now really alarmed, shouted in an agony of terror: "Pray, do come and help me; the Wolf is killing the sheep"; but no one paid any heed to his cries, nor rendered any assistance. The Wolf, having no cause of fear, at his leisure lacerated or destroyed the whole flock.

There is no believing a liar, even when he speaks the truth

Нұртас: Dear member of the judge, we ask you to announce the result of the third tour

Нұртас: Let’s start our fifth round “Riddles in pictures”

Speak about your dream

For example: There are many interesting and noble professions in our country. I want to become a doctor. I like this profession and I am eager to get a medical education and work at a hospital. It is a good tradition in our family. My mother is a doctor, my grandfather is a doctor and I want to be a doctor, too. When I was a little boy my grandfather worked at a hospitaln and I spent some time at the hospital with him. He is a skilled surgeon and works in a surgical department. My grandfather tells me a lot of true stories about doctors, their profession, and their aid for people. I respect my grandfather. I like his profession and I have a dream to be a doctor too.

Нұртас: Let’s start our Fifth round. Now it is the time of Tongue twisters

Zebras zig and zebras zag

She sells sea shells on the sea shore

Red leather, yellow leather

The big bug bit the little beetle

Нұртас:    Dear member of the judge, we ask you to announce the result of the fifth round

Нұртас: Let’s start our sixth round Writing an essay on theme: “I am proud of my country” (7 minutes to write)

Нұртас:    Dear member of the judge, we ask you to announce the result of the sixth round

Нұртас: At the end of our show let’s we listen the song. Our competition is over. Juries will name the winner. Who is winner “ Burcit” or “Tulpar”. I think our Intellectual show was interesting today. So, thank you for the game. We wish you health, we wish you joy! Good bye! Good luck to you dear Participants!

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