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Интеллектуальные задания по англ.языку


Интеллектуальный марафон

Задание по английскому языку 8 класс

Part A

1. Choose the correct answer:

1. Jane … at six every day, but today she … late.

  1. is finishing, is working

  2. is finishing, works

  3. finishes, is working

  4. finishes, works

2. They… to Madrid at five yesterday evening.

  1. flew

  2. were flying

  3. had flown

  4. have flown

3. I… he is a very good singer.

  1. am not thinking

  2. wasn’t thinking

  3. don’t think

  4. doesn’t think

4. How many cars … ?

  1. has your family got

  2. your family has got

  3. has got your family

  4. does your family have got

5. … where you live ?

  1. do she knows

  2. do she know

  3. does she knows

  4. does she know

2. Choose the correct answer:

1. Mary… on holiday this year.

  1. wasn’t

  2. hadn’t been

  3. hasn’t been

  4. isn’t

2. Sharon … all the lights before she … the door.

  1. had checked, had locked

  2. had checked, locked

  3. checked, had locked

  4. checked, locked

3. He … me a birthday card five months ago.

  1. sent

  2. had sent

  3. has sent

  4. was sent

4. They … in the country when their grandson…

  1. were living, had married

  2. lived

  3. married

  4. were living

5. I couldn’t pay because I … all my money

  1. had lost

  2. has lost

  3. lost

  4. was losing

3. Choose the correct answer:

1. When I was young, I… swim very fast.

  1. could to

  2. can

  3. was able

  4. could

2. You.. smoke in cinemas in Moscow

  1. can’t

  2. don’t have to

  3. shouldn’t

  4. needn’t

3. You … wake up early tomorrow, the school year is over.

  1. shouldn’t

  2. don’t have to

  3. can’t

  4. mustn’t

4. I think girls … wear longer skirts to school.

  1. should

  2. must to

  3. must

  4. should to

5. Excuse me, … ask you a personal question?

  1. can I to

  2. may I

  3. must I

  4. I may

4. Choose the correct answer:

1. The parents were… upset about their son’s school report.

  1. terrible

  2. terror

  3. terribly

  4. horrible

2. I think Mike is … person I have ever met.

  1. strange

  2. stranger

  3. strangest

  4. the strangest

3. She doesn’t believe that I’ve knitted the sweater…

  1. myself

  2. ourselves

  3. for herself

  4. herself

4. Excuse me, could you pass me… sugar, please?

  1. a

  2. (nothing)

  3. the

  4. an

5. Some people like bright colors,… prefer dark ones.

  1. other

  2. another

  3. the others

  4. others

5. Choose the word that does not belong to the group

  1. star

  2. moon

  3. plant

  4. sun

  1. stone

  2. ground

  3. land

  4. earth

  1. water

  2. ocean

  3. continent

  4. sea

  1. forest

  2. field

  3. tree

  4. birch

  1. garden

  2. hill

  3. flower

  4. grass

Part B

1. The parts of the following texts are all mixed up. Put them into the right order:


(A) It wasn’t strong because it was very hungry. But he didn’t let the people touch him and ate the food they gave him only after they had gone away.

(B) He got off the train at the next station, bought a piece of meat and caught the dog. He brought the dog home again.

(C) At home John tied him up to with a rope for a week. At the end of the week he put a collar on the dog.

(D) When the dog was strong enough he ran away and the Smiths could not find him. A few months later when John was in a train he saw his dog running along the road.

(E) Once John and his wife Mary, who lived in a small house in the mountains, found a dog.

(F) There was a metal plate on the collar with the Smiths’ address. They thought people would bring him home when he ran away again.


(A) He often told his friends that he could tell anyone’s character exactly by his handwriting. So one day friend decided to give a test.

(B) The lady was surprised. She smiled and explained that this was Balzac’s own exercise book which he used when he was a little boy.

(C) She brought him a young boy’s exercise book. She said she wanted to know what Balzac thought of the boy’s character.

(D) Balzac, the famous French writer, was a man of great talent. He was very proud of his ability to tell a person’s character by his or her handwriting.

(E) He decided to tell the truth. The boy’s exercise book showed that it was written by a bad, lazy fellow with no respect to other people.

(F) She told him that the boy wasn’t her son and asked him to tell her the truth. Balzac studied the boy’s handwriting very carefully.

Part C

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. There is only one mistake in each sentence. The mistakes can be in grammar, spelling or vocabulary.

1. I met a girl what lives not far from me.

2. Ann has taught for three years English.

3. She started working in eighteen years old.

4. They’ve lived in this house since fifteen years.

5. What books have you read when you were a little boy?

6. She is very interested to talk to.

7. How long do you study French?

8. My children don’t have been to the zoo.

9. Have you had an accident ever?

10. They lived in the house who was built in 1920.

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