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Интеллектуальный конкурс по английскому языку на тему "Travel to the knowledge land"

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Date: 23.02.2016

The theme of the competition: “Travel to the English land”
The aim of the competition:
- to develop skills and habits in reading, writing, speaking through different exercises
- to stimulate the pupils interest, and their power of guessing and thinking in the foreign language
-to memorize and retain in memory the language material they learn
The method of the lesson: competition
Visual aids: presentation, pictures, proverbs and riddles in three languages Kazakh, Russian, English
Good afternoon, dear teachers, pupils! You are welcome to our intellectual show which is named “Travel to the English land”.Today we will define the cleverest pupil and now I want to invite our participants. They are: 1st team and 2nd team
Children you must introduce yourself and you choice the captain of team. You are given only 2 minutes.
Thank you and I wish you good luck! Everyone will get a point for the correct answer in the competition and at the end of the party we will see who the cleverest pupil is!
And I want to introduce you with the members of jury:
Now I will introduce you with the process of the competition. Our competition consists of 5 stages:
1. Answer the question.
2. Guess the riddles.
3. What do you know about these countries?
4. Who is the best?
5. Continue the proverb.
Now let’s begin the competition! Our first stage is stage is answering the questions. At this stage you must answer my questions. At every correct answer you will get 10 points.
1. Translate into Kazakh/Russian “May I go out?”
Шығуға бола ма?
2. What month is it now? - March
3. What holiday is on the 22nd of March? - Nauryz
4. What is the capital of Britain? London
5. Who is the President of the USA? - Baraca Abama
6. The 11th letter of the English alphabet - K
7. What is the official language of the USA? - English
8. What is the largest city in Kazakhstan? - Almaty

1. Translate into Kazakh/Russian “May I come in?” Кіруге болама?
2. What is the day of the week today? - Thursday
3. What holiday is on the 8th of March? – Women’s Day
4. What is the capital of the USA? – Washington
5. Who is the President of the Kazakhstan? – N.A.Nazarbaev
6. The last letter of the English alphabet – Z
7. What is the official language of the Russia? – Russian
8. What is the largest city in USA? – New York
Next stage: I will give you some riddles and you will try to guess them. Then you must translate these words into Kazakh and Russian. If you give us the correct answer in 3 languages you will get 30 points. Listen.
Жер көрдім қаласы бар
Үйлері жқк мекендейтін
Көл көрдім, өзен көрдім
Сулары жоқ тереңдейтін (картакарта - map)
Жабық астында жарты күлше (Ай-луна-moon)
Отқа жанбас, суға батпас (мұз-лед-ice)
Сырт сырт соғада, уақыт озады (сағат - часы-clock)
Күнде оған жұрт қарайды
Күн мен айды санайды (Күнтізбе- календарь-calendar)
Аяғын аттап баспайды
Сені сонда да сүйрей бастайды (шаңғы- коньки-ski)
That’s all. Let’s count the points and now let’s begin our third stage which called “What do you know about these countries?” On display you see some questions about 2 countries: Kazakhstan and Great Britain. That participant who has fewer points chooses the questions.
About Kazakhstan:
1. What is the symbol of freedom in Kazakhstan? (An Eagle) 20
2. In what months celebrate the New Year? (January and March) 30
3. What is the oldest name of the capital of Kazakhstan? (Akmola, Tselinograd) 40
4. When was the declaration of Independence proclaimed? (16 December, 1991) 50
About USA:
1. What is the capital of the USA? (Washington) 20
2. Who is the 43rd President of the USA? (George Bush) 30
3. How many stars are there in the America flag? (50) 40
4. What is the flag of the USA called? (Stars and strips) 50
Now we begin our fourth stage. One of you who gathered fewer points will choose one envelope. There are letters in these envelopes: A or B. The same rules are for our second participants. Is everything clear for you? Then let’s begin.
Letter A
1. The name of the fruit
2. The river in the USA
3. The name of the month
4. A part of the body
5. The name of school subject
6. The capital of Kazakhstan
7. One of the oceans
8. The famous Kazakh writer
9. A funny story
10. The first letter of the alphabet
Letter B
1. The name of the fruit
2. The antonym of the word good
3. An object in the classroom
4. A kind of the dance
5. The name of the school subject
6. The room where we sleep
7. An important day once in a year in our life
8. A color
9. A member of the family
10 A part of the body
Now next stage Continue the proverb. Each country has its own proverbs and we can see from them there life and traditions. Main task of this stage is to continue the proverb. Let’s begin.
Өнер алды қызыл ........ (тіл- язык- language)
Екі кеменің басын ұстаған ....... кетеді. (Су-вода-water)
Еңбектің наны тәтті, жалқаудың жаны ........ (тәтті- сладкий-sweet)
Оқу білім бұлағы, ....... өмір шырағы (білім-знание-knowledge)
5. Жүз сомың болғанша, жүз ....... болсын (дос-друг- friend)
6. Жылтырағанның бәрі ....... емес (алтын- золото-gold)
I think it’s time to give a word to our judges. Thanks for our participants!

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