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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Интеллектуальный марафон для 5-6 классов.

Интеллектуальный марафон для 5-6 классов.

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Intellectual Marathon” Form 5-6

Contest 1. A Tongue-twister.

I scream, Swam, swam over the sea, Whether the weather be fine

You scream, Swim, swam, swim; Or whether the weather be not

We all scream Swam, swam back again, Whether the weather be cold

For an ice-cream. Well swum, swam! Or whether the weather be not.

4)Betty Botta bought some butter, 5) A sailor went to sea

But, she said, “this butter bitter, To see what he could see,

But a bit of better butter And all he could see,

Will make my batter better? Was sea, sea, sea.

6) Never trouble troubles 7) Put your head on your bed. (3 times)

Till trouble troubles you. 8) Run round the playground. (3 times)

It only doubles trouble,

And troubles others too.

9) A lean man in jeans eats green beans under a tree by the sea.

10) Ray likes to play with trains on rainy days in May/

11) Six boys with bikes and seven girls with bags.

Contest 2. “Crazy questions”

1. Which is smaller? 3. Can a penguin fly?

- a mouse (b) - yes (r)

- a fox (l) - no (o)

- a hare (a) - sometimes (e)

2. Which can run faster? 4. Can a tiger swim?

- a zebra (s) - yes (k)

- a bear (k) - no (m)

- a lion (o) - sometimes (n) (Clue: book)

Contest 3. “Who is quicker?”

( count till 20. a table with figures)

Contest 4. “Better translation”

1. Осень. Идёт дождь. Небо серое. 2. Зима. Холодно. Солнце не светит.

Листья жёлтые. Не холдно. Идёт снег. Снег белый.

Contest 5. Compare.

  1. As like as… a. coal

  2. As black as … b. a bee

  3. As light as … c. two peas

  4. As blind as … d. a feather

  5. As busy as … e. a church mouse

  6. As poor as … f. gold

  7. As good as … g. a bat

Contest 6. “Chain”

(Командам даётся исходное слово transport/travel/large… station/nine/egg…)

Contest 7. Match the parts of the famous names.

  1. William a. Christie

  2. Daniel b. Gagarin

  3. Yuriy c. Kipling

  4. Mark d. Twain

  5. Agatha e. Shakespeare

  6. Rydiard f. Defoe

Contest 8. Name the author.

  1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

  2. Books about Harry Potter

  3. Tom Soyer”

  4. Robinson Crusoe”

  5. Jungle Book”

  6. Romeo and Jullet” (Lewis Carroll, J. Rowling, Mark Twain, D. Defoe,

R. Kipling, W. Shakespeare)

Contest 9. Riddles.

  1. What can fly but has no wings? (time)

  2. What has a face but no head, and hands but no finger? (a clock)

  3. I have a round face and two large eyes, that can see in the dark; they call me wise. (an owl)

  4. I love to run and jump and play, “Baa” is the only word I can say. (a sheep)

  5. I have six legs, my coat is green, I am the very best hopper you’ve ever seen.

(a grasshopper)

6. My home is in a nice cool pond, of croaking and jumping I am very fond. (frog)

7. This animal is black and white. It can run. It eats grass. It lives in Africa. (a zebra)

8. This animal can jump very well. It has very strong legs. It lives in Ausralia.

(a kangaroo)

Contest 10. What do we call …

  • a book dealing with every branch of knowledge? (an encyclopedia)

  • a story about magical people and things? (a fairy tale)

  • a book of maps? (an atlas)

  • a book that gives a list of words in alphabetical order with translation? (a dictionary)

  • a story about crimes? (a detective story)

  • a book used in schools for the study of a subject? (a textbook)

Contest 11. Crossword puzzle.

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