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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Интеллектуальный марафон по английскому языку в 6 классе. Тема «The United Kingdom»

Интеллектуальный марафон по английскому языку в 6 классе. Тема «The United Kingdom»

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Интеллектуальный марафон по английскому языку в 6 классе.

Тема: «The United Kingdom»

Цель: приобщить учащихся к культуре страны изучаемого языка.

Задачи: повторить содержание темы «Соединенное королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии»; тренировать учащихся в переводе английских пословиц; учить пользоваться дополнительной литературой по английскому языку.

Актуальность: выбор темы марафона обусловлен потребностью учеников в приобретении знаний о стране изучаемого языка. Принимая участие в данной игре учащиеся не только поднимут себе настроение, но и обогатят себя новыми знаниями, вспомнят ранее изученный материал.

Подготовка: собрать дополнительный материал по Великобритании, подготовить по 5 загадок для соперников, повторить английские пословицы, подготовить презентацию об известных жителях Великобритании, придумать слоган и название своей команды, выбрать капитана.

Форма: игра.

Оборудование: карточки с вопросами, аудиозапись финальной песни, презентации.

Участники: 3 команды игроков, ведущий, жюри.


Ведущий: Good afternoon, children and our guests! I’m very glad to see you here. Now we shall organize a competition called “Intellectual Marathon”. Two teams will take part in a game of the most quick-witted and the cleverest. It’s time to introduce yourselves. Who is the captain of the 1st team?

Капитаны команд по очереди представляют название и слоган своей команды.

Ведущий: Today all of you have a good chance to improve your English during the game. I have invited a competent jury to count the points. The members of our jury are …(учителя английского языка)

  • Ведущий: So let’s start our competition. The first task is to answer the questions about the United Kingdom. Come here dear captains, and pull some questions for your teams.

Капитаны команд по очереди вытягивают из коробки карточки с вопросами для совей команды. Один правильный ответ равен одному баллу.

Приложение I

List I

1. What is the capital of the UK? (London)

2. Where is Trafalgar Square? (in London)

3. Who was Nelson? (a British admiral)

4. Where does the Queen live? (in Buckingham Palace)

5. What's the capital of Northern Ireland? (Belfast)

6. People who live in Scotland are called ... (the Scots)

7. What are the main colours of the British flag? (red, blue, white)

8. What food is traditional at Christmas? (roast turkey)

9. When is Halloween celebrated? (October, 31)

10. Name the river London is situated on. (the Thames)

11. What is St. Paul's Cathedral? (a church)

12. Name any English holiday.

13. Who is Agatha Christie? (a detective story writer)

14. Name any members of the Queen's family (her husband Prince Philip, her sons Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, her daughters Princess Anne and Princess Margaret)

15. What sea is the UK washed by? (the North Sea)

16. What is the population of the UK? (more than 56 m people)

17. Who does the real power in Great Britain belong to? (Parliament)

18. Where did the great Fire of London begin: in the house of the King's butcher or the King's baker? (in the house of the King's baker)

19. What animal is the symbol of the English might or strength? (the Lion)

20. Name the member of the English royal family who lived to be more than 100 years old. (the Queen mother)

21. Name any national English game, (football, rugby, cricket)

22. What was the Tower of London in the past? (a fortress, a palace, a prison, the King's Zoo)

23. What plant is the symbol of Ireland? (the shamrock)

24. Where did William the Conqueror come from? (Normandy, France)

25. Where is the political centre of London? (Westminster)

List II

1. Where do English people keep the Queen's crown: in the Tower of London or in Westminster Abbey? (in the Tower of London)

2. How many years did it take Sir Christopher Wren to build St. Paul's Cathedral: 35 years or 15 years? (35 years)

3. Name any places you'd like to visit in London.

4. What is the Tower of London now? (a museum)

5. What parts does the UK consist of? (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

6. What is Buckingham Palace? (the Queen's residence)

7. Give the Russian equivalent of the English proverb "An Englishman's house is his castle". (Дом англичанина - его крепость.)

8. When did William the Conqueror come to London? (1066)

9. What is Robert Burns famous for? (Scottish national poet)

10. Where does the British Prime Minister live: at 10, Downing Street or at 12, Whitehall? (at 10, Downing Street)

11. Name any famous English person.

12. Where is the business centre in London? (the City)

13. People who live in Ireland arc called ... (the Irish)

14. What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)

  1. How many crosses does the British flag consist of? (3 crosses)

  2. What is the traditional children's food on Easter Sunday? (Chocolate eggs and rabbits)

  3. When is April Fool's Day celebrated? (April, 1)

  4. What is the most democratic park in London? (Hyde Park)

  5. The Houses of Parliament consist of 2 Houses. What are they? (the House of Lords and the House of Commons)

  6. What ocean is the UK washed by? (the Atlantic Ocean)

  7. What is the name of the House of Parliament whose members are permanent? (the House of Lords)

  8. What are the names of the Queen's daughters? (Anne and Margaret)

  9. What are the names of the British Saints? (St. George, St. Andrew, St. Patrick, St. David)

  10. What plant is the symbol of Scotland? (the thistle)

25. Do English people have a good sense of humour? (Yes, they do)

List III

  1. What is Londinium? (London)

  2. When is Christmas celebrated in Britain (December, 25)

3. What parts does Britain consist of? (England, Scotland, Wales)

4. Who built Londinium: the Scots or the Romans? (the Romans)

  1. What is the capital of Scotland? (Edinburgh)

  1. People who live in Wales are called ... (the Welsh)

  2. What is the name of the British flag? (the Union Jack)

  3. Who built London bridge: the Romans or the Irish? (the Romans)

  4. What is celebrated on February, 14? (St. Valentine's Day)

10. Who built St. Paul's Cathedral: Sir Christopher Wren or Sir David Copperfield? (Sir Christopher Wren)

  1. Name any English holiday or tradition.

  2. What plant is the symbol of England? (the rose)

  3. How many sons does Prince Charles have? (2 sons: William and Harry)

  4. What is the name of the Queen? (Elizabeth II)

  1. What, separates the UK from the continent of Europe? (the English Channel/the Straight of Dover)

  2. Name any sports developed in Britain (golf, cricket, football, hockey, rugby)

  3. What bird do English people take care of? (the raven)

  4. What is cricket? (a national game)

  5. What are the biggest industrial cities of the UK? (Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle)

  6. What is William Shakespeare famous for? (a poet, a playwright)

  1. Who is the Official Head of State in Britain? (the Queen)

  2. What is the name of the biggest clock in London? (Big Ben)

  3. What place in London is usually visited by tourists? ...

  4. When do English children go from house to house and say: "Trick or treat"? (on Halloween)

  5. What is the most popular English holiday? (Christmas)

  • Ведущий: You are so clever boys and girls! You know so much about The UK. But let’s see how witty you are. Each team has prepared some riddles. So, captains, come out and read your riddles for other teams.

Каждый капитан по очереди зачитывает свои загадки для соперников. Капитаны двух других команд совещаются со своими игроками и предлагают свой ответ. 1 правильный ответ = 1 баллу.

  • Ведущий: Well done! Now it’s time for our next competition. You were to make a presentation about a famous British person. Lets listen to them.

Представители от каждой команды выступают с презентацией об известном жителе Великобритании. (оценка по 5-ти бальной шкале каждого пункта- оформление, содержание, выступление).

  • Ведущий: Thank you, that was very interesting. It’s time for our last competition. And it’s for our clever captains. You’ll get some English proverbs and you should give their Russian equivalents. (1 поговорка = 1 балл)

  • Ведущий: So that’s all for today. While our jury is counting your points let’s have fun and sing a song that you all know!

Председатель жюри оглашает результаты конкурса и вручает грамоты.

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