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2.21 МБ IKK.swf
10.48 КБ ToolTipClass.as
20.78 КБ OverwriteManager.as
55.48 КБ TimelineLite.as
40.3 КБ TimelineMax.as
46.46 КБ TweenLite.as
63.57 КБ TweenMax.as
23.74 КБ TweenNano.as
37.92 КБ changelog.txt
2.9 КБ PropTween.as
5.34 КБ SimpleTimeline.as
22.41 КБ TweenCore.as
2.88 КБ EaseLookup.as
9.94 КБ RoughEase.as
3.21 КБ SteppedEase.as
2.39 КБ AutoAlphaPlugin.as
2.54 КБ BevelFilterPlugin.as
9.27 КБ BezierPlugin.as
3.71 КБ BezierThroughPlugin.as
2.19 КБ BlurFilterPlugin.as
3.28 КБ CacheAsBitmapPlugin.as
9.61 КБ ColorMatrixFilterPlugin.as
5.39 КБ ColorTransformPlugin.as
2.71 КБ DropShadowFilterPlugin.as
2.64 КБ EndArrayPlugin.as
4.01 КБ FilterPlugin.as
2.95 КБ FrameForwardPlugin.as
2.22 КБ FrameLabelPlugin.as
2.52 КБ GlowFilterPlugin.as
3.46 КБ HexColorsPlugin.as
4.59 КБ QuaternionsPlugin.as
3.84 КБ RoundPropsPlugin.as
2.65 КБ ScalePlugin.as
2.53 КБ ScrollRectPlugin.as
2.92 КБ SetSizePlugin.as
3.4 КБ ShortRotationPlugin.as
3 КБ TintPlugin.as
8.9 КБ TransformMatrixPlugin.as
15.19 КБ TweenPlugin.as
2.63 КБ VisiblePlugin.as
2 КБ VolumePlugin.as
9.98 МБ Историко-культурный комплекс Белгородской области.exe
36 КБ Пояснительная записка_ГребневВБ.doc

Выбранный для просмотра документ changelog.txt

CHANGE LOG : GREENSOCK TWEENING PLATFORM (AS2) ---------------------------------------------- 2012-01-19 --------------------------------------------- TweenLite 1.696 - Fixed issue that could cause an error if you set a "reversed" value in the vars parameter (like reversed:true) and the target was non-dynamic. 2011-12-08 --------------------------------------------- TweenLite 1.695 TweenMax 1.695 TimelineLite 1.695 TimelineMax 1.695 - Fixed issue that could cause a delayedCall(), zero-duration tween, or a callback added to TimelineMax with its addCallback() method to be called an extra time when playing in reverse (and only when the parent TimelineMax renders EXACTLY on that callback's startTime before moving on). 2011-12-06 --------------------------------------------- TimelineMax 1.694 TweenMax 1.694 - Fixed issue that could cause a timeline that has a non-zero "repeat" to trigger callbacks in child tweens when its currentProgress is set to 0 after having repeated at least once. - Fixed issue that caused TimelineMax to always render in its first cycle when currentProgress was set, rather than honoring the current cycle if it had repeated one or more times. 2011-11-08 --------------------------------------------- TimelineLite 1.693 TimelineMax 1.693 - Fixed issue that could (in a very uncommon situation) cause a TimelineLite or TimelineMax not to render a tween that was inserted after it had completed and the rawTime of its parent was past the end of the timeline. 2011-11-07 --------------------------------------------- TweenLite 1.693 TweenMax 1.693 - Fixed issue that could cause a tween to act as though it completed when it is rendered at its end state while reversed (like if its currentProgress or totalProgress is set to 1 or if its totalTime is set to totalDuration or if currentTime is set to duration). Again, this only happens incorrectly when the tween is reversed. 2011-10-27 --------------------------------------------- TweenCore 1.692 TweenMax 1.692 - Fixed issue that could cause a TweenMax with repeat:-1 (infinite) whose "duration" property is set after being created (like myTween.duration = 2) to cause the tween to stop repeating thereafter. 2011-09-28 --------------------------------------------- TweenCore 1.691 TweenLite 11.691 TweenMax 11.691 TimelineLite 1.691 TimelineMax 1.691 - Fixed issue that could cause a resumed tween/timeline incorrectly adjust its startTime if it wasn't paused before it was resumed. 2011-09-21 --------------------------------------------- TweenLite 11.66 - Fixed an internal issue that could (in very rare situations) cause a gradual performance decline if the same tween finishes and then gets manually restarted infinitely (in this case an internal array's length would grow by one each restart and didn't get flushed until the tween had finished for about 60 frames). 2011-09-15 --------------------------------------------- TintPlugin 1.3 ColorTransformPlugin	1.7 - Tweaked the tint and colorTransform plugins so that they only tween the individual properties necessary. For example, TweenMax.to(mc, 2, {colorTransform:{blueOffset:255}}) will only affect the blueOffset instead of recording and refreshing the starting values of the other properties like redOffset, greenOffset, etc. This means it's possible to set up multiple colorTransform tweens that run simultaneously (with overwrite:false) that each control different portions of the colorTransform (useful if the tweens need to have different durations). 2011-08-31 --------------------------------------------- ThrowPropsPlugin 0.7 - Tweaked the algorithms in ThrowPropsPlugin.to() so that if the velocity is below 10 and the end value exceeds the max or min, the duration snaps to 0.75 for convenience. Otherwise, if the velocity was very slow, the duration was uncomfortably long. For example, in the scrolling sample (Plugin Explorer), if the user dragged the content past the bounds and then stopped their mouse and released it, the content would very slowly return to the edge instead of snapping their relatively quickly. 2011-08-29 --------------------------------------------- TimelineLite 1.672 SimpleTimeline 1.672 - Fixed issue that could cause a tween or timeline to play at the wrong time if its delay is changed while it is paused and then later play() is called. 2011-08-09 --------------------------------------------- TimelineLite 1.671 TimelineMax 1.671 - Fixed issue that could cause a reversed TimelineLite/Max to stop if its totalTime is set to exactly its duration. 2011-05-10 --------------------------------------------- TweenMax 1.68 - Enhanced TweenMax's updateTo() method so that it accommodates tweens that have already finished. 2011-04-20 --------------------------------------------- TimelineLite 1.66 TimelineMax 1.67 - Fixed issue with the getChildren() method of TimelineLite and TimelineMax that could cause certain tweens/timelines to be missing in the resulting array if the TimelineLite/Max contained a nested TimelineLite/Max. - Fixed issue with TimelineMax's getActive() that incorrectly reported nested timelines that contained paused tweens/timelines as being active. 2011-01-25 --------------------------------------------- TweenMax 11.66 TimelineMax 1.66 - Fixed issue that could prevent an onRepeat from getting called if the repeat occurs on the same render as the tween/timeline completes. 2011-01-18 --------------------------------------------- TweenLite 1.65 TweenMax 1.65 TimelineLite 1.65 TimelineMax 1.65 - Fixed issue that could cause a TimelineLite or TimelineMax to report an incorrect currentTime if a nested tween/timeline's onComplete called a function that changed the parent TimelineLite/Max's currentTime (this would only happen if the tween's onComplete ran at the VERY end of the parent TimelineLite/Max). - Added code to reposition a TimelineLite/Max's startTime if a new tween/timeline was appended/inserted AFTER the parent timeline had completed (and only if the parent timeline is at the root level, not nested inside another timeline in which case it is generally more desireable to maintain a consistent startTime). Typically the only time you'd see the benefit of this new code is if you create a TimelineLite/Max and then a while later (after it completed), you append() a tween and then play() - the old version would render the tween as though time had elapsed between the parent timeline's startTime and now (skipping ahead). - Minor improvement to the way the timing mechanism starts in TweenLite/Max. 2011-01-12 --------------------------------------------- TweenNano 1.06 - Added onCompleteScope to delayedCall() method to match TweenLite and TweenMax (AS2 version only - scope doesn't shift in AS3) 2011-01-06 --------------------------------------------- TweenMax 1.64 TimelineLite 1.64 TimelineMax 1.64 SimpleTimeline 1.64 TweenCore 1.64 - Fixed issue that could cause a TweenMax or TimelineMax to call its onRepeat after it ran once and then was restarted (with restart() or gotoAndPlay(0)) - Fixed issue that could cause a paused tween's resume() to pick up at the wrong time if it was paused and then reparented into another TimelineLite/Max instance before being resumed. 2010-12-30 --------------------------------------------- TimelineLite 1.63 TimelineMax 1.63 SimpleTimeline 1.63 - Fixed issue that could cause a tween that was paused while it was in one timeline but resumed after being inserted into a different timeline to not honor the correct startTime. - When a new tween/timeline is inserted into a completed timeline, the timeline's new end time will be analyzed and if it exceeds the parent timeline's currentTime, the timeline (and any anscestors) will automatically be re-enabled. 2010-12-24 --------------------------------------------- TimelineLite 1.62 TimelineMax 1.62 TweenMax 11.62 SimpleTimeline 1.62 TweenCore 1.62 - Consolidated the addChild() method into insert() which helped clean up the API a bit (addChild() really wasn't meant for anyone to use). This also accommodates inserting tweens into the TweenLite.rootTimeline and TweenLite.rootFramesTimeline (not a common task, but it could come in handy in some rare scenarios) 2010-12-21 --------------------------------------------- TweenLite 11.61 TweenMax 11.61 - Zero-duration tweens will correctly trigger their onStart now (just keep in mind that onStart and onComplete will both fire on zero-duration tweens because their start and end times are the same) 2010-12-20 --------------------------------------------- TweenLite 11.6 TweenMax 11.6 TimelineLite 1.6 TimelineMax 1.6 SimpleTimeline 1.6 OverwriteManager	6.1 - [IMPORTANT]: Reworked the rendering order so that when multiple overlapping tweens/timelines must be rendered at a particular time, the one that was created first renders first. Previously, tweens would render in the reverse order so that the overwriting order was prioritized. However, it seems more intuitive to have them render in order of creation (it causes less confusion for users), hence the change in this version. The benefit of the "old" way was that if a from()/fromTo() tween with immediateRender:false was created before another tween of the same target (and both are schedule to start at the same time), the from()/fromTo() tween wouldn't render its starting values because the newer tween would have overwritten them since it rendered first. So the new rendering order will make the tweens behave differently in that scenario - now the from()/fromTo() tween would render first (since it was created first) and will render its initial values and then the next tween will render and at that point it will overwrite the previous tween. Technically this means that the 2nd tween's start values would be affected by the first tween's initial render which previously didn't happen, but again, it seems to make good sense. - Fixed an issue that could cause a zero-duration tween that starts at the same time as another tween of the same target to incorrectly overwrite or be overwritten (it would only happen in a VERY rare and very particular scenario with the tweens being created in a specific order) - Fixed an issue that could cause a tween/timeline to skip its very first render (waiting until the next frame to render), but only if the virtual playhead landed EXACTLY on the tween's/timeline's scheduled startTime. It normally wouldn't matter anyway since there wouldn't be any change to tweening values at that point, but it could matter on fromTo() tweens. 2010-12-17 --------------------------------------------- TweenMax 11.53 - Fixed an issue that could cause a TweenMax.fromTo() to skip rendering its beginning state for one frame if (and only if) the virtual playhead landed EXACTLY on the tween's startTime (very rare). 2010-12-16 --------------------------------------------- TweenLite 11.52 TweenMax 11.52 TimelineLite 1.52 TimelineMax 1.52 - Fixed a timing issue that could (in VERY rare circumstances) cause a zero-duration tween or timeline not to render properly when its parent timeline is played backwards. The rendering would have to occur at exactly the right millisecond to ever see this issue. 2010-12-16 --------------------------------------------- TweenLite 11.51 TweenMax 11.51 RoundPropsPlugin	2.0 TweenPlugin 1.4 - Enhanced RoundPropsPlugin so that it is now compatible with TweenLite (previously it was only for TweenMax). - Reduced the size of TweenMax (by moving the roundProps code to the plugin which is more efficient) - Minor optimizations in TweenPlugin 2010-12-12 --------------------------------------------- TweenLite 11.5 TweenMax 11.5 TweenCore 1.5 - Enhanced TweenLite's and TweenMax's ability to alter their duration on the fly so that the tween's startTime is automatically adjusted when necessary in order to make the transition smoothly (avoid a sudden skip to the new position) 2010-11-30 --------------------------------------------- TweenLite 11.42 - Fixed a minor issue with TweenLite's killVars() method that could (in very rare situations) cause a property of a later tween to overwrite the same property in an earlier one after it had already been overwritten. 2010-11-28 --------------------------------------------- TweenLite 11.411 TweenMax 11.411 - Fixed issue that could cause a tween's onComplete to be called even after the tween was killed in its final onUpdate (extremely rare scenario) 2010-11-23 --------------------------------------------- TweenLite 11.4 TweenMax 11.4 - Fixed an issue that could cause a TweenMax motionBlur tween to stop when updateTo() is called 2010-10-13 --------------------------------------------- TimelineLite 1.392 TimelineMax 1.392 TweenCore 1.392 RoughEase 0.61 - Fixed issue that caused a TimelineLite/Max not to fire its onComplete when its autoRemoveChildren property was true - Changed RoughEase so that when a name isn't defined, the instance isn't stored in the lookup table that's used for byName(), making the instance eligible for gc - Added a dispose() method to RoughEase to manually release an instance for gc. 2010-09-27 ---------------------------------------------- TweenLite 1.39 TweenMax 1.39 TimelineLite 1.39 TimelineMax 1.39 TweenCore 1.39 - Added return values for append(), insert(), prepend(), insertMultiple(), appendMultiple(), and prependMultiple() in TimelineLite and TimelineMax - Fixed issue that could cause the parent timeline's totalDuration to be miscalculated when a paused tween or timeline is added to a TimelineLite or TimelineMax instance and then unpaused (very uncommon scenario) 2010-09-25 ---------------------------------------------- TransformMatrixPlugin 1.0 - Added shortRotation capability to TransformMatrixPlugin, so you can do TweenLite.to(mc, 1, {transformMatrix:{shortRotation:164, _xscale:200, _yscale:200}}); 2010-09-01 ---------------------------------------------- TweenLite 1.36 - Added a TweenLite.jumpStart() method to work around a bug in Flash that could cause AS2-based swfs that are subloaded into an AS3-based swf to stop working properly. Again, this is due to a bug in Flash. To prevent it, simply call TweenLite.jumpStart(_root) once before doing any tweens in your AS2 swf (I'd recommend doing so on the first frame of your swf). 2010-05-25 ---------------------------------------------- TimelineLite 1.382 TweenCore 1.382 - Fixed issue that could cause an infinite loop if the only child of a TimelineLite/Max was removed and then added back to it and rendered. 2010-05-24 ---------------------------------------------- TimelineLite 1.38 SimpleTimeline 1.38 TweenCore 1.38 - Fixed issue that could prevent a tween from being removed properly from a completed TimelineLite/Max and, if inserted again and it's the only child of the TimelineLite/Max, it could cause an infinite loop when determining its totalDuration. 2010-05-17 ---------------------------------------------- TimelineMax 11.381 - TimelineMax.tweenTo() and TimelineMax.tweenFromTo() now automatically adjust the resulting tween's duration according to the TimelineMax's timeScale. 2010-05-14 ---------------------------------------------- TweenMax 1.37 TimelineMax 1.38 - Fixed issue that caused the TweenMax or TimelineMax instance to render at its beginning state instead of its end state if the virutal playhead landed exactly on one of the times at which it repeats (like a tween/timeline with a duration of 1, repeated and rendered at a totalTime of exactly 2 would show as though it's at its beginning state). This only happened at precisely the repeat points. 2010-05-11 (2) ---------------------------------------------- TimelineLite 1.371 TimelineMax 1.371 - Fixed issue where a TimelineLite/Max didn't recognize the need to continue running when a nested tween added more tweens via its onComplete. In other words, the TimelineLite/Max was on its final render but during the course of that render, more tweens were added, lengthening the timeline thus requiring it to continue running. 2010-05-11 ---------------------------------------------- TimelineMax 1.37 TweenNano 1.05 - Fixed issue with a yoyo'd TimelineMax briefly rendering its end state on restart() - Fixed default overwrite mode in TweenNano to be true (ALL_IMMEDIATE) instead of false (NONE). The documentation has always been correct, but the behavior wasn't (sorry!) 2010-04-28 ---------------------------------------------- TimelineMax 1.361 - Fixed TimelineMax.tweenTo() bug that prevented the tween from working properly when the destination time/label was the same as the current time/label. 2010-04-26 ---------------------------------------------- TweenLite 1.35 - Fixed bug in AS2 version that could cause a delay in tweens created in subloaded swfs. 2010-04-10 ---------------------------------------------- TweenLite 11.32 - Fixed bug that only appeared in the debug versions of the Flash Player which could cause an auto-overwritten tween not to be completely removed. - Minor tweaks to enhance performance slightly. 2010-03-31 ---------------------------------------------- OverwriteManager 6.01 - Fixed a problem that could occur in very rare situations due to floating point math issues in Flash and could cause a tween not to be overwritten properly in AUTO mode. 2010-03-28 ---------------------------------------------- TimelineLite 1.32 TimelineMax 1.32 - Fixed a bug introduced a little over 30 hours ago (v1.31) in TimelineLite and TimelineMax that prevented paused TimelineLites/Maxes from rendering (for example, if you paused it and tweened its currentTime property or used TimelineMax's tweenTo() method). 2010-03-06 (2) ---------------------------------------------- TimelineLite 1.31 TimelineMax 1.31 - Updated the rendering routine in TimelineLite and TimelineMax so that if a child tween or callback pauses the timeline, it won't allow the rendering cycle to finish on that frame. 2010-03-26 ---------------------------------------------- TweenLite 11.3 TimelineLite 1.3 MotionBlurPlugin	2.0 - Added 3rd parameter to TweenLite.killTweensOf() that allows you to define specific tweening properties to kill. This way you can kill only individual properties like "_x" and "_alpha" tweens of a particular object with TweenLite.killTweensOf(mc, false, {_x:true, _alpha:true}); - Added 3rd parameter to TimelineLite's killTweensOf() to match the TweenLite.killTweensOf() addition. - Rebuilt MotionBlurPlugin so that it accurately handles objects with DropShadowFilters or BevelFilters applied. - Added "fastMode" special property to MotionBlurPlugin that can improve rendering speed by 500% or more. - Added ":30AM ----------------- TweenLite 1.133 TweenMax 1.133 TimelineLite 1.142 SimpleTimeline 1.133 - Fixed bug that could cause an endless loop in a very specific (extremely rare) scenario when a TweenCore is killed/disabled more than once and its parent timeline is at a particular spot in the linked list rendering order. 1/15/2010, 11:00PM ------------------ TimelineLite 1.141 - Fixed a bug that could prevent a TimelineLite/Max from being garbage collected in a very specific (rare) scenario. 1/12/2010, 5:15PM ----------------- TimelineLite 1.14 - Added removeLabel() to TimelineLite/Max - Fixed bug in TransformMatrixPlugin that caused rotating objects to skew slightly in the middle of a tween (they always ended correctly, though) - Updated documentation 1/7/2010, 10:00PM ----------------- TweenCore 1.132 TweenLite 1.132 - Worked around problem that caused the AS2 version of TweenLite/Max not to work when published to Flash Player 6 12/28/09, 9:30PM ---------------- TimelineMax 1.13 - tweenTo() now respects a timeline's timeScale, adjusting the duration of the tween accordingly. 12/19/09, 8:15PM ----------------- TweenLite 11.131 TweenMax 11.131 - Fixed minor bug that could cause a tween to report as active when it isn't. - Added RoughEase - Added RoughEase and SplitTextField to documentation 12/8/09, 1PM ---------------- TweenLite 11.13 TimelineLite 11.13 TweenCore 1.13 - Fixed bug that could prevent tweens from being properly removed from a TimelineLite/Max that has been completed 11/25/09, 12:00PM ------------------ TweenLite 11.12 TweenMax 11.12 - Fixed problem that could cause a TweenLite.from() not to honor "paused:true" passed in through the constructor's vars object - Fixed problem that could prevent killVars() from working on a rounded property in TweenMax 11/21/09, 10:30AM ----------------- TimelineLite 1.12 TimelineMax 1.12 - Fixed issue that could cause a TimelineLite or TimelineMax not to honor a reverse() call or a call that altered the timeline's startTime when it happened inside a child tween/timeline on the very last render when the TimelineLite/Max would have normally completed. 11/20/09, 11:00AM ----------------- TweenCore 1.11 TweenMax 11.11 - Fixed issue that caused onComplete not to fire on tweens that had yoyo set to true and an odd repeat value 11/19/09, 10:00PM ----------------- TimelineLite 1.11 TimelineMax 1.11 SimpleTimeline 1.11 - Fixed bug that could cause an unfinished tween to render once more after having been killed (and only in certain scenarios) - Fixed bug with gotoAndPlay() sometimes inaccurately setting the currentTime 11/12/09, 11:10PM ----------------- TimelineLite 1.1 SimpleTimeline 1.1 TweenCore 1.1 - CRITICAL: Fixed bug that could cause an endless loop in very rare situations. It could also cause some odd behavior that would look like tweens/timelines got overwritten. 11/10/09, 9:50AM ---------------- TweenLite 11.101 - Fixed bug that could cause AS2 tweens that started later in an swf to skip ahead too far 11/7/09, 7:10AM --------------- SimpleTimeline 1.01 TimelineLite 1.01 TimelineMax 1.04 TweenMax 1.104 - Fixed bug that could cause odd overwriting behavior - Worked around Flash bug that incorrectly reported modulus operations like 4 % 0.8 as 0.7999999999 instead of 0, causing occassional jumping/skipping in repeated/yoyo'd TweenMax or TimelineMax instances 10/29/09, 11:30AM ----------------- TweenMax 11.103 TimelineMax 1.03 - Fixed bug that caused tweens/timelines with yoyo set to true and an odd number of repeats to end incorrectly 10/27/09, 2:05PM ---------------- TweenMax 11.102 - Fixed bug that could cause a repeated TweenMax not to fire an onComplete in certain scenarios. 10/23/09, 3:00PM ---------------- TweenMax 11.101 TimelineMax 1.01 - Fixed minor bug in TimelineMax that could cause repeated instances to incorrectly report their currentTime after completing. - Fixed bug in TweenMax.globalTimeScale that would only show up if you tried setting the property before creating any tweens. 10/22/09, 11:50PM ----------------- TweenNano 1.01 TweenPlugin 1.31 - Very minor internal optimizations 10/21/09, 2PM CST ----------------- TweenLite 11.1 TweenMax 11.1 TimelineLite	1.0 TimelineMax 1.0 TweenNano 1.0 TweenCore 1.0 SimpleTimeline	1.0 - Official first release of v11! - Added repeat and repeatDelay getter/setter to TweenMax 10/16/09, 1PM CST ----------------- TimelineLite 0.994 - Added "offset" parameter to append() and appendMultiple() methods to allow you to offset the insertion point by a certain amount. 10/13/09, 4:35PM CST -------------------- - Added new physics2D and physicsProps plugins for Club GreenSock members 10/7/2009, 10:10PM CST ---------------------- TweenLite 11.099996 TweenMax 11.099996 TimelineLite 0.993 TimelineMax 0.993 TweenCore 0.993 - Added onReverseComplete functionality in TweenLite - Minor internal optimizations and restructuring 10/4/09 12:00AM CST ------------------- TweenLite 11.099995 TweenMax 11.099995 TimelineLite 0.99 TimelineMax 0.99 TweenCore 0.99 - Changed stop() to pause() in TweenCore (which affects TweenLite and TweenMax, but stop() was left in TimelineLite and TimelineMax in order to retain consistency with MovieClip.stop()) - Changed TweenMax.stopAll() back to TweenMax.pauseAll() - Removed TweenMax.killAllTweens() and TweenMax.killAllDelayedCalls() because the functionality is already present in TweenMax.killAll() 10/2/09, 1:30PM CST ------------------- TweenLite 11.099994 TweenMax 11.099994 TimelineLite 0.97 TimelineMax 0.97 OverwriteManager	6.0 - Added stop(), play(), resume(), restart(), reverse(), methods and paused, reversed, and totalTime properties to TweenLite - Updated documentation - Added new PREEXISTING mode to OverwriteManager - Made TweenLite and TweenMax re-parse the "ease" property of the vars object after a tween has been invalidated (invalidate()) - Minor speed enhancements to a few plugins 9/27/09, 11:35PM CST -------------------- TimelineLite	0.96 TimelineMax 0.96 - If the label isn't found in TimelineLite.getLabelTime(), it will now return -1 instead of 0 which helps determine if a label exists. - Now TimelineMax.tweenTo() won't do anything if you pass in a non-existent label. (previously it would default to a time of 0) 9/24/09, 1:20PM CST ------------------- TweenMax 11.099993 - Fixed bug that caused roundProps not to function properly on the first property. 9/23/09, 2PM CST ---------------- OverwriteManager	5.42 TweenLite 11.099993 - Fixed bug in AUTO overwriting mode that could cause tweens to be overwritten when they shouldn't in certain situations. 9/22/09, 3:15PM CST ------------------- TweenLite 11.099992 TweenMax 11.099992 TimelineLite	0.95 TimelineMax 0.95 - Fixed bug that could cause onStart to fire twice if immediateRender was set to true 9/22/09, 12PM CST ----------------- OverwriteManager	5.41 - Fixed bug in OverwriteManager - Fixed bug in MotionBlurPlugin 9/15/09, 1:15PM CST ------------------- TweenLite 11.099991 TweenMax 11.099991 OverwriteManager 5.4 TimelineMax 0.941 TweenPlugin 1.3 - Altered AUTO overwriting code so that if all of a tween's tweening properties have been overwritten, the entire tween is killed (previously, the tween could live and its onComplete/onUpdate would still fire) - Fixed bug in AS3 version of TimelineMax's getLabelBefore(), getLabelAfter(), and currentLabel 9/12/09, 5PM CST ----------------- TweenLite 11.09999 TweenMax 11.09999 TimelineLite	0.94 TimelineMax 0.94 OverwriteManager	5.3 - Changed "time" property to "currentTime". - Changed "progress" property to "currentProgress". - Added tweenTo() method to TimelineMax. - Fixed bug that could cause a motionBlur not to render correctly if an alpha tween overwrote it. - Fixed minor bugs in the AS2 version of several plugins. 9/10/09, 1PM CST ---------------- TweenLite 11.09998 - Fixed overwriting bug 9/9/09, 6PM CST ------------------ TimelineLite	0.93 TimelineMax 0.93 TweenLite 11.09997 TweenMax 11.09997 - Added getLabelTime() to TimelineLite - Added currentTime and getLabelBefore() and getLabelAfter() to TimelineMax - Added new "ratio" property in TweenLite/Max/Nano 9/6/2009, 2:10AM CST -------------------- TweenLite 11.09995 TweenMax 11.09995 TimelineLite	0.92 TimelineMax 0.92 TweenNano 0.92 - Minor speed enhancements and internal modifications - Added ability to activate certain easing classes in TweenMax so that they use optimized internal code to speed things up. Classes include Strong, Quint, Quad, Cubic, Linear, and Quart 8/22/2009, 2:30AM CST --------------------- TimelineLite	0.91 TransformMatrixPlugin 0.95 - Fixed bug that caused odd behavior when using insertMultiple() with tweens that had a timeScale other than 1. - Changed the behavior of transformMatrix plugin to more closely match the Flash IDE's way of skewing - Altered the filter plugins so that you can use a regular BitmapFilter object (like GlowFilter, BlurFilter, etc.) to define vars in tweens. 8/17/2009, 11:15AM CST ---------------------- TimelineLite	0.9 TweenMax 11.09994 DynamicPropsPlugin was updated too - Added appendMultiple() and prependMultiple() to TimelineLite/Max - Added shiftChildren() to TimelineLite/Max - Fixed bug in TweenMax.killChildTweensOf() - Added the ability to pass parameters to dynamicProps functions 7/18/2009, 7:30PM CST --------------------- TweenLite 11.09993 TweenMax 11.09993 TimelineLite	0.88 TimelineMax 0.88 SimpleTimeline	0.88 TweenCore 0.88 - Added invalidate() method to TweenCore (which means it's available in TweenLite, TweenMax, TimelineLite, and TimelineMax) - Fixed bug that could cause the player to crash if a TweenCore was added to a timeline after the timeline had completed and was then reversed. - Fixed bug in AS2 version of TweenMax.setDestination() 7/16/2009, 9AM CST ------------------ OverwriteManager	5.1 - Added ALL_AFTER mode to OverwriteManager - Fixed bug in OverwriteManager that was introduced in 5.06 7/15/2009, 2:30PM CST --------------------- TimelineLite	0.87 TimelineMax 0.87 - Removed shorthand syntax in TimelineLite/Max in order to prevent confusion ("why won't insert()/append()/prepend() accommodate the shorthand syntax?") and reduce the file size. This also means that there's no need for the tweenClass special parameter. - Fixed minor ASDoc formatting problems. 7/15/2009, 1:45AM CST --------------------- TweenLite 11.09992 TweenMax 11.09992 TimelineLite	0.86 TimelineMax 0.86 TweenNano 0.86 - IMPORTANT: Changed base package name from "gs" to "com.greensock" in order to comply with industry standards. I realize this may cause some problems with existing code, but with all the enhancements and changes in v11, now seemed like the best time to make the change. Sorry for any inconvenience! - Fixed some documentation 7/13/2009, 4:45PM CST --------------------- TweenMax 11.09991 - Fixed bug in allTo() and allFrom() and allFromTo() that was introduced last version (when removing the "$" signs). 7/10/2009, 2PM CST ------------------ TweenLite 11.0999 TweenMax 11.0999 TimelineLite	0.85 TweenCore 0.85 - Fixed bug that could cause a TimelineLite/Max to inaccurately report its duration after changing the startTime of one of its children - Fixed bug in CustomEase and EaseLookup that was introduced 24 hours ago. 7/9/2009, 3PM CST ----------------- TweenLite 11.0998 TweenMax 11.0998 OverwriteManager	5.05 TimelineLite	0.83 TimelineMax 0.83 TweenNano 0.84 SimpleTimeline	0.83 Tweenable 0.84 - Fixed bug in timeline classes that prevented getChildren() from returning nested tweens/timelines properly - Fixed bug in timeline classes and TweenMaxthat could cause a delay if a nested timeline was paused at exactly zero seconds and then resumed later. - Fixed bug in OverwriteManager that could overwrite tweens in paused timelines. - Changed the name of the super-lightweight new class from "TweenLt" to "TweenNano". - Changed the package for the core tweening classes from gs.core.tween to simply gs.core - Changed the package for the vars classes (TweenLiteVars, TweenMaxVars, etc.) from gs.utils.tween to gs.data - Removed "$" from all parameters 7/2/2009, 5PM CST ----------------- TweenLite 11.0997 TweenLt 0.84 - Worked around what appears to be a bug in Flash Lite having to do with subloaded SWFs not getting proper access to the _root. 7/1/2009, 1PM CST ----------------- TweenLite 11.0996 TweenMax 11.0996 TweenLt 0.83 Tweenable 0.83 - Removed TweenLite.removeTween() and TweenMax.removeTween() in favor of a common kill() method. So what used to be TweenLite.removeTween(myTween) is now simply myTween.kill(); - Added kill() to all tweenables including TimelineLite and TimelineMax. 6/29/09, 4:30PM CST ------------------- TweenMax 11.0995 TimelineLite	0.82 TimelineMax 0.82 - Fixed bug that could cause tweens to be rendered incorrectly in a TimelineMax that was repeated and restarted (in rare circumstances) - Fixed bug in TweenMax that could render a tween incorrectly if the "time" property is set during a yoyo phase. 6/22/09, 2:45PM CST ------------------- TweenMax 11.0994 TimelineMax 0.81 TweenLt 0.81 - Fixed bug in TweenMax.from() that could cause it to incorrectly render the first frame. - Reduced the risk of a particular incompatibility with future versions of TweenLt 6/16/09, 9:30AM CST ---------------- TweenLite 11.0991 TweenMax 11.0993 TimelineLite	0.8 TimelineMax 0.8 Tweenable 0.8 TweenLt 0.8 - Added new TweenLt class that is a super-lightweight (1.85k) version of TweenLite without plugin capability, OverwriteManager integration, and a few other features. TweenLt is not recommended unless you absolutely cannot afford the extra 2.5k that the regular TweenLite class would cost. - Prevented timelines from rendering times less than zero or greater than the totalDuration. - Fixed very minor bug in TweenMax.isTweening() - Moved the ALIGN constants into their own TweenAlign class. (TweenAlign.START, TweenAlign.NORMAL, and TweenAlign.SEQUENCE) - Optimized some minor code in the easing equations. - Prevented TimelineLite/Max instances from having children with negative startTimes (they'll automatically move all children if a negative startTime is encountered so that the first child starts at zero) 6/1/2009, 5:20PM CST -------------------- TimelineLite	0.7 TimelineMax 0.7 TweenLite 11.099 TweenMax 11.099 Tweenable 0.7 SimpleTimeline	0.7 - Fixed bug that caused onStart to only fire the first time through a tween/timeline - Fixed issue that could cause a zero-duration tween/timeline to not render correctly if its parent timeline was rendered at a time that preceded the start time of the zero-duration tween/timeline 5/27/2009, 11:20AM CST ---------------------- TimelineLite 0.69 - Fixed bug that could cause timelines to get ignored in the rendering queue if they were created with zero tweens, immediately paused, and then populated, and subsequently unpaused. 5/26/2009, 10:45PM CST ---------------------- TimelineLite	0.68 TimelineMax 0.68 - Fixed bug in rendering a reversed timeline where some tweens or nested timelines could be skipped 5/23/09, 2:00PM CST ------------------- TweenLite 11.0987 TweenMax 11.0987 TimelineLite	0.67 TimelineMax 0.67 - Added "suppressEvent" capabilities throughout the classes. This is particularly useful in the timeline gotoAndStop(), gotoAndPlay(), goto(), and restart() methods because you can skip to a different time/position without having any onUpdate, onComplete, onReverseComplete, etc. callbacks or events triggered. - Added logic that allows the "immediateRender" special property to be honored if it is passed in through the "from" vars in TweenMax.allFromTo() and TweenMax.fromTo(). (previously it was only honored if it was passed through the "to" vars object) - Fixed bug that could cause tweens inside nested timelines that start at exactly zero seconds to render incorrectly 5/22/09, 9:30AM CST ------------------- TimelineLite	0.66 TimelineMax 0.66 - Fixed bug that could cause tweens to be skipped in the rendering queue when their start and end times were between the last render and the current one. 5/12/2009, 11:55PM CST ---------------------- TweenMax 11.0985 TimelineLite	0.65 TimelineMax 0.65 SimpleTimeline	0.63 - Now if a TimelineLite or TimelineMax contains a paused child tween/timeline, it will not complete (calling an onComplete or firing a COMPLETE event) until the child is unpaused. - Fixed bug in TweenMax.pauseAll() - Fixed bug that could cause odd behavior if certain actions were performed on a TimelineLite/Max when it was paused - Fixed bug in MotionBlurPlugin that prevented it from rendering properly initially if the tween was restarted or set back to a progress of zero. 5/8/2009, 2:05PM CST -------------------- TimelineLite 0.64 TimelineMax 0.64 SimpleTimeline	0.62 - Fixed bug that could cause an infinite loop under very specific circumstances

Выбранный для просмотра документ Пояснительная записка_ГребневВБ.doc


Цифровой образовательный ресурс Интерактивный плакат "Историко-культурный комплекс Белгородской области" предназначен для изучения школьного курса "География. 9 класс"

Автор: Гребнев Владимир Борисович,

учитель географии МБОУ "СОШ № 19 с УИОП" г. Старый Оскол

Предмет: География. 9 класс

Раздел: Особенности населения и хозяйства Белгородской области

Тема: Историко-культурный комплекс Белгородской области

Авторский ЦОР: Интерактивный плакат «Историко-культурный комплекс Белгородской области»

Тип урока: урок получения новых знаний

Метод обучения: самостоятельная работа

Средства обучения: персональные компьютеры с установленной программой Flash или браузером. Интерактивная доска.

Продолжительность использования ресурса: 5 мин

Авторские комментарии: ЦОР разработан на основе технологии Flash. Для работы с ЦОР необходимо распаковать архив «Историко-культурный комплекс Белгородской области.zip». Для корректной работы анимации не удаляйте папку «com». Файл «Историко-культурный комплекс Белгородской области.swf» можно открыть с помощью программы Flash Player или любого браузера. Файл «Историко-культурный комплекс Белгородской области.exe» запускается на любом ПК.

При нажатии кнопки «карта» на 1 кадре попадаем на карту важнейших достопримечательностей Белгородской области. На 2, 4, 13 кадрах фотографии интерактивны, при наведении курсора мыши на фото они увеличиваются в размере. На кадрах присутствуют интерактивные кнопки, при нажатии на них происходит переход в соответствующий названиям кнопок кадр. На 12 кадре при наведении курсора мыши на ссылку появляется сайт Государственного природного заповедника "Белогорье». При нажатии кнопки «Назад» возвращаемся в меню. При нажатии кнопки «Автор» переходим к описанию ресурса.


География Белгородской области [Текст]: Учеб. пособие. Часть первая: Природа; Часть вторая: Население и хозяйство / П. В. Голеусов [и др.]; науч. ред. А. Н. Петин [и др.]; М-во образования Рос. Федерации, Белгородский. гос. унив. - / 3-е изд., испр. и доп. - М: Изд-во МГУ, 2008. – 136 с.; - 6050 экз. - ISBN 978 5-211-05608-4

ОАО «Корпорация «Развитие [Электронный ресурс]: раздел «Туристические и историко-культурные объекты, официальный сайт /  — Режим доступа: URL: http://www.belgorodinvest.com/investpotentsial/about-the-region/tourist-and-historical-and-cultural-objects-of-the-belgorod-region/

Государственный природный заповедник "Белогорье» [Электронный ресурс]: официальный сайт / г. Белгород  — Режим доступа: URL: http://www.zapovednik-belogorye.ru/

Изображение: bel_dor.jpg Источник: http://www.russiamarch.ru/map/karta/bel_dor.jpg Лицензия: неизвестно Редакторы: Admin

Изображение: 536c9872b11d5.jpg Источник: http://i.redigo.ru/h900/536c9872b11d5.jpg Лицензия: неизвестно Редакторы: Admin

Изображение: 0_431c7_3d359330_-1-L.jpg Источник: http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/3415/vasilij-7884.e/0_431c7_3d359330_-1-L Лицензия: неизвестно Редакторы: Admin

Изображение: 0_12919a_9d73ee57_XL.jpg Источник: http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/6835/28319592.9/0_12919a_9d73ee57_XL.jpg Лицензия: неизвестно Редакторы: Admin

Изображение: 59b543d7e4470a229a79acc540a6a9fb_w960_h2048.jpg Источник: http://www.2do2go.ru/uploads/full/59b543d7e4470a229a79acc540a6a9fb_w960_h2048.jpg

Лицензия: неизвестно Редакторы: Admin

Самые низкие цены на курсы переподготовки

Специально для учителей, воспитателей и других работников системы образования действуют 50% скидки при обучении на курсах профессиональной переподготовки.

После окончания обучения выдаётся диплом о профессиональной переподготовке установленного образца с присвоением квалификации (признаётся при прохождении аттестации по всей России).

Обучение проходит заочно прямо на сайте проекта "Инфоурок", но в дипломе форма обучения не указывается.

Начало обучения ближайшей группы: 22 ноября. Оплата возможна в беспроцентную рассрочку (10% в начале обучения и 90% в конце обучения)!

Подайте заявку на интересующий Вас курс сейчас: https://infourok.ru

Краткое описание документа:

Историко-культурный комплекс Белгородской области

   Белгородская область обладает богатыми возможностями использования природных и антропогенных ландшафтов, культурно-исторического и природного наследия для развития различных видов отдыха и туризма. Достопримечательностями Белгородской области являются памятники истории и архитектуры, храмы и монастыри, природные парки и другие рекреационные зоны.

Объектов культурного наследия на Белгородчине  насчитывается более 2 тыс., из которых 845 — памятники истории, достаточно равномерно размещенные по территории. Большая часть из объектов истории (748) приходится на памятники воинской славы и воинские захоронения.

Визитной карточной области является государственный военно-исторический музей-заповедник «Прохоровское поле», который еще называют Третьим ратным полем России. Грандиозное танковое сражение под Прохоровкой стало вершиной ратного подвига в годы Великой Отечественной войны. В 1943 году здесь был окончательно сломлен стальной хребет фашистской «непобедимой» армады. В честь освобождения Белгорода и Орла от фашистов 5 августа 1943 года был дан салют. С тех пор Белгород называют Городом первого салюта, а День города празднуется именно 5 августа.


Мемориал «Звонница» – основной памятник мемориального комплекса «Прохоровское поле». Открыт в мае 1995 года. Высота звонницы – 59 метров. Внутри под куполом располагается набатный колокол весом 3,5 тонны. Стены звонницы представляет собой отделенные друг от друга четыре пилона, символизирующие четыре года войны. На вершине купола расположена позолоченная фигура Богородицы (заступницы России).

Храм Святых Апостолов Петра и Павла – православный храм, сооружен на народные пожертвования к 50-летию Победы в Великой Отечественной войне. Храм увенчан тремя главами и объединён с колокольней в единое целое. Особенностью данного храма является то, что на мраморных плитах его стен высечены имена 7 тысяч воинов, павших в Прохоровском сражении.

Музей-диорама – главная культурная достопримечательность города Белгорода. Площадь цельнотканого полотна крупнейшей в стране диорамы составляет  1005 кв. м, длина которого 67 м, а  высота – 15 м. На нём запечатлена картина Прохоровского танкового сражения - одного из самых грозных и судьбоносных сражений в истории Великой Отечественной войны.

Памятник Равноапостольному Князю Владимиру (г. Белгород). Является крупнейшим памятником Белгорода и крупнейшим в мире памятником князю Владимиру. Высота памятника - 22,5 м, из которых 7,5 м — сама скульптура князя, а оставшиеся 15 м — постамент. По легенде, именно князь Владимир Красное Солнышко считается основателем поселения, на котором впоследствии был построен город.

Храм-часовня во имя небесного покровителя Святого Белогорья - святителя Иоасафа, епископа Белгородского, чудотворца (г. Белгород, Свято-Троицкий бульвар).

Свято-Троицкий Холковский монастырь (Чернянский район). Этот удивительный монастырь с богатой историей находится в меловых пещерах под землей. Он был основан в начале 17 века на первом выступе одного из холмов меловой возвышенности. По преданию, монастырь располагается на том месте, где произошла встреча князя Игоря Святославича и его брата Всеволода перед их походом на половцев в 1185 году.

«Круглое здание» (Грайворонский район, с. Головчино). Памятник архитектуры 18 века. Здание построено в 1790 году в имении помещиков Хорватов – потомков генерал-поручика Ивана Хорвата. Оригинальное решение объёмно-планировочной композиции здания «цилиндр в цилиндре» делает этот памятник уникальным не только для Белгородчины, России, но и всего мира.

Дом купца Селиванова (г. Белгород). Памятник архитектуры федерального значения. Двухэтажный каменный дом с мезонином и цокольным этажом. Является одним из самых старинных зданий в городе (построен в 1782 году).

Дворец князей Юсуповых (п. Ракитное). Дворцовый комплекс князей Юсуповых – памятник архитектуры конца XIX начала XX века. Комплекс расположен на высоком берегу реки Ракитна и включает дворец, две одноэтажные хозяйственные постройки, большой погреб, каскад прудов с парком. Главный усадебный дом возведён в 1846 году. 

Водяная мельница Баркова (с. Новоивановка, Волоконовский район). Уникальное здание водяной мельницы — памятник архитектуры конца XIX века. Единственное в области шестиэтажное бревенчатое рубленое здание XIX века с тремя аналогичными амбарами. Весь комплекс является памятником древнерусского зодчества. Очень редким является вертикальное расположение промышленных цехов и перемещение всех фракций переработки самотеком — сверху вниз.  Производительность мельницы составляла около 100 тонн муки в сутки.

В Белгородской области насчитывается 8 памятников садово-паркового искусства. Сохранились старинные парки (первой половины XIX — начала XX в.) в Алексеевском, Волоконовском, Грайворонском, Губкинском, Яковлевском р-нах. Это парки Станкевичей в с. МуходеровкаГрадовских в с. Шидловка, а также липовая аллея и плодовый сад в с. Сабынино.

Важная роль в просвещении и приобщении к природному, историческому, культурному и художественному наследию, ознакомлению с культурой, традициями и бытом наших предков принадлежит музеям. В Белгородской области функционируют более 130 музеев различного профиля. Старейший из них — Белгородский государственный историко-краеведческий музей, в котором собраны экспонаты, посвященные истории заселения этих мест, сооружению Белгородской крепости и современной жизни области.


Государственный природный заповедник “Белогорье”. Один из самых известных и красивых природных объектов Белгородской области – государственный заповедник Белогорье площадью 2131 га, основанный в 1999 г. и состоящий из 5 обособленных участков со своими особенностями.

300-летний дуб Богдана Хмельницкого (п. Дубовое, Белгородский район). Вековой дуб ─ природный памятник, по преданию, посаженный более трёхсот лет назад украинским гетманом Богданом Хмельницким в честь воссоединения России и Украины. Сейчас этот многовековой дуб является символом поселка Дубовое, его историческим и культурным центром.

Парк «Ключи» находится рядом с селом Кострома Белгородской области на месте бывшей барской усадьбы помещика Константина Питры. На въезде – небольшой зооуголок со страусами и лошадьми, беседки и кафе, где угощают свежевыловленной рыбой, а также небольшой пруд с пляжной зоной, раздевалками и волейбольной площадкой. В глубине парка бьют родники, обустроена крытая купель и срублена небольшая часовня Святого Михаила. Через мост – этнографическая деревня с семью подворьями – оригинальными деревянными избами, привезенными в парк из разных сел Прохоровского района. Здесь обучают кузнечному делу, ткачеству.

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