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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Интересные и увлекательные задания 3. Colors in idioms.

Интересные и увлекательные задания 3. Colors in idioms.

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Black and blue — means discolored from a bruise Black and white — means writing or print

Black humor — means a morbid or bizarre form of humor, especially in novels and plays Blacklist — means a list of people or organizations to be disapproved or suspected of disloyally, misconduct, etc.

Black mail — means extortion by the threat of exposure or criminal prosecution.

Black market — means the selling of goods at illegal prices or in illegal quantities .

Black out — means a temporary loss of consciousness.

Black sheep — means a person considered disgraceful by his family.

Black tie — means formal evening dress that includes a black bow tie and dinner jacket .

In the black — means prosperous

Be blue (feel blue) — means to be gloomy, sad, or depressed.

Blue blood — means noble or aristocratic descent.

Blue-collar worker — means a person whose work involves manual labor.

Blue ribbon — means the first prize.

Blue stocking — means a woman who displays great interest in intellectual or literary subjects. Blue streak means anything very fast.

Once in a blue moon — means very rarely, seldom

Out of the blue — means from an unexpected source or at an unexpected time Gray matter — means intelligence; brains.

Green light — means permission to proceed

Green thumb — means the ability to grow healthy plants

Green with envy — means very envious, very jealous of

In the pink — means the highest degree of excellence or perfection

Red flag — means a sign of danger

Red-handed — means in the act of committing a crime

Red hot — means very hot; excited; quite skillful

Red-letter day — means a very happy day

Roll out the red carpet — means to welcome with great hospitality or ceremony Rose-colored glasses — means cheerfully; optimistically

Rosy — means bright; cheerful; optimistic

White as a sheet — means pale; bloodless

White-collar worker — means people whose work does not involve manual labor

White heat — means extremely great heat; state of great activity, excitement. or feeling White lie — means a diplomatic untruth, told with good intentions

Be yellow — means cowardly

Yellow-dog — means cowardly

Yellow journalism—means exaggerated sensational news

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