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Использование Present Perfect Tense and Present Perfect Continuous Tense

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                                               Choose the Right Form of the Verb

  1. Tom and Mary  have built/have been building the house for two years.

  2. My parents have been/ have been being  in Paris for a month.

  3. I think the waiter has fogetting/ has fogotten us. We wait/ have waited/ have been waiting for a half an hour.

  4. I don’t know if he has even been noticing/ has noticed us. He has been running/ has run from the table to table.

  5. have been reading/ have read  today’s newspaper and there is an interesting article.

  6. It has been snowing/ has snowed since I got up.

  7. Tom has been looked for/ has been looking for an evening job  for a week.

  8. Mary has been working/ has worked overtime since  the last month.

  9. He has been living/ has lived in this town since  1980.

  10. Sue has listened/ has been listening to music since she bought a CD player.

  11. You look very guilty! What have you been doing/ have you done?

  12. How many books have you collected/ have been collecting ?

  13. It’s still snowing. It has snowed/ has been snowing for hours.

  1. The dish-washer is OK now. Dad has repaired/ has been repairing it.

  1. The room looks so cosy now. I have hung/ has been hanging the curtains. 

  1. That dog has barked/has been barking since last night.

  1. The baby has been crying/ has cried for a couple of hours. 

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