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Исследовательская работа "В здоровом теле - здоровый дух"

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Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение

Лицей №4 г. Данков Липецкой области

Лицейское научное общество

«синяя птица»

Конкурс исследовательских работ

«первые шаги в науку»

Секция: Языкознание

Тема проекта: Здоровый образ жизни

Авторы проекта

Будаева Полина,
Сметанникова Дарья

10а класс

Руководитель Черных Н.И.

учитель английского языка

г. Данков



Введение, стр. 3

Глава 1 стр. 4-8

Способы поддержания здоровья

Глава 2 стр. 9

Правила поддержания здоровья

Глава 3 стр. 10-14

Общественное мнение

Заключение. стр.12

Литература. стр.13

What does it mean to be healthy?

В работе « В здоровом теле – здоровый дух» предметом исследования стал здоровый образ жизни и его поддержание. В ходе исследования были рассмотрены основные способы сохранения здоровья.

Актуальность исследования имеет как теоретическое, так и практическое значение: её результаты могут широко использоваться на уроках английского языка и факультативных курсах. Она способствует возбуждению интереса к исследовательской деятельности школьников и, в частности, творчества на английском языке.

Цель – пробудить и поддерживать интерес к ведению здорового образа жизни каждого человека с юности

Гипотеза – для человека важно не только физическое, но и духовное здоровье.

Практическая значимость: данная работа имеет как теоретическое, так и практическое значение: ее результаты могут широко использоваться, как на уроках английского языка, так и на элективных и факультативных курсах. Она способствует возбуждению интереса к исследовательской деятельности школьников и, в частности, творчества на английском языке.

В основу этой работы были взяты результаты анкетирования учащихся старших классов, статьи из Интернета по данной теме, а также материалы учебника М.З.Биболетовой.

Being healthy is a combination of factors which over time, shape and mold the life of a human being. The definition of health is not only the absence of disease, but also a positive health status – a well-being, the ability to be active and productive in ones life. Being health is feeling that there are few physical or emotional impediments to doing things in your life that you would like. It’s not so much a biological state as it is a state of mind. There are many people who are suffering from chronic illnesses who are healthy because they are able to maintain their creativity and vivacity when others cannot. Being healthy is first with the mind, having a sense of balance in life, also eating well, being able to exercise and being fully active. Having a job that is productive and filling is part of that balance. It is important for people not to pollute themselves with cigarettes, alcohol and junk food.


Fitness is one of the starting points of health. Cardiovascular fitness means you are able to walk run or climb as you need to without feeling out of breath or as if you need to rest. Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling or any activity that raises your heart rate is good for your cardiovascular health. Muscular fitness is having the strength to pick up a bag of groceries and carry it or do other chores that require strength, such as shoveling snow or scrubbing stains. Increase your muscular strength by lifting weights or doing exercises like push-ups and squats, which strengthen your muscles without any additional equipment. You also need to be flexible, so your muscles can stretch in everyday activities without getting sore. Try yoga or Pilates to increase your flexibility, or simply spend a few minutes stretching after your daily walk.

Body Type

If you are overweight or underweight, this can undermine your health. Being healthy means keeping your body at a healthy weight for your height and not having too much fat. The best way to do this is by eating healthy food and exercising every day, even if it's just walking.

Healthy Food

All food is made up of nutrients which our bodies use. There are different kinds of nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats» vitamins and minerals. Different foods contain different nutrients.

Before we cut down on fat, sugar and salt, we have to know a bit more about the kind of food these things might be in. The biggest problem comes when these things are hidden in other foods: biscuits, crisps, sausages, meat pies, soft drinks and so on.

The best way is to get into the habit of checking the ingredients and nutritional value on the sides of packets although this isn't always easy to do. Another thing to know is, for example, that we do need fat to live, it's an essential part of our diet and physically we couldn't exist without it.

But we all know that to eat much fat is bad for our health. The matter is that there are different kinds of fat. There are fats that are good for us and fats that are bad for us. Eating less of the bad ones and more of the good ones can actually help us to live longer! Bad fats are the saturated fats, found in animal productions, like red meat, butter and cheese.

Friendly fats are the unprocessed fats found naturally in foods like nuts and seeds, olives, avocados and oily fish, including tuna.

One more thing to know is that when food is cooked, its structure changes. It can change the vitamin and nutrient contents of food.

More and more people feel strongly about the way, their food is produced. Nowadays so much of the basic food we eat — meat, fish, fruit and vegetables — is grown using chemicals and additives.

Although fertilizers and pesticides have greatly increased the quantity of food and helped to improve its appearance, there is a growing concern about the effects of these chemicals in the food chain. This concern has led to a growth in the demand for organically grown products.

Today there is another problem. It is modified food, which is cheaper that ordinary one. There is a rumour that such food can cause cancer and other problems. Nobody knows, either it is just an imagined fear or a real problem. This problem could be solved and examined, but it will take some time.

The food we eat depends on lots of things. Taste is a big factor. Culture, religion and health also play a part in what food we eat. Advertising and social factors also have a big influence.

Income is also an important factor. That is why not surprisingly, money, rather than a lack of knowledge about how to eat well, is at the heart of the problem.

Finally, there are three main messages to follow for healthy eating:

First, we should eat less fat, particularly saturated fat.

Secondly, we are to cut down on sugar and salt.

Thirdly, we must eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.


Happiness isn't always part of a traditional definition of health. But being healthy mentally, looking forward to what you have to do each day and being happy with the people in your life are all essential for your body to be physically healthy. According to the Mayo Clinic, honest communication with the people in your life can help maintain the relationships that are important to you and keep you happy.

Physical health is so greatly dependent on spiritual health.

If, in the past, emphasis was placed on “mens sana in corpore sana,” in our days it is an accepted principle that even a small spiritual defect can cause grievous physical harm. The healthier the spirit and the greater its influence over the physical body — the greater its ability to correct or overcome physical shortcomings.

This is so true that even in many instances that involve physical healing, prescriptions and drugs are considerably more effective if they are accompanied by the patient’s strong will and determination to cooperate [and become well]. .

Since body and soul are totally connected and united, forming one entity, it follows that every phenomenon in the spiritual realm will also result in a physical phenomenon.

Both the vitality level and the energy level of your body are affected from the way you live our life and from the way you treat your body. You are influenced by the food you eat, the drinks you sip and consume into your body and the physical activities that you do.

These are all in turn influenced by the level of happiness and love that you have in your life. And so it is important to be aware and to take responsibility for the way you feel and live.

Healthy thoughts and actions practiced regularly create healthy patterns and influence not just that single person but others around them. Same with negative unhealthy thoughts and actions

How to be healthy?

If we want to be strong and healthy we must know some rules. First of all we must wash hands before meals and keep body clean. We must do morning exercise and go in for sport. Also we must sleep not less than a hours every night. It is important to breathe in much fresh air.

We must sit and stand straight. The light must come from the left when we are writing or reading.

We must eat fruit and vegetable and not forget about vitamins we need vitamins to be healthy, optimistic and strong.

Eating too many sweets, cakes and chips and having the latest meal later than 7 p.m. are bad for keeping fit.

Good health isn’t only for me and my parents. The country needs healthy young people.


The healthy sleep is a pledge of health and successes in career, and its absence is a true guarantee of decrease in work capacity and emergence of various diseases.

The dream – a certain physiological condition, requirement in which arises at the person regularly. This condition is characterized by relative absence of consciousness and activity of skeletal muscles.

The dream is a considerable and important part of the life of each person. During a dream our organism should be restored psychologically and physically, to be reserved by force and energy for the new working day.

For a healthy sleep 6-10 hours are required, and ideal consider 8 hours of a dream. Each person has an individual need for a dream, and it is necessary to define an optimum period for itself for which you get enough sleep, and to provide conditions for a healthy, high-grade sleep.

What do you do to be healthy?

Results of the survey conducted among the students of the Lyceum № 4:



The World Health Organization describes health as a state of social, physical and economic well-being. If you are missing any of these components, you will probably suffer in several ways. People who are the highest risk of poor health are those lacking financial, educational resources because they may not make good judgments or have access to health care when it is essential or when it’s crucial in the prevent.

Nothing can be more important in the world than your health. It means that your body is your temple, which should be taken proper care of. Healthy way of life is a key to success.


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