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Исследовательская работа"Легко ли быть молодым"

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение Гимназия №14 городского округа г. Выкса Нижегородской области

Легко ли быть молодым?

(образ подростка в романе Д.Сэлинджера

« Над пропастью во ржи» )

Отделение: гуманитарное

Секция: лингвистика

Работу выполнил:

Ученик 9 класса

Хохин Глеб Юрьевич

Научный руководитель:

учитель МБОУ Гимназия №14

Козлова Ирина Васильевна.

2015 г.


Объектная область: английский язык.

Объект исследования: образ подростка в литературе.

Предмет исследования:книга Д.Сэлинджера «Над пропастью во ржи»

Тема исследования:мир подростка в современной литературе

Цель исследования: исследовать какие основные компоненты социума 50-х использует автор для создания образа подростка и сравнить проблемы подростков 50-х с проблемами современного поколения.

Задачи исследования:

  1. Развивать навыки и интерес к чтению англо-язычной литературы.

  2. Расширять свой кругозор и страноведческие знания об англо-язычных странах.

  3. Расширить свою компетенцию в области особенностей жанра,стиля и

лингвистических особенностей литературного произведения.

4. Сравнить проблемы подростков в США и в России.

5. Научиться извлекать,систематизировать, анализировать информацию и делать выводы из этих данных.

6.Обогатить лексические и грамматические знания английского языка.

Гипотеза: жанр,стиль и лингвистические особенности романа помогают автору достичь главной цели: заставить общество обратить внимание на проблемы молодого поколения.

Методы исследования:

теоретические: анализ, сравнение, обобщение;

эмпирические: анкетирование, опрос;

Ожидаемые результаты исследования:

а) расширение страноведческих и культуроведческих знаний;

б) повышение интереса к чению литературы на иностранном языке;

в) обогащение лексических и грамматических знаний;

г) знакомство с мировым бестселлером и его автором;

д) приобретение знаний и опыта в области прведения исследований;

е) развитие навыков делать выводы и умозаключения из прочитанного на иностранном языке.

ж) развитие навыков делать сравнения со своим жизненным опытом и окружающей реальностью.

Практическая значимость: роман помогает старшему поколению увидеть мир современного подростка изнутри и помочь ему преодолеть их.





1. Schooling

2. Family

3. Attitude to the arts and fiction

4. Friendship and love

5. Society and teens

6. Fiction peculiarities of the novel






The novel "The Catcher in the Rye» was published in the summer 1951 and just immediately became one of the most popular and famous bestsellers in the list of post-war fiction. William Faulkner, an outstanding American novelist, said that this novel was the best creation among the post-war novels.

The title of the novel reflects the idea of saving and protection the young generation from the troubles and problems of the world. It is based on the Robert Burns’s poem “If a body meets a body coming through the rye”

The main character Holden says: “I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye. And I am standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everyone if they start to get over… That’s all I’d do all day. I’d just be the catcher in the rye.” (Salinger, 1951, p. 177)

The main idea of the novel is the conflict between the inner world of a teenager and the society he lives in.

Why this novel became so popular and world famous? What were the main features of the novel that made it so demanded among the readers of the world?

If we take into consideration political and social situation in the country, we should bare in mind the fact that the world was enjoying the peace after the second world war and at the same time it was worrying about the wars in Vietnam where American soldiers were perishing and scarifying their lives for the sake of the politicians' ambitions.

So , on the one hand, people were trying to overcome the sufferings and hardships of the post- war period and forget the horrors of losing their relatives and friends, and on the other hand, they were facing new victims of the war.

Meanwhile , politicians were declaring the rights of people to life and on the other hand, they were recruting new young people to struggle for their interests and aims. That's why a lot of intellegent and broad-minded people were puzzled and hasitating about their life purpuses and aims.

Caulfield Holden is a real representative of this post-war generation. He is a bright example of the contradictions between the reality of the life and the democratic ideals of the " American dream". Caulfield also represents the contradictions between the technical and commercial development of the country and the declining of the cultural level of people.

Holden belongs to the group of people who are in constant search for the vital moral values, which are to improve the decading world of the capitalistic society. He is eager to save the world from the horrors of the real world and make the life of the future generations ( his yuonger sister is one of these children) better and more fair.

The title "The Catcher in the Rye" is connected with the image, created by the great Scottish poet Robert Burns, who wrote in one of his poems about the catcher in the rye , saving little children from fallling into the gap on the edge of the field.

Revealing the inner world of the teenager, his feelings and worries, his desire to find the way out of problems and conflicts and saving future generations from the errors and horrors of the life is the main idea of the novel.


The novel is written in the name of the main character Caulfield Holden. He is going to be excluded from a very prestisious school for his bad marks. As he says:

"...They kicked me out".

The reader can conclude from his telling about the school that it is really very popular and well- known. Caulfield Holden says:

"...Pencey Prep is this school that's in Agerstown, Pennsylvania. You've probably heard of it. You've probably seen the ads, anyway. They advertise in about a thousand magazines, always showing some hot shot guy on a horse jumping over a fence." ( p.28).

So. we can conclude that Caulfield Holden belongs to the wealthy class of the society as his parents are capable of paying the fee for his study in that school.

Just at the moment Caulfield Holden names the title of his school, he says about the lie promoted by the authorities of the school. He says:

"...I never even once saw a horse anywhere near the place"(p.28)

The school authorities advertise in all the magazines and newspapers that their school :

"...Since 1888 we have been molding boys into splendid, clear- thinking young men". (28)

but Caulfield says:

"... I didn't know anybody there that was splendid and clear thinking and all. Mayby two guys. If that many."(28)

Caulfield tells about different contradictions between the reality of the life in the school and a faulse and fake image of the school promoted by the school authorities. For example Caulfield tells about the thefts spread among his schoolmates.

"...The week before that, somebody’s stolen my camel's -hair coat right out of my room, with my fur-lined gloves right in the pocket and all. Pencey was full of crooks. The more expensive the school is the more crooks it has.".(30)

Caulfield also criticizes the teachers who work in his school He says , that some of them are not professional and skilled enough to teach children. That's why he often doesn't pay attention to the words of a teacher.

" You don't have to think too hard when you talk to a teacher."(37)

Caulfield reveals the ingeniousness of the school's headmaster and calls him the "... phoniest bastard I ever met in my life." (38)

He noteced that when the headmaster

"... went around shaking hands with everybody's parents , he was charming with the parents who are well-to-do and rich or famous,.."

but if he talked to the parents , who were not rich enough or looked a little bit strange or unusual, then his attitude and manner of speeking changed dramatically.

Caulfield hates his headmaster for it and says:

"... It drives me crazy. It makes me so depressed I go crazy."(38)

Caulfield has changed three schools before he began to tstudy in Pencey school. So he has great experience of dealing with different types of schoolmates and teachers, but readers realizes how lonely he is, how he longs for the support and mutual understanding. But , unfortunately, he lacks real friends and can't share his feelings and worries with anybody in his school. Moreover, he can't do it with his parents and relatives.

The only person, who really understands him, is his little sister and this person symbolizes all the children who are to face the troubles and horrors of the world.

Caulfield is also disappointed in his schoolmates , he considers them to be stupid, rude, mean and dishonest. He tells about their lazyness and low intellectual level, about their habits that give him crips. He calls them " stupid morons and bastards" and even fights with some of them , though he knows perfectly well that he will be beaten.

Holden criticizes even the meal at the school canteen. and blames the authorities for feeding children with bad food. "... You should've seen these steaks. They were these little hard jobs that you could hardly even cut and for dessert you got Brown Betty, which nobody ate..."(51)

Holden is really rebellious to the school rules, teachers schoolmates. He is deeply unsatisfied with his school life and wishes to be free and be engagded with reading and communicating with and intelligent people or his beloved younger sister.

Although Holden has studied in the most prestisious schools, he hates his school life, including teachers, his classmates, authorities, food.


The novel begins with the words "... the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like and how my parents were occupied and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don't feel like going into it..."(27)

So Holden tries not to touch upon the issues connected with his family. He says that he likes his parents as they are nice but ".. they're also touchy as hell.."(27)

Caulfield has an elder brother and a younger sister and likes both of them, but his attitude to his siblings is quite different.

He appriciates his brother as a very talented writer but he can't forgive him for his giving up writing books and taking up writing stupid scripts for the Hollywood producers and gets a lot of money for that stupid occupation.

Caulfield says: "... He's got a lot of dough now. He didn't use to. He was a regular writer when he was at home .He wrote that terrific book of short stories... Now he's out in Hollywood, being a prostitute." (28)

Caulfield misses his younger brother, who died of leukemia two years ago.

"... He was terrifically intelligent. You would have liked him."(59).

He was astonished by the death of his brother so much that he "...broke all tha windows in the garage."(60)

Caulfield realizes that the fact that he was excluded from school is really a tragedy to his family "... my mother always gets very hysterical..." (71)

The death of his brother made him think of his future career.

“ …I’m going to be a goddam surgeon …”

The only person who is exceptionally dear to Holden is hIs younger sister Phoebe.

In the novel the image of Phoebe is the symbol of all the children around the world who , as Holden thinks need to be protected by him from various challenges of the adult world.

And Phoebe is the only person who he can share his worries and fears and problems with.

“… I mean, if you tell old Phoeby something, she knows exactly what the hell you are talking about. If you take her to a lousy movie, she knows that it’s a lousy monie. If you take her to a pretty good movie, she knows it’s a pretty good movie.”( P. 84)

Holden recollects the time when his brother Allie was alive and they ( Holden , Allie and Phoeby) spent time together talking and furiously discussing various topics on life and art, films and music despite the fact that they had great difference in age. Holden recallects these conversations with great adoration and love and now Phoeby is for him the only person who connects him with that happiest days in his life.

Holden’s attitude to his younger sister reveals the main idea of the novel : innocent children should be saved and protected from the troubles of the world and modern society.

Holden recollects the episode from his life when he took his sister Poeby to the ring in the central park in New York. He saw “… a little kid walking in the street , instead of the sidewalk,… and the whole time he kept singing and humming. He was singing the song “ If a body catch a body coming through the rye”. The cars zoomed by, brakes screeched all over the place, his parents paid no attention to him and he kept singing . It made me feel better and not so depressed any more.” (p.127)

The image of a little boy whose parents don’t care about their kid represents and indifference of the society to the problems of children, who are unaware of the risks and dangers of the world.

Holden tells very little about his parents. He loves them, but they, obviously don’t play any essential role in his life.

So , we can conclude that the Holden’s main concern about his family is his younger sister, whom he adores, cherish and worries about as he knows perfectly well what challenges she will have to face in the future.


Holden is a representative of the intelligent level of the American society. Despite his desire to look grown- up and his “ bad language», he reveals his deep knowledge of literature and fiction, his selective attitude to the world of cinema and art.

Cinema, art , theatre and fiction can be considered one of the main topics in the novel. The author reveals his own attitude to the problems of atrs, through the Holden’s attitude to these problems. And, judging by the text we can conclude that Salinger’s attitude to these kinds of art is rather negative and critical. There are a lot of quotations to support his feeling to theatre, music and cinema.

Holden hates the world of film - making , represented by the word “ HOLLIWOOD” as it changed his elder brother into a “ prostitute” and made him betray his talent as a writer.

Holden highly appreciates classical literature and good fiction.

“ … I read a lot of classical books. What really knocks me down… you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone.”

He distinguishes quite well if the playing the piano is good or bad, he can recite Shakespeare’s poems by heart, he is capable of writing an excellent essay about a casual item, like his dead brother’s glove.

He prefers theatre to cinema, but he really dislikes actors:

In the first place, I hate actors. They never act like people. They just think they do.”

Holden saw the play “Hamlet”, he can judge if the acting is realistic or not, so he is a highly intelligent and civilized person, but in the world where most people, as he thinks, are “pranks” his intelligence and high level of culture is considered strange and weird.

So, Holden criticizes modern films, plays, fiction as none of these arts ,to his mind, are not able to express his feeling and thoughts and are not booting in solving social and personal problems of teens.

On the other hand, theatre affects his family as his mother hasn’t felt too healthy since Holden’s brother Allie died and his father, being a very wealthy person “... is always investing money in shows on Broadway. They always flop, though, and it drives my mother crazy.”

So, his negative attitude to theatre and cinema is based on his personal experiences and emotions and makes him be very selective towards the plays, poems , films and music he has to deal with.


According to philologists, friendship and love are nearly the most essential issues for teenagers’ identity. According to statistics, these problems are on the top of the list of their most troublesome issues.

Though Holden is an extremely lonely person, he is 17 and the reader clearly see that he is longing for social communication, faithful friends and true love. But his intelligence and cultural level make him keep aside from the society which surround him. At school and at home he feels so lonely and single that the reader can feel his loneliness and depression as if they experience these feelings themselves. The feeling of being lonely pursuits Holden throughout the whole novel.

I was surrounded by phonies” (p.38)

I felt so lonesome,. I almost wished I was dead”(p. 68)

It made me too sad and lonesome” (p. 70)

I didn’t have the faintest idea where I was going” (p. 119)

I had no place where to go” (p.119)

I’m lonesome as hell. No kidding”( P.156)

Holden has also nobody to share his thoughts and to get any advice.

That’s the trouble with these intelligent guys.

They never want to discuss anything serious with me” (p. 152)

Holden can hardly make any friends at school, he fails to share his ideas and feelings with people he meets in New York and, to his disappointment, he can’t make his girlfriend understand his mood.

When Holden tried to tell Sally about his worries and problems, she can’t make uot what he is talking about.

“… I don’t know what you’re even talking about,” old Sally said..”( p.142)

Holden’s attitude to girls is very special and tender. He doesn’t approve his schoolmates who treat girls only like the way to make their life more exciting and interesting. He thinks that a man should be very serious and honest towards girls and he should appreciate their feelings.

“… I think that if you don’t really like a girl, you shouldn’t horse around with her at all, and if you do like her, then you should be careful about doing crumby stuff to her…” ( p. 80)

Although Holden desperately seeks for friendship and reliable relationships, he hardly is able to make any friends with anybody at school or at home. He is too critical to people and his cultural and intellectual level prevents him from being in friendly terms with his classmates and aquaintants.


The reader of the book is really astonished by the wide range of social aspects depicted in the book. The author places his main character into various situatons, which can help the reader to realize and understand all the troubles and problems a young man can come across. The writer provides the reader with great opportunities to experience all the fears and worries of a teenager who has to cope with on his own and that’s why hes feeling of loneliness dominates the whole book.

The reader gets aquainted with different sides of the American society of that time . We can meet stupid and cruel school students, mean and greedy school authorities, bad teachers, people who spend their life in restaurents and bars, representatives of the different social and sexual groups, adults who do not care about the feelings , emotions and thoughts of their children. The talent and

Holden describes the incidents of his life , which take place just before Christmas, which helps the author to touch upon various sides of the social life in the USA. The reader can sense the reality of the social life in different spheres of life, such as school life, the night life of people who spend their Christmas Eve in cafes and restaurants. The reader can feel the atmosphere of New York City at Christmas time in the Central park. The reader also gets acquainted with the hobbies and likings of American teenagers. The reader meets people from different social groups such as: script writers, prostitutes, teachers, musicians, businessmen, actors. But the feeling that prevails over the reader is the loneliness of the main character among all these people. Sometimes Holden comes to conclusion that it would be much better to die.

The only person who tries to help and support Holden is Mr.Antoliny, whose words can be regarded as the physiological instruction to all the teenagers around the world:

The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one” (p.190)

One of the most impressive instuctions given to Holden by Mr. Antolini can be regarded as one of the main ideas of the novel and should be studied and analized by all the teenagers who are clever enough , but think that school and study are not so essential for their personalities and may be neglected by them.

“ … only educated and scholarly men are able to contribute something valuable to the world. … educated and scholarly men tend to leave infinitely more valuable records behind them than men who are merely brilliant and creative.” (p.192)

Mr. Antolini does his best to persuade Holden to continue his education at school and only education can help him

“…to know your true measurements and dress your mind accordingly…” (p.192)


The main pecularity of the novel is its seneirity and the truth of feelings and thougths of the main character.The author achieves the truth of life using different literature means:

  1. The novel is written in the name of the main character, which makes the story extremely realistic and true;

  2. The author applies the slang language which teens use.The speech of the main character is stuffed with words and expressions that are used by real teens among themselves.

  3. The author places his character in realistic situations and that helps him make the reader feel and experience real feeligs and worries in this or that situation.

  4. The author makes his hero travel across New York to show different aspects of the social life in the USA of the 1950s.



  1. The novel makes readers think thorughly about the variety of problems a teenager may come across in the modern society.

  2. A lot of problems a teenager may have in the American state are similar to the problems of Russian or French teenagers.

  3. A teenager in any society and from any social group has very few chances to reseive necessary support, help and advice to cope with his or her problems.

  4. Unfortunately, the intellect and cultural level of teens are useless and even harmful to solve social or phycological problems of teens.

  5. The author’s thoughts and ideas about the role of culture and education for the young people are very valuable and should be highly appreciated by the reader.

  6. The author persuaded the reader that in the modern society a person, especially a young person, should be very strong-willed and determined, persistent and broad- minded to achieve his or her goals in life.

  7. To survive in the modern world a person should do his best to aquire as much support, advice and understanding as he or she is capable of, teens should do teir best to establish positive relationships with their families and friens not to be and feel lonely in this terrible world.

  8. The book can be recommended for reading only for those readers who are rahter intellegent and have a great desire to change the world for the better and be “ THE CATCHER IN THE RYE” THEMSELVES.


  1. Holden was expelled from school “ on account of I was flunking four subject…” ( p.29) So, we can conclude that the discipline at private schools in the USA is rather strict and if a student can’t or doesn’t want to cope with study, he can be sacked from school.

  2. School life , including students, teachers, authorities, food, living conditions, even in the best private schools is not perfect.

  3. Teens even in the most advanced country can feel lonely and depressed though their life differs greatly from the life of Russian teenagers.

  4. People all over the world appreciate the same works of writers, poets and composers, they can distinguish bad works of arts from good ones( Shakespeare, Hardly, Burns, Mozart are mentioned in the novel and make the story of a teen realistic and understandable for readers in different countries).

  5. Love, friendship, family relationships play a very essential role in teens’ lives.

  6. Teens need care and protection, understanding and love irrespective to their nationality and destination.

  7. The catcher in the rye is a symbol of the person who wants to save the future generations from troubles, problems and worries of the life in the modern society.


  1. Subject: English language

  2. Issue of the research:the the image of the teenager in theAmerican fiction

  3. Object of the research: D. Salinger's novel “ The Catcher in the Rye”

  4. Theam: revealing teen's problems with the help of fiction.

  5. Aims of the research work: to investigade the problems of the teenager, compare them to the problems of the teens of our time

  6. Objects of the research:

a) to enrich and develop skills and experience of reading fiction in English;

b) to enrich and expand our outlook in the field of the American Country Study field;

c) to get auqainted with the various fiction genres, styles and pecularities of the novel;

d) to compare the problems of Russian teenagers with those of the American ones;

e) to get experience in extracting, arranging, analyzing and making conclusions

  1. Hypothesis of the research work: the novel “ The Catcher in the Rye” , its style, genre and pecularities help the author achieve his main purpouse;

8. Methods of the research are theoretical and practical: searching for information, studing and analyzing the gained information, arranging the information , comparing the data and drawing conclusions.

9.Expected results of the research work:

a) enriching and developing knowledge in the field of the American Country and Culture Study;

b) gaining experience in reading and understandig fiction in English;

d) gaining experience in carrying put a research work;

e) gaining experience in extracting,analyzing,arranging and summorising information;

f) comparing gained information with our background and reality.





( based on the novel by J. D. Salinger “The Catcher in the Rye” )

Department of Linguistics

Form: 9 A

Student: Khohin Gleb

Teacher: Kozlova I. V.

Vyksa -2015



  • sort of - немного, как бы

  • to chew the rag, toto shoot thecrap -трепать языком, молоть ерунду

  • phony bastard- самовлюбленный придурок

  • lousy movie- дрянной фильм

  • terrific book- потрясная книга

  • for Chrissake!- кошмар!

  • Goddam phone – чертов выскочка

  • pimply phone- прыщавый сноб

  • madam stuff – идиотская история

  • kind of crap – ерунда

  • take it easy – отдохнуть и подлечиться

  • It killed me! – Умереть можно!

  • I got pretty run-down- Я серьезно заболел

  • iron curler jobs – бигуди

  • hot-shot guy – пижон

  • strictly for the birds – все это вранье

  • bashing each other – колошматя друг другаа

  • she didn't give you a lot of horse manue- она не сильно врала

  • crooks – жулье

  • сut it out – прекратить

  • they got bang out of things – они получали удовольствие от всего

  • ratty - старый, истрепанный

  • he didn't hit the ceiling - он не полез в бутылку, не взорвался

  • sharp as a tack - что-то очень умное и проницательное

  • stink – дрянь

  • I hated his guts – я его просто ненавидел

  • to horse around- валять дурака

  • Don't gimme! – Не заливай, не ври!

  • tickle the pants- смешить до колик

  • I'll be up the creek – мне здорово нагорит

  • I was knocking myself out – я старался вовсю

  • booze hound – алкоголик

  • to holler – орать

  • look like a dope- быть похожим на идиота



-Charles Dickens

-Caren Blinksen

-Ring Larden

-Thomas Hardy

-Somerset Maugham


-Gary Grant

-Raumi Shnider

-Robert Donat

-John Buchan

-Gary Cooper

-Robert Burns

-Sir Laurence Oliver

-Ferdinand and Isabella

-Rupert Brooks

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-Ernest Hemingway

-Francis Scott Fitzgerald

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-Joseph Lister


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  1. Subject:English language

  2. Issue of the research:the image of the teenager in theAmerican fiction

  3. Object of the research: D. Salinger's novel “ The Catcher in the Rye”

  4. Theam revealing teen's problems with the help of fiction.

  5. Aims of the research work: to investigade the problems of the teenager in the American society of the 50s, compare them to the problems of the teens of the ways the auther presents them to the modern reader.

  6. Objects of the research:

a) to develop skills and experience of reading fiction in English;

b) to enrich and expand our outlook in the field of the American Country Study field;

c) to get auqainted with the various genres, styles and pecularities of the novel;

d) to compare the problems of Russian teenagers with those of the American ones;

e) to get experience in extracting,arranging, analyzing and making conclusions while carrying out a research work;

f) to enrich and develop our knowledge in the English language.

  1. Hypothesis of the research work: the novel “ The Catcher in the Rye” , its style, genre and pecularities: help the author achieve his main purpouse : to make the society realise and feel troubles and fears of the modern teenager.

  2. Methods of the research are theoretical and practical: searching for information, studing and analyzing the gained information, arranging the information according to the goals of the research work, comparing the found data and drawing conclusions.

  3. Expected results of the research work:

a) enriching and developing knowledge in the field of Country and Culture Study;

b) gaining experience in reading and understandig fiction in English;

c) getting auqainted with one of the bestsellers;

d) gaining experience in carrying put a research work;

e) gaining experience in extracting,analyzing,arranging and summorising information;

f) comparing gained information with our background and reality.



Автор программы: Козлова И.В.

Цели программы: расширять и совершенствовать социокультурные компетенции уч-ся, углублять их лингвистические и языковые знания

Задачи прогрпммы: повышать интерес и мотивацию к изучению английского языка, обучать уч-ся применять и использовать полученные знания иностранного языка для развития и совершенствования речевых аспектов иностранного языка, расширять их страноведческие и социокультурные компетенции и знания, готовить уч-ся к успешной сдаче ЕГЭ.

Направленность программы: социокультурный и страноведческий компонент содержания образования

Целевая аудитория : 9-11 классы

Срок реализации : 2014 — 2016 учебные годы

Планируемый результат : повышение уровня страноведческих и социокультурных компетенций , закрепление и углубление знаний и навыков иностранного языка уч-ся, развитие личностного потенциала уч-ся и повышение мотивации к изучению английского языка как средства интеграции в мировое сообщество.


Программа расчитана на уч-ся 9-11 классов и включает большой объем страноведческого и культуроведческого материала, поскольку в УМК М.З. Биболетовой «Enjoy English» данный аспект обучения ИЯ дается в недостаточном обьеме.

Программа расчитана на развитие личностных особенностей детей с повышенной мотивацией и интересом к ИЯ и соответствует социальным и персональным запросам общества. Родителей и самих учащихся.

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