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Исследовательская работ"Important dates of April"

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Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение

Лицей № 4 г. Данков Липецкой области

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Конкурс исследовательских работ

«Первые шаги в науку»

Секция: Языкознание

Тема проекта: «Важные события апреля»

Автор проекта:

Анастасия Сергеевна Мусатова,

6 б класс

Научный руководитель:

Черных Наталия Ивановна,

преподаватель английского языка.

г. Данков,

2016 г.


As my birthday is in April, I decided to learn, what important events took place in this month.

Hypothesis: There were many dates and events in April.

Work purpose: Studying important dates of April.

Problems of research work:

1. To define sources of information of the research subject;

2. To find out information of the facts and events connected with my subject;

3. To analyse, systematize and prepare material for slide presentation;

4. Registration of results of research in the form of the written work and presentation.

Work methods:

  • to define information sources;

  • to collect the actual information;

  • to analyse collected information, to repeat lexical and grammatical material

necessary for the translation of the text;

  • selection and completing material; material generalization.

In April were born:

Мy birthday is on April 24, 2003.

Nikolay Vasilyevich Gogol (01.04.1809) - the famous Russian writer, playwright, poet. His especially known works are: "Dead souls", "Auditor", "Viy".

Sergey Vasilyevich Rachmaninov (01.04.1873) - the Russian composer, the pianist and the conductor.

Hans Christian Andersen (02.04.1805) - the Danish writer, the poet and the storyteller. Especially famous works are "Ugly Duckling", "Wild Swans", "Thumbelina".

Nikolay Vasilyevich Sklifosovsky (06.04.1836) - the Russian surgeon, honored professor.

Leonardo da Vinci (15.04.1452) - the artist, the sculptor, the architect famous for the works "Mona Lisa", "Last Supper", "Vitruviansky Person", "Madonna".

Alla Borisovna Pugachyova (15.04.1949) - the variety singer, the producer, the author of songs, the Honored actress of the USSR.

Charlie Chaplin (16.04.1889) - the film actor, the comedian, the film director.

Elizabeth II (21.04.1926) - the queen of the UK since 1952.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (22.04.1870) – the politician and the statesman, the revolutionary.

William Shakespeare (23.04.1564) - the English poet and the playwright especially famous for his works "Romeo and Juliette", "Othello", "King Lear", "Falstaff", "Hamlet".

Semyon Mikhaylovich Budyonny (25.04.1883) - the Soviet military leader, the hero of the Civil War, one of the first Marshals of the Soviet Union.

Philip Bedrosovich Kirkorov (30.04.1967) - the crooner, the actor, the composer, the producer.

Holidays of April.

The April Fools' Day is the international holiday celebrated around the world on April 1. On this day it is accepted to play tricks on native, friends and simply familiar people.

On April 12 the whole world celebrates Day of Aircraft and Astronautics - the memorial devoted to the first flight of the person in space.

Annually on April 2, at birthday of the great storyteller from Denmark Hans Christian Andersen, the whole world celebrates the International day of the children's book.

In England:

Is it interesting to know that Queen Elizabeth the Second’s birthday has been celebrating for more than 50 years twice a year? Queen Elizabeth II who was born on April 21, 1926 in London will be able to answer this question. For many years day of her birth is celebrated by all the United Kingdom not only on April 21, but also on the 3rd Saturday of June.

According to an ancient Icelandic calendar on the first Thursday after April 18 in Iceland the ancient pagan holiday of Sumarsdag or Siggblot is celebrated. On this day the summer — a big and joyful event after long northern winter begins.

Walpurgis night is noted at night from April 30 for May 1. The most part of the Central and Northern Europe commemorates the blossoming spring.


Having done the research work, I learned that in a month of my birth - April, a set of holidays are celebrated and many famous people were born.

Who knows, perhaps, sometime and I will be included into their number. hello_html_m5b3d2b33.gif

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