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Исследовательская работа "Традиции и обычаи США и России: некоторые сходства и различия"

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Краткое описание документа:

Министерство образования и науки Республики Бурятия

Районная научно-практическая конференция «Шаг в будущее»

МОУ «Хоринская средняя общеобразовательная школа №2»


Традиции и обычаи США и России: некоторые сходства и различия.


Агнор Рейчел

Россия, Республика Бурятия

Хоринский район, с. Хоринск

Ул. Фадеева



Бадарханова Лидия Ендоновна

Учитель английского языка


2010 г.

Slide 1 Good Day. My name is Rachel Agnor. Today I want to talk to you about some differences between American Culture and our culture here in Russia. My Papa actually came from America, over there on the other side of the planet.


Slide 2 He is from Oregon in the Northwest part of America.


Slide 3 My mother on the other hand, is from the Russian Federation.


Slide 4 Fortunately, The Cold War is over


Slide 5 It’s time for the people of Russia and the People of America to get better acquainted.


Slide 6 I’ve lived in both places, so perhaps I can help. I lived one year there, in the country near a small town called Enterprise. It’s in the mountains of Northeast Oregon.


Slide 7 Here is a closer picture of the town from the air. The population is around 2000.


Slide 8 I actually lived out near my Grandpas old farm. That yellow house you can barely see, is where my Papa lived when he was in High school. The fields there by the way are Alfalfa. We call it Lutcerna in Russia.


The water they are irrigating the fields with, comes from a lake near the mountains.


Slide 9 Here it is. Its very pretty isn’t it. The people there think it is deep. But its less than 100 meters deep.

Slide 10 It’s just a puddle compared to our world famous Lake Bakail


Slide 11 Here is where I live now in Buriatia.


Slide 12 Here is picture of Horinsk from the air. You can see where 3 rivers meet here.


Slide 13 I have attended school there and here and I’ve noticed some interesting differences.


First, when you talk to a teacher there, you say Mr. or Mrs. My teacher was Lori Fisher but here I would have called her Lori Mackovna. Because here father’s name is Mack. They don’t use Otchetsva’s over there.

Also, in the school, the children move from class to class. Here the students stay in the same room, and the teachers move from class to class.


Slide 14 When we started the school day, we would always say the Flag Salute together. It starts like this,

“I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America…and so on…….”


Slide 15 Does this make sense to anyone? They do math a little different over there.

This is division.


Slide 16 We write it all different here, and it was hard for me to get used to.


Slide 17 Friendship there and here is much same, but there are a few expectations that are different. They call everybody friends over there in America. Even people who are just acquaintances.


Slide 18 I have a few other examples. If you are walking here with your friends, and you come to a pole, I’ve noticed my friends here don’t like going around the pole on different sides. Some think we might have a quarrel later.


Slide 19 If someone here steps on your foot, you’re suppose to step on theirs too for some reason.


Slide 20 In Oregon if people are whistling it usually means they are happy and in a good mood.

Sometimes people here are afraid they will lose their money if their friends are whistling.


Slide 21 Do you see something wrong with this picture? Shaking hands through a door is normal in America.

Slide 22 How about with this picture? My Papa once bought my Mama two roses in Ulan Ude, and the lady at the store scolded him.


Slide 23 Two flowers can be given as a way of saying thank you too.


Slide 24 Or how about this. What would a girl think here if a guy kissed her on the forehead?

She might think she was ready for the grave yard.


Slide 25 Here is my last example. In Oregon if you don’t want to do what your family and friends expect of you, they might call you a “Black Sheep.”


Slide 26 In Horinsk, they might call you a White Crow. Or Belaya Varona.


Thank You.

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