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Итоговая контрольная работа для 5 класса

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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку в 5 классе.

Раздел 1 Аудирование

Прослушайте текст, отметьте буквой T информацию, соответствующую тексту, и буквой F –не соответствующую тексту.

Hello, my name is Helen Brown. Only yesterday I was nine and today I’m ten because today is my birthday. And I’m glad that today is Sunday and not Monday or Friday because on Sundays I don’t go to school. But my school friends are coming to my birthday party. It’s 1 o’clock now and my birthday party begins at 2 o’clock. But my friend Kate will come at 3. She and her parents went to see Kate’s grandmother. I already got my present from my parents. It wasn’t a dress like last year or a CD player like the one they gave my brother for his birthday. It’s a bicycle. I like to ride my bicycle. I also like to read. I know that my school friends will give me books with some of my favourite stories. I like books better than videos or music.

  1. The girl’s name is Mary Brown

  2. She is nine

  3. She doesn’t like to go to school.

  4. Her birthday party begins at 2 o’clock

  5. Her friends didn’t come to her birthday party, because they were at school.

  6. Her parents’ present was a CD player

Раздел 2 Чтение.

Прочитай письмо и выполни задания к тексту.

Dear pen friend,

Thank you very much for your letter. I am sorry, I haven’t written because I was very busy. I will tell you about my family.

We are four in the family. There is a mum, a dad, my brother and me.

And I also have got grandparents. My dad is 40 years old and my mum is 38. I am 12. My birthday is on 26 April. We are a loving and close family.

And I have got a great grandmother (пробабушка). She will be 90 next year. She is very old.

My father’s brother lives in the USA. He has got a farm. He has got a lot of cows and ducks. There are 132 cows and 1560 ducks. Besides he has got 12 dogs. I also love animals. I’ve got a cat and a fish. And what about you?

Best wishes,


Задание1 Ответь на вопросы. Дай краткий ответ.

  1. Has Pam got a sister?

  2. Are their family loving and close?

  3. Is Pam’s great grandmother 99 years old?

  4. Does her uncle lives in Great Britain?

Задание №2 Составь 2 специальных вопроса к прочитанному тексту.

Раздел 3 Лексика и Грамматика

Задание №1 Выбери и вставь слово, подходящее по смыслу.

  1. The Tower Bridge is one of the famous ….in London.

a) place of interest b)building c) bridges d) museum

  1. The Queen of Britain lives in …

a) Westminster Abbey b) Tower of London c) Buckingham Palace

  1. Children like to take …… of their pets

a) place b) care c) part d) off

  1. This political meeting takes …near the Houses of Parliament.

a) place b) care c) part d) off

  1. Our …. school would like to invite a group of foreign students.

a) typical b) social c)sociable d) local

Задание №2 Запиши глагол в нужной форме.

I…(1)…in the park and…(2)….my notes at the moment.

It…(3)…hot. I…(4)…hot weather. I ... not …(5)… to sit here.

But yesterday the weather (6)…cool. I and my friends (7) tennis. We …(8)… fun.

sit, write

be, hate, want, be, play, have,

Задание №3 Исправь ошибки в предложениях и запиши их.

  1. My mother like doing shopping.

  2. We is the family of four people.

  3. There are book on my table.

  4. Nelly have a lot of friends at school.






1. F

1.No, she hasn’t

1. c

1 am sitting

2. F

2.Yes, they are.

2. c

2. writing

3. F

3.No, she isn’t.

3. b

3. is

4. T

4.No, he does.

4. a

4. hate

5. F

5. d

5. do not want

6. F

6. was

7. T

7. played

8. T

8. had

Грамматика. Задание №3

  1. My mother likes doing shopping.

  2. We are the family of four people.

  3. There is a book on my table.

  4. Nelly has a lot of friends at school.

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